He had missed her. The surge of emotion that came with the order to help in her "acclimation" was so strong he almost couldn't shut it down. He did not like that. He would not allow himself to be so compromised by something so simple and weak. When he had first arrived, he had already planned out just how to greet her. To wake her up with a knife against her neck, to remind her how much she feared him.

But then he saw her. She was sleeping on the floor of the bedroom. Her hand gripped around the handle of a knife from the kitchen. She had changed, hardened. Even in sleep he could tell the turmoil she had gone through the past months.

He didn't feel pity for her, or sympathy. He did his best to destroy that side of him. Instead, he felt a sort of...pride. She hadn't given up. She had made it this far. She had only confirmed what he had thought of her on the the flight. She was built for this. He left her there, asleep on the floor.

He wandered to the kitchen, and sat at the counter. He did his best to keep his thoughts from straying to the room in the back of the house, but it was no use. With a resigned sigh, he got up and started making breakfast. The kitchen was well stocked again. There was no confusing while he pulled out a pan from one cupboard and spice from another. Everything was where it had been when he had gone though his training. However, he did doubt that Lisa's experience was anything like his own.

Jackson felt, rather than heard Lisa's approach. He was not quite sure as to what she would do upon seeing him. She had plenty of choices; fight, flee, bargain. If only they hadn't ruined her. Made her into one of the mindless, simpletons the Council adored. Mindless killing machines were useless to Jackson. For much of the same reasons he loved the knife more than the gun. A gun was just a shaped piece of metal with the ability to throw stones, but knives were different.

Knives were personal, cuts were intimate. The feel of their blood on your hands, watching their life leave from their eyes. Just like that, both the killer and the killed were bonded forever. Unfortunately, that method was messy. So Jackson did not allow himself the time very often.

At first sight, Jackson's hope sank. If he allowed himself admit he had any. Her eyes were blank, her posture was that of an animal on alert. The knife he had seen before was held loosely at her side. "Morning Leese," He said.

She looked at him, watched him. He watched her. Then, with deliberately causal movements, she approached him. She took a seat at the table across from him, pulled the plate toward herself, grabbed the fork, and began to eat.

Jackson wanted to laugh. There it was, the rebellion and daring he had seen in her before. He should have known they could not ruin such a woman. He leaned back in his chair and watched her, studying how she held the fork like she expected him to attack her at any time, how she kept an eye on him even when she was eating. She hid it well, but no one could hide something from Jackson that he was looking for.

She finished half of the plate before she seemed to grow tired of the silence. Sitting up, she pushed the plate away from her. "What do you want?" She asked.

"So soon with the questions Leese? I am almost hurt, I thought you would want to savor our reunion." He gave her a smirk.

"As much as I would love that, Jack. Right now all I want are answers." She replied, icy cold.

He sneered at the name she used with venom. All right, if you think you are such a big girl. "I am here to train you."

She sneered right back. "Let me guess, you plan to throw me around for old-time's sake?"

"Nothing so mundane as that," He rose from his chair, walking toward her while keeping eye contact. She stood up with him, daring him with her eyes. "I am here to train you to use your mind. It is much more complicated than using sharp sticks to stab each other's eyes out. But are you ready Leese? I don't think you are," He tsked, his voice getting quieter as he drew closer until they were mere inches away.

She rose to the occasion. Pulling herself to her full height so they were even closer. "Don't underestimate me. I can take anything you have."

Jackson smiled, daring her to take it back. Then, catching her off-guard, he ducked down and kissed her. She couldn't stop herself from kissing him back. Pushing against his lips with her own in want. It lasted longer than he intended, and he had to physically push himself away from her before he lost control.

"Peachy," He said, walking away and leaving her to realize how she had given herself away.

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