It's a beautiful day! To Sabrina it shouldn't be. The day you bury the person you love most in the world it should rain. Yet she is standing in an exquisite garden cemetery surrounded by people and a priest paying homage.

Sabrina's husband Paul has passed away. At the funeral attended by many friends and family, Sabrina is steadfast but lost. She is supported and comforted by her two sons; Jimmy and Paul Jnr. As the funeral concludes and guests start to depart Sabrina notices a familiar face over by a tree watching proceedings but staying removed. Suddenly it dawns on her that it's Kelly Garrett. Sabrina pulls herself from her sons embrace and moves towards Kelly calling her name.

Kelly hasn't seen or spoken to Sabrina in years and she is reluctant to to talk to her today. When she see that Sabrina has noticed her she waves and quickly turns to leave. Sabrina is taken aback by Kelly's actions and stops dead in her tracks. She'd been so pleased to think that Kelly would be there for her today of all days. Still she had long given up on trying to understand her best friend and some of the things she did. Despite this she found herself watching as Kelly walked away.

Suddenly Kelly slows down and turns back to Sabrina. Certain that Sabrina is watching her she taps her hand to her heart and smiles sadly to her friend. Sabrina is overwhelmed by this simple yet powerful gesture. As Kelly again turns to leave Sabrina whispers "thank you!"

"Mum is everything OK? you look like you've seen a ghost!"

Sabrina is startled by her sons presence, she didn't realize he'd walked up beside her.

"I just did" she replies. Jimmy looks at her confused. At his puzzled expression Sabrina finds herself smiling. "It's OK honey, it was just an old friend!" With that Sabrina lets Jimmy wrap his arm around her and walk her back to the car to leave.

It's been a couple of days since the funeral and Sabrina knows she can't put off starting to go through Paul's things. She decides to begin in the attic. It's less personal. She can't bear the thought of going through their room at the moment. While she is pottering away she stumbles onto a box of keepsakes she's stored from her days as one of Charlie's Angels. As she opens it she warms to the memories, flicking through photo's and letters. Sabrina sits with the box and continues to study items. It's then she notices a letter from Jill. As she looks at it she realizes it's the last time she ever heard from her. Overcome with memories and a tinge of sadness, she opens the letter.

Hi Bri,

I hope married life and being a mum is agreeing with you. I'm so sorry I missed your wedding! The photos you sent were lovely! Hey, Jimmy must be nearly one now?

I've been thinking about home and I really miss you all. How's Kelly? Kris doesn't say much anymore; what gives there?
There have been some interesting things happening here. You of all people should be able to figure my puzzle of a life. So what's with this picture?

I've met this guy; Georgio Carezna. His name might sound familiar. He's the nephew of Anton. Remember him? He kidnapped Kris to take revenge on me for supposedly killing his son. Anyway; Georgio's dad Philippe took over as head of Wyncott Industries; and Georgio works there! It's ironic, Anton would have loved Georgio. Unlike his son, Georgio is right into fast cars, planes and boats!

I can't say too much but Georgio is dashing and dangerous! He's involved in my racing team so I see him around a bit. He has this boat called "Rush" It reminds me of that boat that Charlie had. What did he call it "My Ex for Tea"?

Sabrina pauses and looks around the attic - frowning "My Ex for Tea" she wonders! She shrugs and continues to read.

Remember he always said the name had something to do with his ex wife. Boy that boat was bad wasn't it?

Bri, I'm not sure if the chemistry is there – but I'm stumbling along! When you're talking to Charlie and Bosley, give them my love and give Kelly and Kris a hug from me. All this could be more than I can handle so if things fall through with Georgio; I know you'll all be there for me.

Lots of love to you and everyone back home,


Sabrina re reads the letter. That look comes over her; that one of recognition that there's something going on in this letter; something written between the lines!

She checks the stamp date on the letter. It's dated 18th March 1982. Bri stops and goes through the box again – deliberately looking for something. She ultimately finds Jill's funeral details. She notes the letter was written to her three weeks before Jill died.

Sabrina realizes with devastation that Jill is sending her a message and asking for help. She is shattered, she realizes that all those years ago she missed all of Jill's clues and has totally ignored her coded plea for help.