Jackson Rippner watched Lisa as she struggled with the keys in her car. She seemed to be more nervous than usual. He had been watching her since soon after his release from jail, so he could see the difference. Ever since their first encounter she had intrigued him. And after he had explained to his superiors exactly why the Keefe assignment did not play out as planned, they became interested in her too.

Before, when he had been studying her from distance, he was uninterested. She had seemed simple, easy prey. A loner with strange habits and what seemed to be little to no connection to the outside world besides her family. She should have given up without a fight, but she did fight. With the same quick thinking and precise movements that had gotten Jackson his job.

When he had mention about stealing her he was not lying. He hardly ever lied. It just never suited his purpose. If the job had gone according to plan she might have been passed by, but, because of her actions, she had been noticed. Which was not always a good thing when it came to the people he worked for.

Even though she had caused a slight problem with the original plan, it did not stop the need for completion. The police could not connect him with the terrorist attack on the hotel, and the company had easily taken care of the attack chargers on him. And one failed attempt with a target that was dealt with soon after was not as life threatening as some other mistakes that had been made.

That must be why she is acting like this. He thought to himself, watching her glance behind her shoulder. She must have heard I was released.

When he attacked her he had made a mistake. A foolish, idiotic, emotion-bound mistake that he would be sure to never do again. He kept a grip on his emotions at all times. He never became angry with targets. It was just a job. But she had infuriated him, she had not only halted his usually flawless plans but also got the better of him. And though he hated her for it, he also admired her as well.

He would love to beat her around for a bit before he brought her in, but the company might not like damaged goods. Besides, they had professionals for that sort of thing. Still, there was something else about her that was different than the others. It was a new feeling. It was a challenge. Though he would never admit it, before he met her he was bored. People didn't surprise him like they should. He would love to learn what made this girl tick.

She made it into the car. She seemed to be unable to contain herself as she squealed out of the hotel parking lot. Must be running home to Daddy, He thought to himself and grinned as he silently started his car. Good, let her panic for a bit. She isn't ready yet.