As Misaki woke up he turned to find the bed empty,he rolled over and growned,"Baka-Usagi."He looked up at the clock that read 11:45P.M.

He got up slowly,wincing at the pain in his lower back."Ow Baka-Usagi...he's soo..ughh!"'That damn Usagi!'

He walked down the stairs."Usagi-san where the hell are you!"Usagi was sitting on the couch with his lap top sitting beside him."Misaki..?"

Misaki snarled,"Why didn't you wake me up?"Usagi smiled,"Because you looked so adorable sleeping."

Misaki almost fell over,"I will kill you"Usagi-san just chuckled and went back on work,'Probaly on one of his dirty BL novels..'Misaki sighed.

Misaki sighed,"Are you hungry?"Usagi-san looked up at Misaki."Well...yes,but I need my refill of Misaki."Misaki rolled his eyes."You can wait for that."

Misaki made his way to kitchen then sighed deeply.'Usagi-san'.He smiled softly at the mans pervyness.

Misaki made eggs,pancakes,and saugasue for breakfast..he called Usagi to the table."Usagi-san I have something important I have to tell you after you eat,ok?"

Usagi looked at Misaki couriously,"Ok,Misaki..."He looked at Misaki in question.

Usagi smiled at him."Misaki,I love you.""Misaki blushed,"BAKA!"He stormed off up the stairs,Usagi following,'Damn,it Usagi stop following me!"He thought feriously.

Misaki was almost to him room,when the bigger,sliver-haired one grabed his arm and pulled him into a big bear hug."Mi-sa-ki"The older one sang.

"Come on Usagi-san let me go,Damn it!"Misaki tried squrim out of his hold,but the older one was much stronger."Usagi-san come on you have work to do!"

Usagi kissed his forehead."Misaki,I love you."Misaki blushed bright red."Usagi.."The younger one finally started hugging back."Good boy,Misaki"Usagi patted his head.

"Usagi-san don't treat me like a dog!"Misaki yelled quietly as Usagi-san leaned down and kissed him,making Misaki drop everything he had on his mind,(in his mind)'Usagi-san'Misaki kissed Usagi back.

Everything was kinda a blurr from there,last thing Misaki remembered was Usagi throwing him on the bed,and taking his clothes off.."My head hurts.."He looked over at the vacent spot next to him."

Misaki tried getting out of bed,but was to tired,he plopped his head down onto the soft,feathery pillow,slowly he found himself drifting back to sleep.

He woke up at 3:20P:M,slipped out of bed,and slowly opened the door and walked out of the room and started down the stairs slowly,to see Usagi down was pinned down on the couch by a young girl about 23 years old.

Misaki felt a rage of jeliousy."USAGI-SAN!WHO THE HELL!".Tears started forming in the 19-year-old Misaki's eyes.

"Misaki,I promise this isn't was it looks like.""THEN WHAT THE HELL IS IT,USAGI?"The girl let him up,and stood up,"Umm he's right this isn't what it looks like,but I am his bride-to-be."

Misaki felt the tears sting his cheeks."Usagi..."Usagi stood up and walked over taking Misaki into his arms the green haired girl intorduced herself,"My name is Nanayuuki Saito."She bowed.

Usagi looked at her."You need to tell,Father that I will not be marring you Nanayuuki,I have my little lover here."He pulled Misaki close to his chest Misaki blushed and said"I love him,Miss,please don't take him away."

Nanayuuki was shocked and touched at the same smiled and nodded,"I won't right now Misaki-kun but I'm not giving up."Misaki hugged Usagi."Thank you I guess?"Usagi growled alittle at this,and hugged him tightly."I love Usami-san to Misaki-kun and I don't want you to have him."She was smiling but was very sad.'Usami-san's gay?!"She was hurt they'd been friends forever.

Nanayuuki facepalmed,"What am I going to tell Usagi-chichi?"She sighed Usagi sugestted she tell his father."Thanks genius."She sighed again.

Usagi and Misaki just chuckled.

Me:Me had to change the ending...