4 Big Brothers 1 Little Sister

Chapter 3

Katie's 4 the boys are 9

Jennifer looked out the kitchen window to see her kids running around outside in the winter snow she smiled as Kendall picking Katie up to save her from James.

"I shall get the young girl and she will be mine." James said grinning poking Katie in the sides making her giggle "She's ticklish I see." Carlos says as Katie hid her head in Kendall's neck "You will not torture her I am the prince and the princess will not be punished." Kendall said as Logan toke Katie from him "No!" Katie screamed giggling as James and Carlos tackled Kendall into the snow "Carlos you hand him I'll handle her." James said getting up walking over to Katie, "No!" She screamed James grabbed her from Logan dropping her lightly into the snow holding her down tickling her making her burst into a fit of giggles, Kendall pushed Carlos off of him and ran over tackling James then picking Katie up running across the front yard and putting Katie on the front porch.

"I have saved the princess and now I must fight off the evil dragons." Kendall declared as he 'wrestled' the other three boys once they where 'dead' he walked up onto the porch and kissed Katie's forehead. "I have saved the world." Kendall said grinning.

A car pulled up into the front yard "Daddy!" Katie yelled and ran to the car, Kent got out and picked up the girl "Hello princess." He said picking her up "Come on boys let's get inside before we freeze." Kent said locking up the car and walking into the house. "Welcome home." Jennifer said as she pour the hot chocolate into the mugs "Hot chocolate?" Kent asked Jennifer nodded he grinned and walked over take a sip from his mug. "How about we get the fire going and get the marshmellows out and make some smores and watch some movies?" Jennifer asked as the kids cheered Kent put Katie down

"So kids tell me what were you playing out in the front yard." Jennifer asked as they sat on the couch watching a movie. "James,Logan and Carlos where the evil dragons and Katie was the princess and I was the prince, and I had to save the princess from the evil dragons." Kendall said eyes glued to the TV Kent grinned and shock his head the picked up Katie who was sitting next the Kendall and sat her in his lap. "So you were the princess?" He asked and Katie nodded "The princess is also very ticklish." Carlos said as Katie's eyes went wide, "Of course Carlos, all princesses are ticklish, I remember a queen who used to princess is still very ticklish." Kent said looking at Jennifer out of the corner of his eye "Who?" The kids asked "Well since Katie is a princess what does that make your mom?" Kent asked "Mommy?" Katie asked Kent nodded, James toke Katie away poking her and she giggled, "No! James don't!" The young girl squealed trying to push his hands away laughing,James and Katie feel onto the carpeted floor as James pinned her down tickling her, "I must save her!" Kendall exclaimed he jumped off the couch but was attacked by Carlos and Logan "No, the princess can't be saved!" Kendall said trying to reach Katie. Jennifer and Kent watched their kids

~two hours later~

"OK kids bed." Kent said the kids groaned. "Come on if you go to bed now I'll make pancakes in the morning." Jennifer said the kids looked up at her and ran up stairs climbing into bed. And soon all the Knights were asleep.

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