Typhoon of Romance

Chapter 1

It was warm today, I stood on my porch, and there was a pleasant wind that blew making the leaves among the trees rustle. I could hear the gentle sound of the wind chime ringing beside me, as I walked toward the small pond in my backyard. The small fish were enjoying the nice weather too it seemed, it would be a nice day for myself to catch up on some manga since I have been so busy with my work lately. I walked to my room pulling out a few books, and then I went to the kitchen to make myself some tea, such a soothing scent as always.

I sat along the porch edge and started reading while calmly drinking my tea, everything was so peaceful, and it seemed a bit too perfect. It was almost scary how perfect it was, but I paid no mind to it. As half the day passed I finished reading all of my manga, I would have to go to the store later and get some more. I played a few video games then got bored of them; I turned off my Wii as I looked for something else to do with my time. I haven't called Italy over in a long while, so I guess it would hurt to ask. Italy is a very strange but very happy country, he's a nice person to talk to, and we both had an appreciation for art and food. It was always fun to cook with Italy, even if he was a little more into physical contact then I was, but you still respected him as a friend. I picked up the phone and called him over, and he excitedly accepted my invitation.

I cleaned the house a little bit and put out a tea set on the table, as I waited for his arrival, I turned on the TV then listened to the weather. "There may be a chance of a typhoon later this evening, I would suggest staying indoors after dinner just in case" I glared at the TV slightly, I knew something would happen. I knew that this Typhoon wouldn't be as bad as a few others; typhoons are quite common in Japan. I hope Italy doesn't mind spending the night, it's not like he can just turn around while in mid flight. Just as I was about to call Italy's cell, the door swung open catching me off guard as Italy tackled me onto the floor. "Ciao~ Japan!" He gave me one of those heartwarming smiles so I couldn't get mad at him. This wasn't the first time that he did this either, so I should have just expected this anyway. "Ohio Italy-san…" I greeted, trying to gently escape from Italy's tight hug "I was about to call you"

"Oh, what for?" He asked.

"Apparently there is a storm this evening, so I hope you don't mind spending the night?" I felt slightly bad about asking but, there wasn't much of a choice.
"Oh, I would love to spend the night! I don't mind! All the flights back are cancelled anyway, so I couldn't go back even if I wanted to"
"Ahh I see, well please make yourself comfortable. Would you like some tea?"
"Yes please! Ah, I brought some tea with me from my house, would you like to try it?" he asked
"Yes, I would very much like to try it" I smiled as I gently took the tea bag from his hands then walked to the kitchen to prepare it.
It didn't take long since the water was already quite hot. I walked over to the table with the teapot in my hands; I slowly poured the tea in each of our cups, and then placed the pot in the center of the table. I sat beside Italy taking the cup in my hand smelling the wonderful aroma coming from the tea. I took a sip and hummed from the feeling of the soothing taste in my mouth, I eagerly drank the rest of the tea along with Italy who I assumed also enjoyed the taste. "This tea is very good, what is it called?" I asked
Italy smiled and whispered into my ear what the name of the tea was. "B-but I-Italy-san! That's such an expensive tea!"
He giggled at my reaction "its ok Japan, you're my best friend and I know you like tea, so I thought it was worth it"
"A-arigato…. ummmm if there's anything you need of me, please don't hesitate to ask…." This was a very difficult tea to get, so I need to pay him back somehow.

"Hmm… I know!" He said excitedly
"Oh, what is it then, Italy-san?" I asked
A warm smile lit of his face, since it was Italy, I didn't expect his request to be a hard task…. or so I thought.
"I want a kiss from you!" He said cheerfully
I could only stare at him in shock, I suppose I could have predicted a request like this, but I was so absorbed into the moment that I didn't expect it in the slightest.

"W-where?" I asked
"On the lips!" His face was brimming with happiness as he pointed his finger to his mouth.
As I feared…. I don't even hug people, how can he expect me to kiss him all of the sudden?
"uh-u-umm" I tried so hard to reply, but it's quite difficult.
"Ah, you don't have to do it right now, just promise that you will kiss me someday" he smiled
"H-hai" I sighed in relief. I was certainly not ready for such a physical advancement, I took a deep breath quietly to try and calm my heart.
A strong gust of wind blew, across the porch; I let out an exasperated sigh and stood.
"Gomenasai Italy-san, I have to prepare for the storm" I said apologetically
"It's A-OK, Japan! I'll just say here"
"Hai..." I said as I walked out of the room. I took off the wind chimes, closed and locked the doors, and I slightly boarded up the windows.
By the time I finished the wind was quite strong, I picked up my cat, Tama and put him in my room along with my small dog. I walked back into the room where Italy was, and like he said, he stayed there...surprisingly.
"…Italy-san?" He blinked then turned his head to face me.
"I-in my room there are no windows so it's best to stay in there…" As strange as it is to let someone in my room, the safety of others is more important.

"Ok!" He smiled as he followed me to the room, I could hear his light footsteps behind me as I showed him the way. I slid the door open and allowed him to enter first, I followed him in, and then I closed and locked the door just in case the wind got to it.
"I already prepared a futon for you Italy-san, I'm terribly sorry for all the trouble"
"It's ok! I'm used to sleeping at Germany's house all the time, I'm glad I can stay at your house too!"
"Ahhh, I see" Italy-san sure does stay away from home a lot, maybe it's because of his 'usually very angry' brother.
A quiet thump snapped me out of my thoughts, I turned to look at my friend who was undressing, and already half naked!
"I-Italy-san! What are you doing?!" I tried to keep my eyes at his face and nowhere else.
"What do you mean? Oh yeah, I always sleep naked! Germany lets me sleep naked in his bed too!" Italy took the last of his clothes off as he finished his sentence.

"Ahh, v-very well then..." How does he expect me to sleep, knowing that he's in the nude…?
I let out a quiet sigh and got myself comfortable in my futon, the room was silent and I could hear the loud gusts of wind coming from outside. As I was about to drift to sleep, *SNAP* *CRACK* I quickly sat up from the loud and sudden noise, I dashed to the bedroom door and opened it to see if there was any damage nearby. I could tell that a tree had fallen over and severely damaged the porch, but at least the tree didn't come crashing through the door, I sighed with relief quietly re-entered the bed room. I closed the door and locked it again, as I turned around-
"JAPAAAAANNNN!" I was unexpectedly grabbed, the warm arms wrapped around my body, making me unable to push him away from reflex. "I-Italy-san? What's wrong?" Just as I had finished asking the question, my face turned bright red; I just remembered that Italy-san wasn't wearing any clothes… at all.

"I woke up and I saw that you weren't there! I thought the storm got you!" I gently patted Italy on the head. "I'm ok so there's no need to worry, I was just checking on the house"
I pulled away from Italy slighted to look at his face, tears were streaming down his face, I couldn't help but smile as I wiped his tears away, I gazed into Italy's eyes; they shined like brilliant gold in the darkness. I didn't notice him lean closer to me, and before I knew it, my best friend captured my lips.