Katie's 15 and the boys are 21

"Oh really then why did we find these?" James asked as Logan showed the video on his phone of her singing and dancing around her room and then James pulled out the posers of Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner.

"Edited and those are Katelyn's." She said Katelyn was their cousin that was huge fans of Zac and Taylor.

"Hahaha, no we saw and found these with our own eyes." James said

"So you're going to try and blackmail me for me blackmailing you?" Katie asked the four boys nodded.

"This is so going to end badly." Katie said grinning as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Yes this will end badly, this will end with raspberries." James said making Katie eyes go wide.

"I don't like raspberries.." She said crossing her arms over chest mostly trying to make sure the boys don't attack her.

"Oh, look at that little Katie's scared." Carlos mocked.

"I am not." She said

"Then why do your eyes get wide every time I say raspberries?" James asked.

"Cause I don't let them, they're worse then you four tickling." She said

The four boys smirked.

"We've been tickling her and raspberry her since she was three you would think she would be amend to it." Kendall said

"It's horrible." Katie said.

"I can just poke you and spaz out into laughter." Logan said

"It's not fun." Katie said

"OK enough chit-chat, you don't release the pictures to the internet and the press we won't release the video and tell the world you are in love with Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner." James said

"What about the raspberries?" Katie asked

"Raspberries get to stay." Kendall said

"Nope raspberries go." Katie said then getting up running from the living room.

"You're just making this worst for yourself, Katie." Carlos said as Kendall grabbed her and threw her on his shoulder then walked into the living room.

"No, please don't!" Katie said as Kendall dropped her gently on the couch.

Kendall laughed evilly.

"No, Kenny please don't!" Katie pleaded with her eyes.

"Don't even try it Katie." Kendall said.

Katie watched as Logan,James and Carlos leaned on the archway.

Kendall turned around, "Are you three going to help me torture the princess?" he asked looking at the other three

Katie saw the other three smirk and walk over to the couch.

"So what should we do?" Carlos asked.

"Hold on! If I'm the 'princess' that makes you four the 'princes' if you torture me you become 'the evil villain'." Katie said.

"And how do you know this stuff?" James asked grinning

"English class learning about fairy tales and stuff like that this month, which I find very annoying." Katie said

"But what the teacher didn't tell you, all princes love to tickle their younger sister." Kendall said

"Oh really? Then has her facts wrong" Katie said

James grabbed her off the couch and held her bridal style.

"So I can just do this." James said lifting up her shirt just below her sports bra, leaned down, put his lips on her ribs and blew, making the young girl scream and burst into laughter.

Katie tried to push James' head away from her stomach only to be taken from James and into Kendall's and being dropped back on the couch and then all boys put their lips on her stomach and ribs then blew.

"OK! STOP! IT!" Katie yelled between her laughter.

The boys didn't stop for another good 20 minutes.

"I hate raspberries." Katie said as she curled herself into a ball.

"You know what's worse then raspberries on your stomach and ribs?" Carlos asked as he leaned over the back of the couch looking at the young girl.

She looked at him,

"What?" she asked

"Raspberries on your cheeks." Carlos said grinning then pressing his lips to her cheek blowing making a squeaky noise making her burst into laughter.

"Carlos, stop." She said grinning, Carlos stopped and pulled his lips away from her cheek.

"Come on we're going out to dinner." Kendall said leaning in the living room from the kitchen.

"I get to escort Katie!" Carlos yelled running upstairs

"No I do!" She heard the other three yell as they ran after Carlos.

"I'm escorting myself!" Katie said