Typhoon of Romance - Chapter 2

I would be lying if I wasn't shocked by his sudden show of affection; I placed both of my hands on his chest. I was going to push him away, but my body was defeating my will, the only thing I could do was give in, but just as I was about to, he pulled away. His expression showed embarrassment and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

"S-sorry your probably tired haha…" He avoided eye contact with me as he made his way to his bed. I couldn't think of anything to say, I was quite surprised by his reaction after he pulled himself away from me. His expression was just so….cute, I shook the thought out of my head as I made my way to my futon. A few minutes passed and the wind started to roughen, a trembling voice broke the silence of the room

"H-hey, Japan?"

"What is it Italy-san?" He's been quiet for a long while; I was starting to get concerned since I knew he wasn't asleep.

"U-ummm c-c-can I…ummm..." I let out a quiet sigh, I know what he's going to ask, he usually snuggles with someone when he sleeps. Hospitality of your guests is always important but to be honest, I wonder if my body can handle the physical contact.

"Hai…you can" I glanced at Italy who jumped out of his futon as happy as can be, I quickly turned away wishing that he had at least left his pants on. Italy slid into my futon behind me, and wrapped his hands around my waist, holding me close. 'Friends don't do this kind of thing' I keep thinking to myself, I mean sure he was cute so it was hard to stay mad at him after he did such embarrassing things, but friends shouldn't kiss….. Especially like that.

His lips were so soft and I could feel his tongue along my bottom lip just before he pulled away, I wonder how it would have felt if I let his tongue in my mouth. My body started to react to my thoughts, and Italy was so close, it wasn't making my 'problem' any better. My eyes snapped open, I could feel Italy's hands movie across my chest and ghost over my nipples. I bit my lower lip to prevent myself from making any weird noises, his other hand calmly sliding down my thigh, he pushed himself closer to me and I felt his hot breath against my ear.

"Hey Japan, why are you hard?" I shut my eyes closed and held back a whimper as his hand moved from my thigh to my now quite hard member.

"Japanese robes are quite convenient, aren't they?" he jerked his hand upwards on my erection, unable to hold back a high pitched moan. I tightly grasped the sheets below me as he lazily moved his hand up and down my shaft. I could feel his hot breath on my neck; it was already so hard to breathe

"Aah….I-Italy-san... mmh!" Next thing I knew, I was on my back with Italy over top of me, his eyes staring right into mine, he wasn't smiling, he was serious about this.

"Japan please, I love you so much, I can hardly bare it" He looked as though he was on the verge of crying.

Why would he love me? I thought he would get bored of me so quickly, he looks like he has so much with fun with Germany then with me, it doesn't make sense. "Why do you love me?" I'm so confused about all of this.

"Because the first moment that I saw you, you were the most beautiful person that I have ever seen" His voice was soft and gentle, it was hard not to blush after hearing such a compliment.

"H-how can I be beautiful? I'm a man…." Men are not supposed to be beautiful; they are supposed to be strong and tough. The more I think about this, the more confused I am, I really don't understand his thinking.

"You are very beautiful!" Italy gave me a warm smile; he shifted his hand forward and lightly brushed it against my cheek. "Your skin is so smooth" he moves a few strands of hair out of my face" and your hair is so soft" He gazed deeply into my eyes; I could barely keep the eye contact, my face felt so hot. "And your eyes kind of remind me of meat balls hahaha" I let out a heavy sigh; pasta is always on his mind isn't it…

"But it's not only that, I also love your voice, your body, your gentle personality….and…" he moved his hand over my chest."I love your heart" He smiled

"How can you say such embarrassing things…with such ease?" I couldn't hold my eye contact and the heat was almost unbearable.

He came close and whispered in my ear "Because it's true" He wrapped his arms around my waist embracing me.

"I love you…. Kiku"

My eyes widened with shock, he said my name, my human name. I couldn't help but cry from those words; I wrapped my arms around him holding him even tighter as the tears kept streaming from my eyes.

"Feliciano…." Italy looked pulled back to look at me, and he smiled. "Kiku… can I?"

I smiled "…Hai" I reached my hands out cupping his face and I pulled him in for a kiss. I won't hold back my feelings anymore; I gently wrapped my arms around his neck as I melted into the kiss.

"Oh! Hold on one sec!" Italy said as he got up to look for something in his travel case. "Found it!" he pulled out something that I would assume is lube.

"You carry that around with you?" I asked. "haha yeah, big brother France always told me to carry something like this around just in case" I sighed, only Italy would take France's advice to heart, but right now I'm not complaining, since lube would be very necessary right now. "Ummm… Feli? You know how two men do it, right?" I'm a bit concerned about Italy's knowledge on this. "Yeah I know how! France taught me" Italy smiled making me relax a bit, but I didn't want to think about how he was taught, it would just disturb me.

"Y-you know too right, Kiku?"

"H-hai…" I replied as I began to take off my robe but, Italy stopped me. "Can I do it?" he asked, I nodded slowly.

He undid the sash then opened up the robe revealing all of my body to him; his eyes were darkening with lust as he scanned over my body.

"You're more beautiful than I thought you were, Kiku…" his voice deepened and there was a slight Italian accent.

I couldn't bring myself to look at him, I was making a weird face, it would be so embarrassing if he saw it.

"Kiku, look at me" I shook my head, there's no way that I could-

"Onegai... Kiku?" I froze, he used my own language against me, damn it.

I took a deep breath, and slowly turned my head to make eye contact. His eyes widened, and then I couldn't hold it anymore, so I turned my head away. I was expected some silly comment but-

"Kiku! You're so cute!" I turned to face him; he had a very warm smile on his face. Somehow I turned into an even deeper shade of red "I-I'm not c-cute!" I yelled back

"Haha, there's no need to be embarrassed~" he ran his hand along my inner thigh; I let out a quite yelp, then quickly covering my mouth with my hands.

He moved his hand gently on them "Don't cover your mouth; I want to hear your voice…"

"But, it's so embarrassing…"

"It's alright, I'm the only one that can hear you, okay?" Italy voice was so sweet and gentle.

"But….. It's embarrassing because it's you…" After saying such a thing, I could only cover my face with my hands. I felt warms hands gently grab my wrists, he pulled my hands away and then his lips met mine once again.

When he released, I gasped for air, Italy took that opportunity to slide his tongue inside. I moaned as my mouth began to be assaulted by the strong, wet muscle as it left no place untouched. He interlocked his fingers with mine as he held my hands to the floor, I was unable to move. I didn't want to move anyway, it felt so good "Feli….. Hurry up"

He chuckled as he smiled and pulled away "got it!" He grabbed the bottle of lube that was beside them, he flicked the lid open pouring the substance onto his fingers. "Kiku, can you spread your legs?"

I didn't really want to obey such a dirty command, but it was necessary, so I spread them slowly also lifting my legs up slightly. I felt as though I would die of embarrassment, as Italy spread them further apart, I could feel the tip of his finger rubbing my entrance.

"Kiku, are you ready?" I gulped, I was so nervous but I nodded anyway hoping that I would be able to relax soon. His finger slowly slipped inside me, it was a very uncomfortable feeling, I gripped the bet sheets trying to move as less as possible, I don't to cause any more difficulty then necessary. Oh, but I was making such weird noises, and they wouldn't stop coming out. He added another finger, it was starting to hurt a little but it felt a bit good too strangely, I let out a strangled gasp as he added the third finger. Before I could expect what could happen next, he found my prostate "Aaahhh!" I quickly covered my mouth, but even as I tried to do that it was ineffective as I was unable to stop the loud moans from escaping my lips as he continued to abuse my prostate.

"Feli... aahh! P-please!" my legs trembled from the pleasure coursing through my body. "Oh, sorry!" He slowly removed his fingers from the now loosened ring of muscle, picked up the lube dripping more of the substance on his hand then rubbing it on his now quite hard erection. "I'm going in, ok?" I could only nod and hope that it didn't hurt too much. "Kiku…." He leaned forward gently kissing my lips; I wrapped my arms and legs around him as I could feel his hard member push through my tight entrance. It hurt, but I already knew that it would, I tightly grasped onto Italy's shoulders trying to get used to the unfamiliar sensation. I mustered all the strength that I could, I wove my fingers through his soft brown hair and then I leaned close and told him that he could start moving. It hurt a lot but I had to wait for Italy to hit that sweet spot that would drive me crazy. "AAHH!" My eyed shot open and my head flew back as Italy's member directly struck its target. Every time he hit it, I ended up nearly screaming from the pleasure "Feli! Aaah!"

"Ngh...K-Kiku…ahh" He thrusted harder and faster, it was like a typhoon of pleasure, I felt as though I was about to explode from it. "Feli! Ahh! I'm g-going to-" I was cut off by his lips, with his tongue swirling around mine. Then with one final thrust, a lustful cry came out of me as I released all over myself. I became limp as I entered the afterglow, Italy thrusted in a few more times; I let out a satisfied sigh as I could feel Feli's fluids shoot deep inside of me. He collapsed on top of me breathing heavily, a few minutes past and the afterglow was over with. He sat up shaking slightly "Did it feel good?" he asked cheerfully

"Hai, if felt really good" I smiled

"Hey Kiku, Do you love me?"

I blinked a few times "I didn't tell you?"

"Eh? No, you didn't"

"Ahhh….." I was silent for a moment, trying to push back the blush that was growing on my cheeks "Hai….. Ti amo, Feliciano"

At that moment I have never seen him look so happy in my entire life; he quickly wrapped his arms around me "Ti amo Kiku! Ti amo! Haha!"

I slid my hands onto his back and we embraced each other and before we knew it, we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke up with a slight throbbing pain in my back, and I looked at the sleeping Italian beside me realizing that it wasn't a dream. I smiled and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek before I got dressed and left the room, I completely forgot about the storm last night. I walked around and the only serious damage was just the tree that fell over in the back yard, it was quite rotten, I knew I should have removed it last week….I sighed with relief knowing that the pond fish were ok. I walked into the kitchen to make breakfast for myself and my guest, by the time I got to the kitchen, Italy was already there making something, and he was fully clothed, what a relief. "Ah, F-Feliciano you don't have to do that" He looked at me with a warm smile "Ahh Kiku! Good morning! I wanted to cook anyway so it's fine" I walked slowly walked to him and tugged lightly on his sleeve. "What is it?" I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him down for a light kiss. He looked shocked and confused "Eto….for the tea, you wanted a kiss….." I light blush grew on his cheeks….. Then he tackled me to the floor "VEE! ~ I love you Kiku!" He locked his lips with mine then kissed my cheek. "Hey Kiku, can you come over to my house next time you have a storm?"

I smiled "Hai, I will"

"Yay!" he pulled me in for a tight hug.

As I lay on the floor being embraced by my Italian lover, I realized that I would be coming to his house a lot since it is typhoon season right now. I won't mind though, because there is nothing better than being beside the one you love.

-The End-


Hai Yes

Onegai Please

Ti Amo I love you

sorry for the lovey-dovey smushy stuff lol

this is pretty much my first fan fiction, i hope you all enjoyed it.