4 Big Brothers, 1 Little Sister

Chapter 1

The four boys will never forget the day that little Katie was born.

Kent Knight walked/ran into the kindergarten class room and walked over to the teacher.

"Kendall,James,Carlos,Logan grab your things your dad is taking you home." The teacher said the four boys looked up smiling grabbing their things and walking up to their dad they walked out of the school.

"Daddy are we really going home?" Carlos asked from James's back as James carried him.

"No son we're going to the hospital." Kent said loading the boys in the car then climbing into the drivers seat.

"Why?" Logan asked "Because boys.." Kent trailed off looking into the rearview mirror at the four boys to see their eyes filled with confusion "Boys remember Mom and I telling you about a new baby?" Kent asked the four boys nodded at the same time making their father grin "Well you're baby sister is on her way." He said the four boys cheered

Kent parked the car in a open parking space then opened the door for the boys they climbed out, Kent grabbed the boys hands as they crossed the parking lot and walked into the hospital and up to the front desk

"Jennifer Knight." Kent stated the nurse smiled and stood up guiding the family into a room labeled 1-13. There on a bed laided Jennifer Knight holding a little baby wrapped up in a pink blanket "Oh Jen, I'm so sorry I missed it. Traffic was horrible and the lady at the front office of the school won't let me take the boys out of school an-" Kent said walking over looking down at his shoes Jennifer smiled slightly cutting her husband off "Kent it's O.K you're here and you're safe that's all the matters." She said looking into her husbands eyes Kent smiled and leaned down capturing her lips

"Kids in the room!" They heard Kendall said they pulled away and Kent looked down at the little girl "So have you decided on her name?" Kent asked "Apple Charity Knight." Jennifer said Kendall's eyes widened "No we are not having a sister named Apple!" Kendall stated "Then what should her name be?" Kent asked the four boys looked at each other then grinned thinking the same thing.

"Katherine Abigail Knight.. Katie for short." They say grinning the husband and wife looked at each other then down at the little girl "What do you think?" Kent asked the still un-named baby, the little girl smiled "Katie it is!" Kent declared taking Katie out of his wifes arms and holding his little girl.. his only daughter.. He and Jennifer adopted James, Carlos and Logan at the age of 4 after a terrible car crash which James,Carlos and Logan's parents where in, Kent was happy to have four boys and a little girl and he knew that the boys would take care of their little sister.

"Hello earth to Big Time Rush." Katie said snapping the boys out of their flashback. "Yeah?" they said at the same time making Katie grin slightly "Mom's taking us out to eat let's go." Katie said the four boys got off the couch and followed Katie.

"Hey Katnip, How long did it take to get us out of space?" Kendall asked "Forever." The young girl groaned making the four boys grin shaking their heads. Yeah it was good they had their baby sister around.

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