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Chapter 1

Loki cursed again. Really, how hard was it to transport someone to Midgard using the Bifrost? Had Heimdall not been doing this for ages? Maybe he had done it on purpose. He had asked to be transported to Thor's side, he wanted to tell him that All Father was dead, ok so he was just entering the Odinsleep without warning but his Brother did not need to know that.

But now, now he was walking throw a thick forest with no idea where he was. He had tried fading away but all that did was transport him into another park of this endless forest. It was a full moon, he knew that, yet the silver rays did not penetrate the thick foliage of the trees. He walked for hours upon hours with the moon traveled across the sky until it hanged right above him. It was not until he had thought of taking a rest that he came upon a brake in the was a lake with a small waterfall. Loki wondered why he hadn't heard the sound of it until now.

The water shimmered in the moonlight and the night creatures created a soft melody that accompanied the rushing water. It was so calm that without thought he relaxed and sat on a rock under a tree. He was still covered in darkness yet he could rest for a little while before being on his way. Maybe it would be better to travel this forest during the day time, when the sun-star was out. He was so lost in thought that he didn't see the figure swimming from behind the curtains of rushing water until they broke the surface, taking a deep, gasping breath that silence the animals for a second before resuming their singing. Mortal, that was Loki's first thought. It was a mortal with hair as dark as the forest around. The god could not tell if it was a male or female because the raven locks were long and shiny with water and the reflecting moonlight. And then the mortal grabbed the dark locks and threw them over broad, strong shoulders.

Male. A Mortal Male. A Mortal Male bathed in moonlight and it was the most amazing sight Loki had ever seen in all of the Nine Realms. His pearly skin shone and held such contrast with the jet colored hair that it took Loki's breath away. He did not know how long he sat there, watching the human bathe, but it was not until the other made his way out of the water that Loki finally snapped out of it, only to be transfixed but the play of muscles on the other's body. From well shaped legs up to a deliciously perky bottom that was just screaming to be grabbed. Now THAT was the most amazing sight in all of the Nine Realms. And then he felt it, the tingle at the back of his neck he got whenever he was being forced his eyes away from that well shaped arse only to look into glowing, acid green eyes so much like his own. At first he thought that he had been spotted only to conclude that no, he hadn't been seen because those beautifully sculpted eyebrows seemed to be scrunched up in concentration and confusion, and just like that he was gone.

Now it was Loki who looked on with confusion. The mortal was gone, vanished into thin air with a loud pop. He did not have time to duel on it because in that instant the Bifrost activated, transporting him back to Asgard.


Loki did not understand what had comed over him, one minute he was there, in front of his brother ready to kill all of his hope and next thing he knew he was telling the truth. The Truth! It had been a slip of the tongue, telling his brother that Father had entered the OdinSleep and then when he had been ready to fix it and tell his brother that he could not let him back into Asgard Thor had interrupted him, saying: "Loki, as king you cannot overide Father's last decree. It would not be right. I must stay here and serve my punishment." He had been speechless, that was his line, sense when did Thor become so mature?

So he had only been able to nod, before making his way back home.

So now he sat with his 'Mother' contemplating things. He could not help but to think


Why had Father really picked him so long ago? Why hadn't he left him to die? Why had he never said anything? Just...


"Why what Love?"

He did not realized that he had spoken the last word out loud until he heard his mothers replying question. It startled him see just how much it was affecting him. He was loosing control of himself; but it could not be helped, he wanted- no- he needed to know.

"Why did Father take me with him that day Mother? Why did he not leave me there? Was I not a child of the enemy? A FrostGiant spawn?" the last word was spit out with hate and resentment.

Frigga watch her son's face. It was set into a mask of hate and resentment. And that was all it was, a mask, because she could see, in his eyes, all of the pain and fear and utter betrayal he felt. All of those time she had heard him joking with Thor about being adopted, all of those times she had comforted him because he felt different from the rest, all of those times Odin had treated him differently from Thor, silently teaching his brother how to be king, knowing that Loki would never be.

"Because I wanted a child. Your father and I had been trying, yet for some reason we were not blessed. And then the war started. I did not see you father for months. When he came back he had lost an eye and had gained a son. We named you Loki.

It was not until two years later, when I was pregnant with Thor that he finally told me about who you really were. You were the son of Laufey and Farbauti, found deep within the castle. It was rumored that Laufey was ashamed by the fact that his firstborn son was so small. Smaller than the smallest runt in all of Jotunheim so he hid you away. When the war was won Odin found you and brought you to me. And from then on you were my son and nobody else's. That is why he saved you that day so long ago. You are no spawn child, you are our son. Our Loki Odinson." as she spoke the last words Loki found himself in the warm embrace that he had know for as long as he could remember. She smelled of sunlight and summer blossoms, of safety, of home.

When they broke away Loki felt his cheeks warm in embarrassment, his mother only smiled knowingly, kissed his forehead and sat back down at his father's side. They sat there in silence for hours, and it was not until a servant came to tell them that it was dinner time did they move away. And it was then that Loki realized something: he didn't care. He didn't care who it was that had given birth to him, his parents were those who had raised him, and his brother would always be a pain in the ass.

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