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Chapter Nine

Halfway Through Lily's Pregnancy

James had come home to find his sister in law nearly breathing fire and looking for his brother. He didn't know what the man had done to anger her, but it looked really bad. A quiet request to the house elf in residence had her calming as she released her anger to enjoy the odd ice cream concoction brought to her. With Lily distracted he set off in quiet search of Severus. He found the poor man huddled in a closet, his hair partially singed while his robes were an atrocious mix of bright red and gold. James shook his head and looked down at the man. "What in the name of Merlin did you say to make her this angry?"

Severus merely whimpered and scuttled further back into the closet. His voice was quiet, his head bowed. "I only asked if she wanted to look at maternity robes... She seemed to think I was implying she was getting fat. I only thought she might want to buy something pretty that would show off our growing child..." He glanced up at his brother, fear evident in his eyes. "Is she still breathing fire?... I swear she was really breathing fire James. Look, see!" He insisted the last bit, holding up some of his singed hair as proof of his statement.

James let out a little giggle of disbelief as he looked at the hair. He shook his head, a little in shock. When he heard Lily start calling out to Severus to stop hiding like a cowared he flinched and huddled in the closet next to his brother. They closed the door and cast several spells in hopes she wouldn't find them until she had calmed down. If she had really breathed fire he didn't want a run in with her in this mood anymore than his brother wanted another one. Later, when Tom found out about what had happened he had only laughed and congratulated them on hiding; apparently her mother had managed to somehow breath fire during her pregnancy as well. He knew just how terrifying it was to experience.

Note: Sorry for the delay, I came to a bit of block in where to take the story next. While I work on that I thought I would write a little something. Hope you enjoy another look into the past.