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Operation KISS!

Soul POV

Today was just another day on the road, playing cards, reading books, writing music, and free styling. Dancing Souls have gotten used to Blair and we all got an image of her personality. She's like an older sister who acts like a spoiled brat most the time but we all seem to enjoy having her around.

I liked things the way the were until Maka brought up Wes. "Hey guys, a guy from Evens Music Company asked if we wanted to perform at his father's birthday party. Opinions?" "Really? Isn't that Soul's family company?" Tsubaki asked, "Let's do it!" Blair yelled. "I think it's a pretty good idea if he's paying us!" Marie came out of no where.

"Yeah he is, just like a regular concert but it's private so it's a little bit extra." "Well Kids I want you to perform than, the Evans Music corps. Is a very powerful company so if we get them to like us, than our sells should go up!" Marie explain with money signs in her eyes. "Y-yeah.. I guess we could." Crona agreed.

Why is everyone agreeing? Don't they understand this could be a trap? "I don't know about this guys I mean they could be attempting to ruin our popularity if something goes wrong." "Soul! it's not always about being popular it's about the fun we get from this!" Patty defended. "Yeah Mr. Popular learn to enjoy concerts their not for your pictures to be kissed from fan girls" Liz said with a sour look. Than they both looked away.

"Liz and Patty had a hard life when they were young, they weren't born into stardom like you Soul" Kid said to make sure I understood. Which I didn't at first but I can see why now. "Yeah I understand I'm sorry about that Liz, Patty If you guys want to do the show than let's do it." Everyone got in a circle as we put our hands in and agreed than group hugging.


Father's birthday is next week, I got the two bands to perform and a surprise for them. I don't really care if what Soul thinks, Father will have his way even if I have to sacrifice everything I have! I'm not brain washed, I just want to help Father be a family again. Mother has been depressed ever since Soul lefted, and no one was ever really the same. Father assumed it was his fault, so now we will try to bring Soul, just Soul back to us.

This Family will be recreated no matter what!

I felt that my mind was very shaky at the moment, to relieve it I decided to go play some basketball at a nearby gym. "Hello welcome to L.A Fitness! May I see your card?" I gave the trainer my card and he scanned it. "Hey can you give me a ball?" I asked. He threw me an basketball and said "Enjoy your time here bro!"

I started shooting some free throws and a couple 3-pointers. Than some guys asked me to play with them it was a 20 minute game. My side lose but I sort had carried it, we took a break and they asked if I wanted to play again, "Nah it's cool I have to call someone maybe in a bit." I went through my phone and into my contacts.

"Hello Father I got the Maka Albarn and her band to perform for your birthday along with Soul's band, give me a call back when you hear this okay?" I lefted a message and hanged up. I got up and stretched, while stretching I saw someone familiar. It can't be her… oh my god if I don't hide she's going to-.

"Oh hoho looky who we got here!" "What do you want Blair?" I said trying to sound annoyed. "Of course it's to stalk you Wes-kun!" she said sarcastically. "Stalks over now go away." I said trying to get rid of her. "I'm actually here with my friends, why are you here? I thought you were a computer nerd that plays the violin for unknown purposes!" she said lies about me so easily that I did get annoyed. "I play for the purpose of-!"

I saw a basketball shot straight to her head, "LOOK OUT!" someone yelled. My quick instincts made me grab her and pull her into my chest, with my other hand blocking the ball.

"ARE YOU GUYS DUMB? SHE COULD BE INJURED!" I yelled at them. "How do you even miss something like that?" I threw the ball back at them. "Sorry dude and sorry dude's girlfriend." I blushed and let go of her. Blair smirked. "Someone cares about me ~!" my blush came on harder as I tried to ignore her. "It was for the safety of your life it wasn't care." I defended. "Someone is in denial ~!" Blair taunted me.

I was about to defend myself until I heard a little girl's voice call her, "Blair! We're leaving soon so hurry up!" "Okay Patty!" Blair replied. "See you around Wes!" she said hugging me like we're friends! She slipped something into my right pocket. "451-678-1018..." "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT GIRL?" I yelled and everyone in the gym and basket court stared at me. I gave them the 'opps my bad' look.

Maka POV

"How many miles did everyone run today?" I asked, "one!" Liz, Crona and Blair said. "Three miles" Tsubaki, "Four and a half" from and Patty, "Five miles over here" soul said smirking. "The great almighty Black Star ran a total of five and a half miles! Beat that someone!" Black Star said. "Seven and a half!" I yelled raising my hand to show Black Star. He slammed his head on the brick wall admitting defeat to a girl. Everyone laughed at him and felt pity for him at the same time, or at least Tsubaki did. "I! r-r-ran eight m-miles!" of course he did that's his favorite number. "Good job champ but can you even stand?" "Of course I can!" he said while hugging Crona to make sure he's standing. "I don't know how to deal with this!" Crona said than ran into the bus. We all chuckled and laughed having fun together today.

20 hours later!

I was reading my weekly magazine it contained a ton of SoMa! Me and Soul holding hands, kissing each other's cheek, hugging, singing, talking, dancing, signing autographs, even playing ninja! Oh my god I feel so stalked… "HEY MAKA LET'S KISS! ON THE LIPS A FULL 8 SECOND KISS! COME ON BAB-" I threw a flying Maka Chop at him. I was blushing because he yelled it across the bus. "Haha, no thank you 'darling' I'll pass for now" I said with my eye twitching on 'darling'. We're trying to make Blair believe that we are a couple to see if others can see through us. But I will admit I do kind of like Soul…I gave that a second thought, but only as friends!

Someone called Soul's cell phone but he was passed out with a chop so I picked it up. "Hello? Maka here Soul isn't able to speak at the moment." "That's fine I can tell you Maka, have you checked page 38 of the new release on music weekly?" Stein asked. "No I haven't but I bet it's just another picture of this lie" I said sighing. "Not exactly… go read it and I want you two to fix that okay?" Stein said than hanged up.

I flipped to page 38 and started reading. 'Even Maka Albarn and Soul Eater have been dating since recently, there is no proof of them! If you want to prove yourself you two, than kiss at your next concert! They could be tricking the world into thinking that they are going out! Even though we have hundreds of photographers all over them day and night, there just isn't any love flowing! The cute pictures of them hugging and kissing on the cheek was just to make you guys think their a couple! If you think I'm right than reply at .com!" the reporter said.

"SOUL LET'S KISS!" I yelled as Soul came back to life. Everyone gave us the weird eyes, Liz/Blair had hearts in their eyes, Patty was chanting "Kiss!" Kid and Tsubaki had coffee pouring out of their mouth in amazement that the both of us would say that in one day. "TSUBAKI LET'S ALSO KISS!" Black Star yelled to try to gain his pride back. Tsubaki threw a star at his forehead and he dropped to the ground bleeding out (A/N like in the first couple of episodes mainly episode 2 Tsubaki throws stars at Black Star's head to keep him from being a pervert).

Maka explained why she said that and Soul showed them the page on the magazine. "Okay just do it at the Evan's party, the private concert." Kid said. "I guess that works!" I replied in agreement. "Hey isn't it easier to get it done with by just going on a date and kissing? Besides it's a private concert there won't be news photographers." Liz asked. "I think that would make more sense" Tsubaki agreed. "Okay let's go on a date Maka" Soul said in the mirror staring at himself to make sure he looks good. "What ever I'll go get dressed. Tsubaki Black Star do you want to come?" "If you ask than the great almighty Black Star will join you two with his goddess!" Black Star yelled making Tsubaki blush.

Soul POV

My right arm was around Maka's shoulder, Tsubaki and Black Star were holding hands. We were the Dancing Lights' couples to everyone who believe in me and Maka. Some photographers took pictures but they kept a distance because I asked them to. I will kiss Maka no matter what! Not like I really want to pr anything…

Okay Soul it's up to me to make the first move! Plan A: Say there is something on her lips than slowly approach to make sure the camera man get a good picture!

The four of us sat down at a ice cream parlor after ordering our favorites. Black Star and Tsubaki were just talking normally, Maka was listening and laughing at his stupidity. I noticed I've been quiet for a while, and I've been staring at Maka's pink lips ever since we sat down. They all looked at me with a moment of silence then they giggled and chuckled. "What the hell are you guys looking at?" I asked being disturbed by their eyes.

Maka approached me, she's going in for the kiss! I closed my eyes and my lips stuck out just a bit. "Soul you have some cream on your cheek" Maka said than wiped it off with a napkin. "Why are your eyes closed?" she asked innocently. I blushed and became slightly irritated, "Oh I was just daydreaming…" I said as an excuse. Damn this insensitive woman!

Plan B: Wait for the two of us to be alone and make eye contact than go in for the kiss!

"Hey Black Star! Look build-a-bear!" Tsubaki said. "I am a man I don't like going to places like build-a-bear!" Black Star said to defend his pride. "Come on please! For me?" Tsubaki said with pleading puppy eyes. "Only this one time! Treasure it because your great almighty Star will not go in there twice!" Here's my chance… Maka was about to go in build-a-bear until I grabbed her hand.

She turned around and asked "What is it Soul?" now make eye contact! I stared at her in the eye for a couple of minutes. She looked at me than came over her head only a few centimeters away. I leaned in but her mouth wasn't there! She whispered, "Soul I understand how you feel…" Oh no she's on to me… "Y-you do?" "Yes Soul" "Is this your first time?" I asked wondering. "Of course not I've done this a million times!" a million… she kissed other men a million times! "Alright let's get this over with Maka…" She grabbed my hand and pulled me into build-a-bear. "It's easy to make one just pick a animal you like than you just fill it up! You can pick the decorations that you like over here!" she said pointing to lets of cute petty things.

…Are you serious? I am dumbstruck now just no comment.

At the end of the day I didn't achieve anything… all of my other plans had failed epically. We were walking home and I saw the photographers get bored of taking pictures as if they had some much already, so they all started to pack up and get ready to leave. Tsubaki and Black Star were ahead of us, me and Maka were behind a bit. "What a long day huh Soul?" Maka asked. "Yup…" I said in defeat. "Oh I almost forgot!" Maka said and walked in front of me.

Maka lightly kissed me for about four seconds. She pulled away and skipped into the bus smiling. She lefted me with my mouth opened in surprise, than I saw lots of flashes again. "Soul was that your first kiss with Maka?" a reporter asked. I grinned and nodded walking into the bus.

The feeling was so nice and calm, I know everyone feels like this after being kissed but this time I think I feels ten times better because being kissed by the one you love can't be beat. Maka was my angel and her lips were a lips of an angel.

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