Thanks for being my beta


New York City
Three Years Earlier...

I walk around The Natrix Club on the hunt for a new submissive. It's been two months since my last one left. I need control, I want control. No one here is even remotely what I want. Displeased, I leave the club and walk down Fifth Avenue pulling my coat around me.

I walk into Starbucks deciding on a late night coffee. As I'm entering, I bump into a young lady. For the briefest moment our eyes meet and there is a connection. I must have this girl. As that thought runs through my mind, I turn to see her but she's gone. Disappeared. I head back out to the sidewalk, nothing. Argh! How am I going to find her?

I return night after night to the same place I saw her. Six nights in a row. I'm sitting in a corner watching people come and go. It's getting late. I decide to call it a night. I've had enough coffee as I swallow the last of my cappuccino. As I look up she's standing there ordering at the counter.

I've sat here contemplating different scenarios on how to introduce myself. Accidentally bumping into her again, pretending she dropped some money or just plain out saying hello. As I'm internalizing these thoughts I see someone standing in front of me. It's her.

The rest of my future has never looked more certain.