And we are back. Took awhile but here we are. Special thanks to my co-author osnapitzlilly

***Two weeks later***

"Oh. My. God!" Nicole cried as they walked into their room. The room was purple with a bunk bed on the left and right walls of the room. A pink couch and a desk were on the opposite wall of the door. The last wall was the door, a dresser, a mini fridge, and a closet. "I call the top!" Nicole yelled throwing her duffle bag on top of the top bunk of the right wall.

"I want this top bunk!" Lola yelled, running to the other bunk and throwing her stuff on the top bunk.

Zoey and Quinn looked at each other.

"I call Nicole!" Zoey cried first putting her stuff on the bottom bunk where Nicole was.

Quinn sighed and went over and put her stuff under Lola's bunk.

Zoey put the scrapbook on top of the shelf above the little dresser and the girls started unpacking. They were busy unpacking when they heard a knock on the door. All four of them turned around to see an older blonde woman with a clipboard.

"Hello?" Zoey asked still holding her sheets.

"Hey," The woman said monotonously. "I'm your dorm advisor, Coco. If you girls ever need anything, I'm here."

"Thanks," Zoey said. "We actually do have a question. Where do we get our schedules?"

"Oh, I don't know anything about that," Coco said turning around and leaving.

"Well she seems um," Zoey started.

"Unhelpful," Lola said crossing her arms.

"Yeah, she was," Quinn said. "Let's just finish unpacking then ask someone who actually knows."

"Can we eat first?" Lola asked. "I'm starving."

"I'm hungry, too," Nicole put in.

"Alright, we can go eat after we unpack."

The best friends finished unpacking and making up the bunks. Quinn hooked up the small TV and computer for them then they grabbed their purses to head out to lunch. The girls hooked their arms together as they made their way around campus.

"I have no idea where we are going," Zoey said looking around. Students were still being dropped off. "Hey, look, there's Dustin!"

Zoey's little brother came up to the friends and waved. "Hey," He said.

"Hey, Dustin, where's a good place we can eat lunch at?" Zoey asked.

"The cafeteria should be open. C'mon, I'll show you," Dustin said leading his sister and her friends to the cafeteria.

Chase Matthews and his best friend Michael Barrett opened the door to this dorm to find their other roommate, Logan Reese directing two movers where to put a flat screen TV. Chase and Michael looked at each other than at Logan.

"Logan, man, what are you doing?" Chase asked watching the movers.

"New TV. Gift from my dad," Logan said. "What do you think?"

"Awesome!" Michael said excitedly. "Do we get the Dingo Channel?"

Chase and Logan looked at their best friend and shook their head. Chase walked around Logan and the movers to put his stuff on the bottom bunk.

"Aww, man, I wanted the bottom bunk," Michael whined putting his suitcase on the top bunk.

"Dude, quite you're whining and unpack. James and Vince are meeting us for lunch in an hour," Chase said. He turned towards Logan and the TV. "Is that the new Pear TV?"

"Yeah, isn't it great? I also got the new Pintendo GS and S-box. Want to try it out?" Logan asked handed Chase a control.

Chase looked down at the control and back at the TV. "One round and that's it, Reese."

"This school is amazing!" Nicole cried as they sat down at one of the round tables outside. "How do you get any work done?"

Dustin shrugged. "It can be a challenge."

"You better be passing," Zoey warned her little brother.

"Zoey," Dustin warned his sister, raising his eyebrows.

"Right, I won't butt in."

Her three friends rolled their eyes at her comment, knowing that wasn't going to happen.

"Hey, Dustin!"

The four girls and boy looked up to see two boys in their bathing suits and a towel.

"We're going to the beach, you coming?" One of the boys asked.

Dustin looked at his sister who nodded then jumped up, running towards the boys.

"Oh, he left his cookie," Lola said grabbing the chocolate cookie off the tray. Dustin came running back, taking his cookie then running back to his friends. "Ah, man."

"Here," Zoey said handing Lola her cookie. "I'm trying to be good."

"Yay!" Lola said taking the cookie and eating it.

Zoey laughed at her friend then started eating her salad.

A few feet away, watching the girls, were five boys. They watched the girls giggle at each other and eat.

"Come on, you losers, let's just go sit with them," Logan said.

"Logan, I don't think that's a good- and he is gone," Chase said as Logan walked towards the girls. Chase looked at his friends who shrugged then followed Logan.

"Hello, ladies," Logan greeted.

The girls looked up and giggled.

"Hi," Zoey said.

"Do you mind if my friends and I sit with you?" He asked.

Zoey looked at her friends then nodded. "Yeah, sure."

Logan smiled at the boys then sat down next to Quinn. The other boys hesitantly joined him. "I'm Logan and these are my friends James, Chase, Vince, and Michael."

"I'm Zoey and these are my friends Quinn, Nicole, and Lola," Zoey said waving at the boys.

"So are you new here?" Chase asked then realized his question. "Of course you're new here, PCA just let girls in this year."

The girls giggled.

"Yeah, we're new here," Zoey said.

"Well, is there anything we can help you with?" Vince asked. "We've all been here since 6th grade and we know our way around."

"Yeah, actually, we don't know where to get our schedules," Lola replied. "Our DA wasn't helpful at all."

"No she wasn't," Zoey agreed.

"She was horrible," Quinn put in.

"Yeah she was," Nicole said nodding.

"Coco," The boys replied.

"We met her last year when she came for an interview," Chase said. "We have no idea how she got a job."

"Anyway, for schedules, just go to the admission office," Vince said. "We can show you how to get there."

"Really? Thank you!" Lola said.

"No problem, just finish eating and we'll take you there," Vince said winking at Lola.

Lola giggled and smiled at her friends. "Man, I love this school."