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Staying Away

By Wonderlandisanillusion

I was walking home when something grabbed me, it must be a Yokai, I can see the shadow, and I'm being roughly dragged. I tried to get free, but the grip was too strong and my wrist felt as if it was going to break. My head is aching. What is happening?

I'm in the middle of the woods, tied up, gagged, and blind-folded. My head hurts so bad and I tried to spit out the gag, but it's tied tightly and impossible to remove without using my hands which are tragically tied behind my back.

"Hello, Kaname Tanuma." A voice said to me. I know it's not a Yokai for I can't hear them. This person is human and sounds like a male. "I'll ungag you, but no screaming or else."

The gag is now off. What does this person want with me?

"What do you want?"

"How close are you to Takashi Natsume?" He asked me calmly. I bit down on my lip and thought for a moment. Why is he asking about Natsume? What does he want with him?

"Not that close. He goes to my school…that's it." I told him. My jaw was grabbed firmly, I can't see a thing because of this blind-bold, and by the grip he has on my jaw. He is not happy by my answer.

"Don't lie to me. I know you and him are friends." He said to me.

"What do you want with Natsume?" I managed to ask and my jaw was throbbing in pain. Not to mention my head.

"He is interesting." He commented and suddenly I felt my shirt being torn. The gag is back on. My pants are being ripped, my underwear pulled down, and I tried my best to get free. However it was in vain, I was forced down on my stomach, and I wasn't able to move. What is going on? Why is this occurring? Why?

I can feel something slimy roughly going in and out of my hole. It burned, my screams were muffled by the gag, and I wasn't able to keep track of how much time had passed.

"If you do not stay away from Takashi Natsume this was also happen to him. He will be defiled by my Yokai's if you go near him." He said coldly. I heard his foot-steps and I can sense the Yokai are still around me.

My entire body hurts and it is sore. I'm now untied, ungagged, and the blind-fold is gone. The Yokai are gone. My shirt is torn up, my pants are in tatters, there is blood, and I'm shaking like a leaf. My wrists are black and blue along with bleeding a little bit. I can't believe this happened to me. Why? Why?

"Kaname. What happened to you?" My father asked me and his eyes were wide in shock. I tried to tell him, but tears started falling and he held me tightly in his arms. After a few minutes I managed to say the word 'Yokai's'. My father helped me to my feet, carried me, and at last I'm home.

My father cleaned and wrapped my wrists up. I took a long hot shower, scrubbing my skin until it was almost raw, and I don't want Natsume to be defiled by Yokai's. I have to stay away from him. I don't want Natsume to be worried or anything. I do not want anyone to know what happened to me. What if the guy is lying? What if he isn't lying?

I dried myself off, put on a clean outfit, and walked out of the bathroom.

"I'll be okay, dad. Don't worry..I'll be okay." I said softly to him and he hugged me.

"I'll thoroughly purify the entire area." He said quietly. "If only I had looked for you earlier, Kaname."

"It's not your fault." I told him. I'll tell Natsume's cat everything and I'm sure he will be able to protect Natsume. I do not want to risk Natsume safety so I'll stay away from him for now.

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