It was barely noticeable at first...An argument that turned into a shouting match every once in a while, and the occasional smack on the back of the head when dinner wasn't ready on time, or when dinner needed to be reheated because it had been sitting waiting for over an hour. It got worse as the years progressed. Screaming fits became a common occurrence, and thrown objects and hexes went from being not unheard of to daily occurrences. Bruises were frequently healed, and there were only smiles when in public lest an opportunistic reporter suss out a scandal that could bring shame to the Weasley family.

The only reason the marriage hadn't ended in divorce was because of the children. In the Wizarding World, a divorce would have a massively negative impact on the children's future, and the children's children's future. People didn't trust those who couldn't keep a family together, and wouldn't trust the children born to such a union to be able to do so either...

Harry sighed as he walked away from the graveside. He'd studied the statistics enough know that it would have more than likely come to this eventually. He had tried, but had been powerless to stop it. He couldn't have forced his friend to leave, no matter how much he had wanted to. No matter how many times he said that what was going on was wrong and that his friend should walk away, his friend had stayed.

Despite all the stories he'd heard and all the reports he had read on the subject, he had not thought his other friend capable of this, until it had actually happened. The death had mostly been an accident, a mistimed dodge from a cutting curse which hit something it wasn't intended to, but the fact remained that one of his best friends since he was eleven had killed the other in a domestic dispute. A "domestic dispute" which would have been just like the hundreds that had preceded it while his friend had put up a front of being in a happy and loving relationship if it hadn't ended in tragedy.

He shook his head sadly as he disapparated from the graveyard, leaving behind a grave with a new headstone which read:

Ronald Bilius Weasley

March 1, 1980 - June 16, 2019

Some of us are called away too soon.

That marriage had been a bad idea from the start. he thought as he reappeared on his lawn.

Ron and Hermione had constantly set each-other off, and Ron had only followed Hermione's lead when bullied into doing so. Add those two elements, and you ended up with a volatile mixture, especially when Ron who'd had his parents' marriage as an example growing up had refused to leave or even defend himself while Hermione's behavior continued to escalate. Now, the both of them were yet another sad statistic.