I wince as I hit a wrong note on my piano. I sigh and restart, looking for the right combination for my project. I mean what kind of music teacher instructs his kids to create a full composition for the end of year project. A single suite maybe, but he's expecting us to be freaking Mozart's! Once again I strike a sour note and groan. I lay my head down rather harshly and the ringing of disconnected notes vibrates through my head.

"Ellie was that you?" My roommate, Landry calls.

"Yeah." I grumble. She appears with a bowl of something, stirring a wooden spoon like the future baker she wants to be.

"What's up? Trouble composing again?" she asks.

"When am I not having trouble with this stupid assignment?" I growl.

"Whoa, whoa. Don't bite the hand that feeds you Elle. And I mean that literally as I am the sole chef in this dorm room." She scolds kiddingly.

"What am I gonna do? I have to turn this in by Friday midnight and I'm only on my second movement!" I feel like I could cry. Other kids in my class are already done, or on their fourth movement.

"Hmm. Oh! I heard about this guy who gives really good advice about this kind of thing. Kiri was talking about him like he's some kind of god. One phone call and her project is in the bag." She explains happily.

"You're kidding! Oh please tell me you're not kidding!" I beg.

"I'll call Kiri once I've put this in the oven." She smiles.

"Thank you so, so, so much Landry." I grin. She nods and disappears back into the kitchen. I sigh again and look at my disaster of a score. It's been scribbled on, erased, crossed out, edited a million times, and it's still only two pages long. I can't imagine what the finished product will be, if I even ever get that far. I tinker around with a couple more phrases, but nothing seems to fit right. I can hear Landry putting her baked good into the oven and then setting the timer. Then she picks up the phone and dials Kiri's number.

"Hey Kiri it's Landry… Yeah, I heard… Oh, hey, do you still have the number of that consultant?... Yeah, she's been struggling a little… I dunno I think she's pretty good, but she really wants some help... Alright. Cool, I'll tell her. Thank you." She hangs up and comes back into the music room. She sticks her little sticky note to my unfinished score. I eagerly grab at it and pull out my phone.

"Thank you so much Landry!" I squeal.

"Yeah, you're on dish duty, k." she jokes. I nod, only half listening, as I punch in the numbers. The line rings for a couple of seconds and then someone picks up.


"Hi, is this Eric from the O.G consulting agency?" I ask.

"It is. And you are?"

"I'm Ellie Andrews. I'm a student at OSU and my friend recommended you for the end of year project that I'm struggling with." I admit. I'm glad the dude is on the phone because I am totally blushing due to embarrassment. I mean I thought this would be easy, but now I'm crawling for help like a dog with his tail between his legs.

"Oh yes, your friend Kiri told me a lot about you. She said you always have the most interesting comments in your music class." I can just tell he's trying not laugh.

"Oh. Well, do you think maybe you could help me? I mean I'm still stuck on my second movement and the project is due this Friday!"

"Sure, why don't we make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon? How's two?" he asks.

"That will be perfect, thank you!"

"No problem. I'll be in the music room with my last batch of students, but you're welcome to come in should you arrive early."

"Oh, you teach at OSU?" I ask, surprised. I thought I knew all the music teachers.

"I just started this semester. I used to teach in France." He explains.

"Well then you must be good. So tomorrow at two." I confirm.

"Oui mademoiselle." I smile to myself and click the end button. I sigh a heavy sigh of relief and shut the piano lid.

"So what's going down?" Landry asks as I pass through the TV room.

"We're meeting in the music room tomorrow at two." I explain, flopping down on the couch.

"I find it a little sad that you're making more business meetings than dates. I mean we're sophomores in college and neither of us have boyfriends." She murmurs.

"I for one don't have time for a boyfriend. Not with everything I'm working on. Maybe next year I'll post something on the common room bulletin board. Desperately seeking mate to satisfy lonely valentine. Oh yeah, we'll have a line around the block." She rolls her eyes.

"You don't need a boyfriend. You need a freaking psychiatrist." She mutters.

"I could have both." I shrug.

"Whatever." We sit in companionable silence for a long moment then I yawn.

"I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed." I announce.

"You won't get brownies until tomorrow." She mentions. I pause to think about what I want more. Fresh baked goods, some much needed sleep. Hmm.

"Eh. Just stick some in a baggie for me. Night!"