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Chapter Eight

Things came along well enough as the time passed. Alexander became closer to two of three relatives that actually liked and even loved him. He had recently been introduced to Remus Lupin, who hadn't taken the news as calmly as they had hoped. The only good thing was that Alex wasn't present when his wolf took over in an attempt to get to Albus. With the beast restrained for so long the sight of the two parts of Remus connecting would have terrified the boy. The good thing about his little break with his calmness: Severus and Minerva no longer had to worry about Remus turning on them. It was during this time that Lucius was working silently through the ministry to get people tried and released in a way that didn't involve the wizengamut or Dumbledore. While he hadn't set himself an easy task, it was more doable than he had thought at first. For some reason, those who had authority above the winzengamut had practically forgotten.

The old wizarding families with titles answered not to the minister of magic, but the crown. When it came to laws and tirals they, in reality, had the responsibility to ensure things were done properly. The control over their decisions could not be overruled by anyone other than the Queen or King of England. While he may wish to remain separate from those without magic, even Lucius could see following rules the current Queen or King set out as they were still subjects of Great Britain. Utilizing these old laws he was able to gain trials and freedom to many wrongly imprisioned people.

While those currently in Britain were steadily, but slowly, working towards their goals the Flamels were coming to an end with their research. The moment they had all their plans ready would be the moment they began to act. Things were already packed and waiting as they double and triple checked their research and supplies. They had found a resurrection ritual that required several ingredients. There was a similar version that was far from light that they had considered for mere moments. Some of the components were similar but vastly different and they had to make sure what they had would work. The last thing they wanted to do was promise a little boy his grandfather only to have it royally backfire in their faces like a failed potion expirement.

By the time the Flamels had made it to Hogwarts in secret and with their plans in motion it was nearing time to leave on christmas break. 'Harry' would be going home on the train, while in truth a disguised Severus would be picking him up at the other end and bringing him back to his quarters for their first family christmas. The teachers, the heads of houses, were seeing their students off when Minerva was approached by Perenelle. The woman was discreet with her request for a meeting and things were quietly and quickly arranged for safe passage into Hogwarts and their meeting place. It seemed that Salazar had created several enterances to his chambers that had all been forgotten. Tom had found several and it would be one of those that the Flamels used to get into the school. Even with them getting in they had to wait a bit to attempt the ritual.

First thing needed was for Severus to secretly bring Alex back into the school. Thankfully luck was on their side at the moment and they had managed to get through to dinner without any problems. While Severus and Minerva ate dinner in the hall, the Flamels, Alex, and the shade of Tom ate and spoke in Sal's chambers. It was during this time that they took to planning the appropriate time and place for the ritual. Severus and Minerva were brought in to the talk after they could get away and things were looking up. They had christmas with their family to look forward to, and as Alex said, the only present he wanted was his grandfather to be with them and whole for christmas. The little boy didn't even consider that he would get gifts from anyone.

Several days later the time of the ritual was upon them. They waited for the moon to rise in Sal's outside ritual garden. A cauldron with the prepared potion was settled at the center of a runic circle. Freely given blood from Alex, tears from Minerva, Tom's ashes gathered that tragic night, Tom's shade, and the three living members were gathered at 5 points arround the cauldron. Nic and Nelle stood outside the runic circle by the points where the shade and the ashes resided. As the sky showed the right timing they began to chant as Severus, Minerva, and Alex focused their minds on their love and want of Tom to be whole and alive. They barely heard the words.

"Corpus et animam,

Sicut unire

Simul eritis iterum

Non amplius separata

Neque per praesentiam vel absentiam

Coalescat in existentia singularis

Anima destitutum

Relictis cineribus

Sanguinem heredis

Lacrimis coeunt

Contributuros simul et dona alia vitae huius derelicta

Corpus et animam,

Sicut unire"

The chant repeated five times as the sky overhead shifted, the wind blowing harder around them with each recitation. The ingredients at the points had been carried up and into the cauldron. First the shade, then his ashes, followed by Alex's blood and then Minerva's tears. As the love and want of the three was needed it flowed from them in a pure mist towards the cauldron. With the final ingredient and the last word left their lips a blinding white light struck all present. When the spots cleared from their vision everyone smiled as Minerva moved forward to embrace the alive and human looking Tom. Severus held Alex close as they watched the separated couple sob as they held each other, their whispers of love and sorrow of their time apart barely audible. Meanwhile, the Flamels stepped a little ways away and sat on a stone bench as they let the family reunite. It was with smiles and happiness that they watched the two young men join in the embrace that had started with husband and wife. They could only hope that things continued to progress well as time moved forward.

Note: I hope you all enjoyed the update and sorry for the wait. I am glad to finally have come up with the rebirth of Tom. I did attempt to find some kind of reference in a search, but went with a modified version of the ritual from the book. The chant was written in english and translated to latin through a translator online. Below is the english version for those interested. Thank you.

Body and Soul

Unite as one

Together you shall be again

No longer separated

Not by absence or presence

Coalesce into singular existence

Soul of the forsaken

Ashes of the forsaken

Blood of the heir

Tears of the mate

Reunite together and grant this forsaken another life

Body and Soul

Unite as one