Chapter one

"I live in a dark world.

I live in a world filled with destruction and no hope.

I live where light can never be seen.

I pray I can be the light for my family As the darkness closes in around me.

One day.

One day more, and I promise things will be different.

They don't know what's going on, what I'm planning to do to make our world a brighter place.

But they will know soon enough.

One day.

One day more.

My siblings pick on me constantly, but little do they know that I love them so much.

Little do they know that tomorrow I will sacrifice everything for them.

One day.

One day more."

As I read over my journal entry from the night before the tragedy, I become overwhelmed at the magnitude of my hope, not knowing that the very next day most of my friends would die at the barricade, and I severely wounded. As the leader, I was ready to die, give up my life so that others could live a peaceful, safe life, but unfortunately that wasn't God's plan. I don't know what he's doing right now, and I wish to go to him, to leave this wretched place of evil and depression. I can't help myself from crying as I remember my family.

They don't know i'm alive! No one knows I'm alive! If anyone knew I was alive I would be surely dead. No one can know, and thats why I don't want to live! I long to go to my friends, the ones that still live, and hug them, tell them I am fine, and let them worry no more! GOD! WHY? Why put us though pain and suffering when It's unnecessary? Why let another day go by where I live in this pain that's eating me alive? Living is much harder than dying at this point. God knows I'm strong, and maybe that's why He's put me here for now.

"Not much longer now," I tell myself, "One day..."

"One day more..."

I close my journal and look up to see a very familiar face right in front of me. At first I don't remember where I had seen her, but all I can see now is that she is (HOT) very beautiful. She smiled at me and I suddenly remember who she is.

"Your supposed to be dead." I tell her

"So are you"


"How... how did you know that... I thought..."

"Thats not important Enjolras, What matters is were both alive, and that's a blessing from God. Theres something he wants us to do, and its our job to figure it out"