Part 1: The Beginning of the End

Life seemed to be all good for James; he had a loving wife and a…rather bratty adoptive daughter that Mary, his wife wanted. To tell the truth, James never really liked children, and children never really liked James. Laura, never really liked James even on the first day they came and got her from the local orphanage in town. She always liked to wear color, while on the other side James seemed to liked things in a more…calmer color. Now, Laura had a good personality and had the "Pure Heart of a Child" as Mary would state, though when Laura and James met each other in the small apartment that the three lived in she would usually give a snide remark about the way he looked or just plan gives him a grimacing look. He never really knew why and she would never speak a word of why herself.

Mary is James' wife and would do anything for him, though lately she has been neglecting him and his…needs. She had to go to work she said to him, she was busy playing with Laura she also states. James just practically gives up on all that. Now that Maria, Mary's sister came over more often, him and Mary had no time for themselves anymore. He'd flashback on the time's in the beginning of their marriage where the two would go on picnics in the park or even listening to Mary just plainly play the piano. She might have not been the best player but, it was a moment with her, with Mary. His Mary…

Now, Silent Hill was a quaint little town where everyone lived out their own lives, though on the odd side all of us felt somewhat connected in some different way. James and his family lived in the Blue Creek Apartments, in a medium sized apartment (a good size). The neighbor's were quite nice, even though some are…awkward and different.

James, Mary and Laura usually go visit Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl on the upper level for play dates with the two girls. James was good friends with Harry since in his opinion he was the only normal one around and knew what was really going on around town. Then there was Henry, well nobody has seen him in awhile. Some say he's gone mad with that Walter guy he rooms with. That or they have a "thing" going on. Nobody really wanted to know so we ignored the noises from his room. Travis Grady was their next door neighbor that they rarely saw of. He usually would be traveling doing his job as a truck driver and Mary (being the nice person she was) would make him a few homemade meals for the trip. James would just sit back, shaking his head as Mary would talk her head off with him before every trip, though he didn't stop her. She was doing stuff for the good of people he always thought to himself.

By and by the days seemed to grow longer as Mary got extra hours at work since the hospital needed her skillful hand. So, James had to pick Laura up from school, which was hell for him because Laura would just ignore him when he tried telling her to get into the vehicle. It was a pure pain.

He wanted Mary back.

His old, loving Mary.

-0- (break)

The date was Friday the 13th, of course not the luckiest day ever.

James groaned loudly, lifting his eyebrows as he rolled over to embrace his wife like every morning, and give her a enormous kiss on the cheek. Though, Mary's warmth wasn't there what was leftwas Only an imprint of her body in the covers and mattress. He sighed angrily, throwing the cover off of himself and casually creeps out of bed leaving his legs hang over the bed as he rubs his eyes out of sleep. 'Why was she out of bed so early' he asked himself. 'Is she making me some breakfast…that's unusual…?'

Quickly grabbing his blue bathrobe from the back fo the door, James made his way to the kitchen of the apartment to only see Mary dressed in her nurses garments and clipping the name tag on. "Oh…Morning honey" He blinked several times and simply just shakes his head, not even knowing what's going on. "Mary, you don't even work the day shift...why are you going to work so early." Sighing and brushing his bed ridden hair back, simply out of frustration. "I thought we…had something planned for today. Didn't you want to go to the lake…?" Mary just grabbed her bag and walked past him, with a light pout on her face. "I'm sorry James but I was asked if I could take Angela's shift since she never showed to work. I wish I could but…I could never pass up the opportunity for money, you're clerk job won't fully pass on paying up the rent and everything else…" Leaning forward, she gave him a soft kiss to his left cheek. "I'll be back just before dinner, Love you." With a slight nod and a reply of "Love you also." Mary went through the front door, it closing with a faint click. James just stared at the door for a few seconds, wondering why Mary would want to work so much, was she avoiding going to the lake with him or…was it just for the reason she has told him just a minute ago. Shaking his head once more, James went on with his morning as usual.

(Later on in the day)

-James' Journal Entry # 1-

'I have decided to create this journal for…specific reasons.

Reason one is that, I am able to express the way I feel in a rather…easy way and second is to write out my problem's about Mary.

I worry on what's going on in her head and I have noticed in her action's that…somehow and some way the spark has…gone away.

In, other reasons. Our intimate "love making" has become, well, stale. Dull and boring and there is no excitement involved. I don't even get….release during it anymore. It has become that bad and…I don't know what to do. She doesn't even try anymore!

I…need it…

Soon enough, everything would die out.

I-Is it me…or…

Are we just drifting apart? '

James looked down to the last line and thought. 'Were we…really drifting…?' Growling under his breath he closed the small notebook and shoved it into the drawer of the desk. 'It…can't be true…'

He would never want to admit it. Everything will be alright, he told himself. 'I'm looking into it way to much…Just calm down James'

Getting up, he looked around their bedroom and the several picture's of the two and some of Laura. Moving over the bed side, he grabbed the small metal frame, accented with white roses. Mary's favorite. 'It's…our wedding day…Both of our families were there. Though, her parent's never really liked me…They said I could never support her though she didn't care. He he, Mary had so much, well, spunk." He looked into the picture more, a small smile on his face. "She was so beautiful on that day...W-We have a chance…right?"

Though on the inside of himself, he never noticed the slowly growing hate for his wife.



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