Okay so. I wanted to do a longer story this time. This will go from the time of Ray Brower into adulthood. But it won't be super draggy I promise. There will definitely be some fun! I hope you enjoy and the OC I tried to really write as myself. PLEASE REVIEW! It would be greatly appreciated!


My life boils down to five things. I'm either writing with Gordie, chilling with Chris, acting crazy with Teddy, or eating with Vern. Sometimes I'm with all of them at once just hanging out and having fun with my best friends.

The summer of 1959 is one of these summers. It's the first time I found a friend. I'm twelve and for some reason people didn't seem to like me very much. I wasn't sure why since I was pretty well off financially and I was pretty normal. But small town people can be weird. I thought that maybe it was because the girls were jealous of me. A lot of people said I was real pretty, but I didn't see it.

I'm also kind of nerdy. I do well in school and I'm a writer. It's really the best way to fill your time. So there are a lot of reasons for people to hate me.

We're pretty rich too. Even better than most on The View. But my parents are too good to live up there. Just because they're wealthy doesn't mean they're snobs. Which is why they chose a nice place down near the main strip. My father has a good job, but I never pay much attention to what he actually does. So if people ask me I have no clue.

Even though I lived in Castle Rock my whole life, I never had anyone to talk to, to rely on. Until this summer.

I walked down from my house on the hill onto the sidewalk. It got extremely hot around here, but I didn't mind. I just enjoyed walking. It cleared my head and primed me for a new writing idea. That was when I saw a boy sitting in his front yard, writing in a journal. What came over me in that moment, I cannot say for sure. But I walked right over and sat down next to him.

"What'cha writing?"

He looked up at me like he couldn't believe a girl was talking to him. "Nothing right now. Just listing ideas."

"Oh. Well I write too. Can I read some of your stuff sometime?"

"Sure," he smiled at me. "As long as I can read yours."

I hesitated at this. It was always hard for me to have people read my stuff. No one ever had. I just thought I was really bad. "Um... I don't know. I'm not very good."

"Oh come on. You never know until you let someone else."

"Fine; you win," I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Are you new around here?"

"No. I've lived here my whole twelve years. I just don't have any friends." I hung my head a little. Sometimes the loneliness got to you.

"Well, I'll be your friend," Gordie suddenly had a surge of energy. "I know lots of people who can be your friend!" He pulled me up off the ground and started dragging me away by the arm. "You can meet them right now!"

I laughed and followed him. He seemed so nice, so sincere. He was cute too; and that didn't hurt. It was nice to get some attention, especially a boy's attention.

He had such warm brown eyes, with hair to match. He was thinner than I was. If he were a girl, I would have thought anorexia was the case. And he was a writer; not many people were writers. I had a feeling we would really hit it off. And if his friends were anything like him, that would be perfect.

*Gordie POV*

As soon as I looked into her eyes, I knew she was the girl of my dreams. Right when she sat next to me, I felt it. She had these shining blue eyes, which popped out against her dirty blonde long hair. It was extremely curly and not in a fake way. Her skin was pale and even though she was only twelve, she had on a decent bit of makeup. She dressed real good too, which made me think she was a View. But she seemed too nice for that.

I didn't even know her name, but I loved her anyway. It was my first- and last- love at first sight experience. I could now see that these things were actually real, and not just something people made in the movies. I could also see how they made people feel so good. It was like being asleep having the best dream of your life, and then being abruptly woken right before the good part, to realize it's a reality.

*The Girl POV* (yes I will be adding a name later)

I was led up to a dilapidated tree house up in the woods. It was small and dingy with wooden steps nailed into the tree leading up to the trap door. There was a small window in the side and I could hear voices coming out of it. It sounded to be a couple guys, but I was excited to meet them. To have friends. The boy led me to the tree so we could climb up.

*Chris POV*

I saw her through the window. I was the only one who could see they were coming and I didn't say anything. I wanted her all to myself. There were a lot of surprises about the moment. Gordie Lachance was with a beautiful girl, since I never expected that. And there was a beautiful girl!

The first thing I noticed was she looked just like me. The hair, the eyes, the sharp features. The second thing was that she looked incredibly well-to-do, which would cause a problem. At that moment, I already knew I had no chance, even after only seconds of seeing her and not even meeting her. Everyone knew about me, a Chambers. And not even the second lowest scum in Castle Rock would go for me. Second lowest cause we were the worst.

I came to a decision. A decision that she might not be so snobby. I mean, she was with Gordie after all. And it's not like his family was doing too great either.

I had no more room to prepare myself though. She entered up through the trap door in the next instant.

And I was more floored than before.