This is my second Bastion fanfic!

I guess I did decide to write another real fluffy fanfic. This one is more one-shotty and focuses on Zulfy and the Kid. Even if you haven't finished the game, don't worry! There are basically no spoilers! In Ruck's point of view again! Please read and review! (Dedicated to my friend, JinxletandCake!)




Feels like the Kid's jostlin' in his sleep again.

Don't blame him,

The night terrors love pickin' on him.

I'd say this was the second time this week this had happened.

Too bad it's only Monday.

Usually, Zia goes up to check on him.

But today, Zia's catchin' a break.

Zulf wakes up and runs to him.

He shakes the Kid and wakes him up.

I see the Kid's wide open eyes, terrified and teary.

Zulf leans in and sits on the edge of the Kid's bedroll.

He leans the Kid's head to his chest.

Zulf allows the Kid to stay there, tears fallin' as Zulf hugs him.

Neither of them are much for words.

But the silence ain't awkward at all.

After a while, the Kid is able to calm down.

He and Zulf just gaze out into the distance.

The Kid falls asleep.

Zulf carefully maneuvers himself so both of them are under the Kid's bedroll.

He kisses the top of the Kid's head and falls asleep.

I watch them for a while, their chest fallin' up and down.

I smile, and go to bed.


A while later, I wake up and Zia's already started her cookin'.

She's quietly makin' some breakfast for the rest of us.

She glances over at Zulf's bedroll.

Then at the Kid's.

She don't say anythin'.

She merely smiles.

She finishes whatever's in that pot and takes a sip.

Content with the taste, she crashes her ladle against the side of the pot and yells that breakfast is ready.

I watch as the Kid and Zulf get up.

The Kid automatically goes and gets dressed.

Zulf just walks over, bedhead and all.

The Kid emerges and we all take a seat round' the pot.

Zia smiles at the boys,

"So, how did you sleep?"

Kid's head looks up and he looks at her, right in the eye.

He responds his pillow could have been softer.

Zulf goes pink.

Ending's a bit aprupt, but I guess I like it that way! Reviews are welcome! Anons are turned on and everything! Even just a "I liked it" works! (But still, longer ones would make my day!)