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"Manny!" came Spike's voice, her mother, "We have a special surprise for you!" after her yell, came Manny's step dad's soft laughter.

Manny skipped down the stairs fanning her face with an old ripped up Math book sheet. What? Is was summer anyways, and damn hot!

Manny then stopped in her tracks and screamed, at the front door, a model like blonde laughed, she had long blonde hair, tall lean legs and a body showing off a blue bikini for the summer and jean shorts.

"EMMA!" Manny screamed, it was her old friend. The two ran to another as Manny's parents grabbed Emma's stuff and they embraced another hard.

The two were best friends since birth, their parents went to highschool together, Caitlin and Joey.. but recently, the two have filed for divorce, so Emma was staying with them this summer. Thank goodness they were though, Emma was really affected by the contant fights those two had, and her mom was turning into a gold digger and still milking all Joey had, while Joey barely even spoke to Emma lately, and it hurt..cause Emma was always Daddy's little girl.

"why didn't you guys tell me she was coming!" exclaimed Manny, shocked but thrilled, keeping her one arm around Emma's tiny waist.

"Then it wouldn't of been a surprise." Joked Snake, smiling at how happy the two were.

Spike pointed out the door, "Get out of here women, you have summer stuff to do!" she joked as well and Snake smiled, kissing her head as they watched the girls squeal and run out the door.

Manny thankfully wore her pink bikini under her tank top and shorts as they were going to the beach.

They found beach chairs and laid on it as other teens tanned as well; some people were in the water, making sand castles with their kids.

Emma smiled while she put on her white sun glasses and sighed happily as she leaned back on her beach chair beside Manny.

"This is the life! Spending summer with my oldest bestfriend." She turned her head to Manny, "Who I've missed!"

Manny smiled adorably back.

Emma went on, "and no boys!" she said with much joy.


Sean Cameron stood at the beach bar, grabbing a beer with his friend Jay, they were like the other teens, enjoying summer and starting to get drunk.

Even though last year school should of been their last, ofcourse these bad boys failed a class or two so were going for one more year.

"on the house." Purred Ellie Nash, smirking at Sean Cameron. She was the one at the beach bar, and he was her favorite bad boy. Jay and Sean had differences..

Sean was a real 'if your down to fight I'll knock your head off' kind of bad boy, where Jay was just good with smart ass remarks and had wit. Jay also sleeps with tons of girls, but he did date some of them, where Sean continued to just sleep around, and never dated, not even if the girl begged him to.

When he turned he scanned the beach. If you ever wondered where to find girls, this was the place. Good old Wasaga. Not like Sean had to find them, they came to him.. but as he scanned his eyes scanned back and did a double take on a blonde tanning on a beach chair with Manny Sluto's from school-ahem, SANTOS, he meant.

Her body was sheer golden, he took notice as he gazed from her toes to those long legs, beautifully sized breasts being perfectly cupped by that blue bikini, and that long blonde hair.. she was blonde, Sean smirked, they were easy. Dumb as ever.

His buddy Jay took notice of him staring, Jay spoke up, "Incase you're wondering, that's Manny Santos." He said to Sean, "And back off, she's mine." Jay then thought, well..not really, but he's been trying for all of highschool, for some reason she had slept with everyone but him and it made him furious, yet.. he found himself infatuated with her ever since. He'd give up all the girls if she'd just give him the chance.

"That's not who I'm looking at." Sean simply shot back, eyes still on Emma though, wondering who she was.

"Oh, okay then." Jay simply said, taking a sip of his beer.

Back with the girls, Manny giggled to Emma's joy about no boys. She knew Emma just broke up with some guy named Kellie a few months ago, he was a real jerk.

"No boys!" cheered Manny with Emma until something caught her eye and smirked, "Except for Sean Cameron..whose staring at you right now." She couldn't help but point out.

Sean was hot, all the girls knew that, and ofcourse he'd be eyeing Emma, he loved his blondes.

Emma looked over at Sean, "Who is he?" she asked Manny and looked back to Sean to still see him staring, what the hell was he looking at? He then smirked and looked away.

Emma snickered, shaking her head. Pigish, evil, EVIL boys.

Manny shrugged, "Goes to my school, a real bad boy, that's Jay beside him..same deal." Manny said, trying not to point at Jay Hogart, she's been trying to resist him ever since he came up to her in grade 9. He literally asked her right there infront of anyone if she'd ever want to hook up. She resisted-erm, REJECTED him ever since.

"You hang out with them a lot?" Emma asked, standing up and fixing her bikini, she didn't want bad tan lines, "Why don't they stop staring?" she asked after noticing Jay doing it too.

Emma slyly grinned, was he watching Manny? Did they use to date? Emma wished she knew about Manny's life more, being best friends, but her parents never liked visiting anymore.. it really sucked.

"Maybe because you are like a bikini model, stepping right out of a magazine." Manny taunted jealousy but also happy for her friend, she'd love to have her body, though, Manny loved her curves, and so did other boys.

Back with the boys..

Jay crushed his beer and threw it onto the sand as one of their friends, Spinner, came running over wearing a divers suit.

He nodded at Sean, "You want to crash waves tonight still?" he asked.

Sean nodded, getting over watching the blonde, he'd pull his magic later, then get those long tanned legs wrapped around his waist too.

Sean and Spinner both suit up as they got on their sea do's, their bikes roared up and they took off into the ocean.

It was fun at first, crashing new waves and chasing another on it, knocking another off, until Sean's new sea started to freak out and Sean panicked for a second, but he was going to fast, and Spinner was about to crash into him, so he made it fall to the side into the ocean with a big crash, while under, the water pulled him under, he tried to swim up but it was too hard.

Back on the beach, Ellie saw everything and screamed, "Oh my god!" she pointed at what had happened and everyone looked, a life guard went running into the ocean and swam for it.

Emma and Manny were at the beach stand, Emma couldn't help but to worry, she was that type of person, worrying for people she didn't even know, she followed the red head who was serving them drinks, her name was Ellie, and she stood next to her, watching to see if Sean was okay. Sean's friend Jay came up from behind them and stared in shock as the lifeguard pulled Sean's body out, his eyes were closed and it didn't look good.

"Does anyone know CPR?" the life guard freaked out and laid Sean on the sand, jesus this was just a summer job! He didn't really know how!

Emma rolled her eyes at the dumbness of the lifeguard and ran to the guys side, she didn't want to go mouth to mouth to a guy that was eyeing her like meet a second ago, so she knew a trick to rub his side back and forth quickly til he woke, and spat out the water.

Which he did.

"Thank fucking God you asshole!" Jay sighed in relief, Manny gave him a look as she came jogging over.

Sean coughed up on his side until he leaned back on the sand again and breathed in air, feeling a smooth warm, soft hand on the back of his neck, the weight of another on his chest. It made him feel.. safe. This must of been the person that helped him, and as he blinked his eyes sorely open, he saw her, the blonde.

And she was no longer that blonde girl, she was that beautiful I can't believe you did that for me girl. Honestly, he didn't know anyone that would just jump out and help him out like that, other than the lifeguard but that was his job. This girl gave him the most beautiful worried look as he gazed up at her gorgeous features, cute botton nose, pink lips, heart melting brown eyes.

Sean was a little taken back, his heart was going crazy, and he already caught his breath..so what was this?

"Cam!" yelled Spinner, running over, "Oh dude man! I'm so sorry! Those waves came crashing"

Sean nervously sat up, the girl removing her hands off of him, to his displeasure. He couldn't shake this feeling off.. he looked up at her from sitting up and she was now standing, brushing the sand off her legs until looking at Manny and walking off.

Please look back, if she looks back..she cares.. Sean thought in his head, he frowned deeply, standing up, she wasn't looking back, but then, she tossed one look over her shoulder at him before walking completely out of sight.

His heart was going nuts.

He stayed at the beach that whole day, his friends had left, and insisted he go to a party with them at Jay's, but he was to in thought, almost dying, see that your life meant crap, and waking up to a Goddess with eyes he couldn't get out of his head.. that really got to you.

He stared off as he sat on the beach, now only in trunks, 6 pack and muscled arms showing off. He wasn't sure if he should be mad at Spinner, or thankful the ass made him see the light.. or maybe he should thank that girl?

And ironically, that girl was right behind him, Emma couldn't help it, she being the caring person had to ask if he was okay. Manny was getting changed back into her clothes as Emma already did, wearing a white shirt and jeans.

She's noticed girls eyeing the guy, who wouldn't? He was hot as hell, jizzeled everything, like the perfect moving statue. But Emma had always looked on what was on the inside, so she wasn't nervous to talk to him. Those eyes he gave her when he woke up.. there was something about it and for some reason, she wanted to see it again.

She bent down to Sean and asked, "Are you okay?" she noticed him looking out into the sea and waved her hand in his face before sitting down, "Anyone in there?"

Sean then took notice of her and blinked.

Emma teased, "Did you hit your head?" she noticed a small smirk peak out. Okay, she looked for what's on the inside..but that smirk was defiantly a turn on.

He finally looked at her and Emma gazed back into his eyes and saw it again, she loved seeing it, and smiled a little.

He smiled back slightly too and finally said, "Thanks..for helping me out there." He nodded to the water and back to her seriously, "Really." He then swallowed hard, "I'm Sean.." he couldn't wait to hear her name, finally.

"Emma." She said back with a nod, "And no problem." She insisted and joked, "You just owe me."

Sean gave a quick laugh before looking at the beach again and went into thought. Jay's party, he could bring her there, maybe that would give them a chance to talk more?

"Alright. Let's go." He said getting up and Emma blinked.

Wait, WHAT?

"Come with me." He declared, and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards his car.

Manny came out of the washroom just in time as they past and Emma yelped, grabbing her hand, and tugging her along too.

They laughed as Sean nodded to his red car, they got in.

Jay's party was huge, everyone there from school and other schools, some dancing, jumping around, even peeing on the wall.

Sean's closest guys were playing poker and he led himself and the girls over to them.

Spinner raised his hands and cheered, "Ah, the spirit himself." He joked, grinning to his boys, "This man had escaped death today."

"Yeah yeah." Sean said annoyed, pulling a few chairs to the table as they all sat down, music blasting around them.

The seat went him, Emma, Manny and Manny was left to sit beside Jay who she tried avoiding looking at.

"Final Destination Cameron." Jay joked to his best friend, shuffling more cards.

"Ahh, and the lady who saved him." Spinner took notice when Emma sat, and grinned looking at Sean as he said, "He can be such a damsel in distress."

"Shut up, Gavin." Snapped Sean, and it was serious when someone called Spinner by his actual name. Spinner couldn't help but smile and shake his head, he had to have fun with it, Sean had actually brought the girl over, he never did that.

Emma tried not to giggle either, some of it slipped out though, she could tell she'd get along with this Spinner guy, he was a funny..and seeing a built guy being called a damsel in distress that she had to save, was fun to think about.

Sean opened himself a beer, or so Emma thought until he passed it to her, on the other side, Manny jumped a bit when Jay smacked a shot glass infront of her and poured it.

"Easy." He teased Manny playfully, "It's not a knife, just a shot." He couldn't help but grin.

She rolled her eyes and smiled, easily taking the shot and raised an eyebrow at him as the guys wooed.

The night went on, and Emma found Ellie, the girl from the beach as Manny found her friends that she soon introduced Emma to. Darcy, Jane and Paige, Paige was a recent graduate, and she made jokes about Jay being a failure, Manny tried to shush her seeing him coming over, she knew why Paige ripped on him though, she was another girl he slept with and ditched.

Paige had good reason to hate, but for some reason, Manny couldn't look at Jay the way other girls did, she was around for his good side, saw his smiles, heard his jokes..

But maybe that was just because he hasn't fucked her yet.

Manny frowned.

Darcy's mouth fell, "Wow, Jay Hogart's coming over here." He usually didn't go to girls, they went to him and same went with his his little groups of bad boys..god they were such hunks.

"hey Jay." Jane greeted, he was atleast okay to her, she was dating Spinner.

Jay just nodded but his eyes and feet went straight to Manny, "You wanna dance?" he asked her quietly, and huskily.

Manny tried to hide her smile as her girls giggled and shook their heads at Jay's constant want for Manny.

"I don't know what you want from me, but you are probably never going to get it...stop tiring yourself..and me." She declared, eyeing him almost daringly.

He wasn't even offended, just merily shrugged and couldn't help but confess, "I'm just saying, we might be hot together." He smirked down at her, but his eyes held so much..promise.

Manny use to be wild, scandalous, a boy friend stealer if you must, so yeah she got turned on by that smoldering look of his as she finished the rest of her drink and laid it down, nodding frantically.

"Fine! You wanna be with me?" she barked, as if they were fighting and looked back at her friends, "Be right back."

Jay was a bit confused but let he tug him through the crowd, they went out a door and into a dusty garage with tools, a few bikes, an old couch..that Manny pushed Jay right to.

"The garage? Manny you romantic." Taunted Jay, turning before he sat on the couch.

"Shut up." Was all she said before kissing him, and it scared her, because it was better than she imagined, he wrapped his strong arms around her so tight she lifted up a bit, his tounge sliding in and attacking hers before they slowed down and pulled away breathless.

Okay, she wanted him.

"Take your pants off." Manny said, trying to hide the frown, they would do this, and he'd be over her.. it happened like this all the time.

"And the romance keeps coming." He said, not doing as she said.

She gave him a look.. but no one ever fought her on that part? Was he just stalling to let the satisfaction of finally getting her sink in?

She taunted him, "Are you going to do it or.." she drifts off, raising an eyebrow.

He did so back to her, "who said I wanted to have sex with you?" he asked, but not bitterly, softly.

Manny shook her head at him, she didn't hear the 'soft' in his voice though, too shocked and upset he sounded like he didn't want to, at all, ever.

"Manny!" he yelled but she slammed the door behind her and went back into the party, bumping into Emma.

Emma stumbled and giggled, standing with Ellie who carried Emma's booze since she couldn't anymore, drunk already.

Manny frowned "Emma! How much booze have you been drinking!" she asked, guiding the girl to sit down back at the poker table.

Sean looked up and looked between the two and at Emma, he was wondering where she went, all this hour he had been searching and se- just sitting here, not caring ONE bit about some girl.

Sean couldn't help but laugh at how she just smirked up at Manny like a bad girl and Manny scoffed, walking off.

I deserve to drink, Emma thought to herself, did anyone else know the pain during a parents divorce and the way they treated their abandoned kids?

"Here." Ellie said, giving Emma some water and then looked at Sean to smile, "Hey again." She teased.

Spinner was still there too, and eyed Ellie and back to Sean before smiling and throwing his deck in.

Sean's eyes stayed right on Emma, almost, hypnotized, but monotonely greeted Ellie back, "hi."

Emma couldn't help but run a hand through her hair and sit back up more at the table, letting her eyes fall back on Sean, trying to hide the blush that rushed to her cheeks when she noticed him already staring at her.

"Do..do you have more beer?" she couldn't help but ask and he laughed, sipping the last of his drink, he needed some more too.

Spinner snapped his fingers, "Uh, my room, down the stairs, in the basement.. there's a pack down there." He lived with Jay, and that was his spot.

Sean nodded and grabbed Emma's hand, they tried to be sneaky about it so no one saw they were getting more beer and come with them, Emma laughed with him as she closed the door behind him. He had to admit though, it was more wanting Emma alone then keeping the beer to just them.

They closed the door behind them which had a Pokemon poster on it.

"Spinner..is a pokemon fan." Emma joked, walking down the rest of the stairs as Sean looked for a light, she stumbled a little bit as he still had her hand and didn't warn her that was the last step.

She yelped loudly but he caught her, turning fast and grabbing her quickly and intensily looking into her eyes to see if she was okay. She could only see a little, by the street light right outside Spinner's window were passing the blinds, leaving just lines of light to see Sean's beautiful eyes..and mouth.

They both couldn't stop the feelings rising up in them, the craving to just crash lips together and do it like animals right there. Both of them were stirring a fire up inside another, full of want and need.

And again, that's just what they did.

Sean leaned down, kissing Emma deeply and she balanced herself up again while kissing him back, wrapping her arms around his neck while hearts were racing like no tomorrow. Sean walked forward a few steps, slowly, with her still in his arms, she whimpered softly into the kiss, as if a silent protest that they should stop, but neither did, and he kissed her deeper, until they made it to the bed. He didn't push her down on it though, which usually he would with a girl, do his business on top, in control, then go.

But he just stopped kissing her, breathless, and leaned his forehead down on hers, catching his breath, inhaling that sweet vanilla scent. She opened her eyes finally to see him looking at her with such certainty, he then sat on the bed and looked up at her, softly now, as if it was her decision.

Emma couldn't help but to silently question the fact he must of done this to other girls.. so why look so caring? He flung these girls right out of bed after they were done, she heard from Ellie. And why was he looking like she was in control? He defiantly was, she's only done this once with Kellie..

But the booze was stiring in her, and Emma did the favor of removing her shirt and biting her lower lip when she saw the way his soft gaze turn so..hungerily, gazing down from her eyes to her chest, belly botton, and then her waist..which his hands slowly gripped until pulling her in as she put one knee on the one side of him, her other to the left of him.

He kissed her again as she pressed against his manhood while sitting on his lap and she giggled lightly when he groaned. She was teasing him. Her hands went between them and broke off the kiss. He admired her as she took off his belt and unbuckled his pants herself.

Wasn't long at all for him to quickly get naked, then getting her stripped too, down to the very last lacey thong. They made out with him on top now as his hardness pressed against her now and then, as he suckled down her neck, she moaned and bit her lip nervously, she couldn't see, but he felt big. Her legs were already around him so it wasn't hard for him to slip right into her, even when he didn't mean to yet, but Emma cringed and shut her eyes tight, whimpering loud.

He was defiantly big, question answered.

She had tears a little on the corner of her eyes as she opened her eyes, his head hung down near her neck and he whispered such soothing things, it actually made her feel better, and she wasn't the one to be calmed down so easily.

She breathed a bit heavily and he as well, feeling her so tight around him, it wasn't until he moved slightly and she moaned that he knew it was alright now, but he gave her the control of doing it when he grabbed her waist and upper back, flipping her over as rolled onto his back and she yelped but he smirked a little, her hands falling onto his hard chest. She already moved down on him from that impact, and he was already in bliss, and clenched his teeth, almost closing his eyes to the greatness he felt inside her.

She loved watching him as she moved down and up slowly, both panting, Kellie was a poor lover, but Sean? Sean let her be in control and let her see how much she was pleasing him, and god, he was pleasing her, he knew just when to catch her off guard and press up into her out of nowhere a bit hard, but not brutal, completely pleasurably, and sent her crying out a shriek of pleasure, she came once, and he was sure he was going to come again soon, and he was going to make her too. This was the first time he actually cared for the girls pleasure, i mean girls loved sleeping with him, he was mighty talented, but this time he took the time and focused just on Emma more than himself.

He loved her sighs, her pleas, her screams that brought him over edge..

Her body arched forward, her cheek resting on his chest as his hands gripped the back of her thighs, pushing into her again as they both sweat, overwhelmed by the last orgasm but ready, yet fearing the next one..with good reason. Emma trembled and shook as she came again, digging her nails down his chest and giving a loud long whimper that turned into an exotic squeal, until she calmed down, he cried out when he came hard too and ran his fingers through her hair softly when she collapsed on him, both eyes closed as they were breathless. He opened his eyes as if that were just a dream but happily still saw her in his arms on top still, finally breathing normally but looking exhausted, he smirked, knowing he did that, she wore that tired satisfied grin because of him, but she also wore him out. Jesus she was great..

He tightened his arm around her slim waist, right below the curve of her back, his other hand still caressing her hair slowly. They passed out right there.