Kris, Kelly and Sabrina walk into the Townsend office. John and Bett are waiting there for them. Kris; high on emotions runs over and hugs them both. "Hi Bett; John, it went like clockwork. How can I ever thank you both?" Bett is delighted, "I'm so pleased." "Thank you for all your support. You've done a great job. That awful man is going to jail for the rest of his life and that's not long enough!" Kelly extends.

John is animated, "That project was a real buzz! I'd love more work like that." Sabrina laughs "Oh no, oh no; my heart couldn't take it." Bett looks at them all "well I've got to get back to the office. " John agrees "yeah there are some things I need to do there too." Kelly frowns "don't be silly. Stay and celebrate with us or least take the rest of the day off. You've earned it!" Bett hugs Kelly, "another time, looking at Sabrina and Kris; "this is your moment Ladies."

Bett and John make their exit. Kris goes around and sits on the lounge. "I can't believe we pulled this off, I really can't." Sabrina ads, "the thing I was most nervous about today was the package getting to Wyatt." Kelly looks at Bri, "and there is no way Wyatt can trace it to us?" "No way," Bri smiles "that John is a very clever young man." Kelly breaks into a cheeky smile, "Ladies, I don't know if I should tell you this."

Sabrina has moved to the bar and is pouring coffee, Kris strains in the lounge to see Kelly. Kris asks "what?" Kelly opens her hand bag and pulls out the papers she took out of the vault draw. Sabrina becomes animated, "Is that what I think it is? Kelly nods, "Yep, it's the formula!" Sabrina lights up "way to go! Kelly."

Kris looks at them confused, "hang on, why didn't you send it to Wyatt with the package?" Kelly looks at her, "someone in the government will figure out the formula; but I don't know…" Kris catches on, "you didn't want to make it easy for them; did you?" Kelly looks pensive, "no I didn't, haven't we all seen enough death and destruction to innocent lives?" Sabrina supports her, "couldn't agree more Kelly."

Kelly gets up and hands the papers to Kris and passes her some matches. "Kris, you get the honour; for Jill." Kris takes the papers and sets them alight. She drops them in a waste paper basket and they watch till the flames go out. They are laughing and enjoying the moment when there is a knock on the door.

Kris, assuming it's John or Bett that has come back shouts "it's open." The door opens tentatively and Pip Markson enters. Sabrina is caught off guard, "Pip, ah… hello." Kelly says nothing but gives Sabrina a lethal stare. Kris, seeing the resemblance cottons on to who Pip is. She moves to welcome their guest, "Hello; I'm Kris. Would you like a cup of coffee?" Kelly turns her harsh stare on Kris.

Pip sniffs and becomes aware of the odor of fire. "Hey is something burning in here?" Kris responds, "Oh it's nothing, we were just having fun with some old files. You're safe it's out!" Pip goes on, "Oh, OK. Listen, I'm sorry to just show up like this. Kelly I hope I haven't upset you?" Kelly is a little reserved and cold, "it's OK Pip, who are you after?"

Philippa looks around and then back at Kelly, "Well you actually; you and Sabrina." Kelly becomes annoyed, "OK I know; Sabrina showed me the file. I'm just not ready to deal with any of this." Sabrina jumps in to stop Kelly saying too much, "Kelly; stop! She doesn't know." Kelly looks at Sabrina, "oh; OH! Pip you must think I'm a crazy woman?"

Pips looks from Kelly to Sabrina and back at Kelly, "it's OK… Actually Sabrina didn't tell me anything; but I do know. I knew as soon as we met and I heard your name." Kelly's guard goes back up, "I've had a lot to deal with these last few weeks and I'm sorry I'm just not ready." Sabrina looks at Pip, "How on earth did you find us?"

Pip looks at Sabrina, "the security man Kelly sent over told me where I'd find you…" She looks back at Kelly, "I understand, it's just your security man helped me open a small safe that belonged to dad. Anyway; there were some things in it that belong to you." Tentatively Pip walks over to Kelly.

Kelly is not sure what to make of it all. "There was this photo." She hands it to Kelly. That's your mum and our dad; it says on the back that this is your christening. That's you as a baby Kelly!" Kelly starts to get emotional as she examines the photo. Kris moves beside her and puts an arm around her. Pip continues, "I think Dad always hoped we'd be a family one day… Actually, Trevor our brother and I were both christened in that gown. So were all our children."

Kelly just sits in silence trying to take it all in. Pip ads more, "There are also some letters and papers addressed to you. I haven't looked at them…" She hands them to Kelly. "Look you may not be ready for our family; you may never be and that's OK." Pip is struggling with her own emotions, "it's entirely up to you. But you should have these; they belong to you."

Kelly softens, "Pip, I'm sorry! I felt a connection, I did. It's just I need some time, I hope you can understand?" Pip seems a little relieved, "of course! I just want you to know that if and when you're ready you have a family who would love to meet you; to get to know you!" Kelly gets up and goes to Pip; she takes her hands "I'll contact you I promise." Pip smiles, "when you're ready; no pressure!" she turns to Sabrina, "Thank you."

Sabrina is surprised at how emotional she is finding this exchange, "Hey; this is a real nice thing you've done Pip. Thank you." Pip looks at Kris as she leaves, "it was nice to meet you." Kris gives her a warm smile, "you too!" When she's gone Kris turns back to Kelly, "Hey, you have a sister; I can't believe how much she looks like you." She laughs and puts a friendly arm around Kelly.

Kelly is in shock. "I guess I do. Do you really think she looks like me?" Sabrina joins the conversation, "Oh yeah!" Bri picks up the photo of Kelly as a baby. "How'd such a beautiful baby end up looking like you?" She laughs and Kelly and Kris do too. Sabrina goes on, "hey Kel, you're going to have to help me fit in when we meet all your new family." Kris laughs, "that's right; me too."

Kelly laughs with these two women; she realizes these two very dear friends. "I've really enjoyed this week; I'm going to miss this." Kris responds, "maybe the work but not us; no more being a stranger." Kelly realizes she doesn't want to lose contact with her friends again, "OK, I want regular catch up's and even the odd girl's weekend away. What do you think? Kris laughs "absolutely." Sabrina who has been quiet quips "definitely!"

Kris looks around the office, she begins to feel quite sentimental, "well I guess this is it then; case closed! Charlie and Bosley would be proud." Kelly becomes concerned for Kris, "are you OK?" "Yeah I am. I really feel Jill's at peace. It's thanks to you two! I'm very grateful she had you both in her life." She smiles "and that you're my friends too; of course!"

Sabrina smiles at Kris but is feeling very uncomfortable. She looks at both Kelly and Kris and realizes she needs to be alone. "Well there's one last thing I have to do. I'll see you both at dinner tonight." She gathers her things to leave but before she can get out the door Kelly covers her exit. She grabs Sabrina's arm gently, "Thank you for everything you've done; for Jill and Kris and especially for me. Sabrina pulls away; forcing a smile "You know me Kelly, just keeping busy." She leaves.

Kris looks at Kelly a little surprised, "Where do you think she's going?" Kelly looks at her, "I know exactly where she's going!" She picks up the phone and dials Bett. "Hi Bett, I need my driver over here right away. Can you organise a picnic dinner for three and put some of our best and chilled champagne in please, It's urgent!" When she hangs up she turns to the photo wall. She grabs the picture of Charlie and one of her, Kris Bri, Jill and Bosley.

Kelly looks at Kris, "come on let's wait downstairs for the car." Kelly heads out of the office. As Kris leaves she stops and scan's the office one last time. She pauses on the photo wall and finds herself thinking of their times together when they were young. After a long moment she reluctantly turns off the lights.

Sabrina is kneeling in a beautiful garden cemetery. She places the huge bunch of flowers she has besides Jill's head stone. In the background Kelly's car pulls up and she and Kris get out. They quickly unpack their supplies. The girls move up behind Sabrina but Kelly warns Kris not to speak yet. Sabrina stands to leave, she doesn't realise the girls are behind her.

Sabrina starts to bid Jill farewell, "Hey Jill, I know you're looking down with that fabulous smile wondering what took me so long… I don't know why I didn't see it. I am so; so sorry!" Sabrina hangs her head; tears are streaming down her face. "God I wish you were here. This last week with Kelly and Kris has been amazing." She wipes her eyes and blows her nose. "If I'd just taken more notice of your letter… We got him Jill and he'll pay but it feels so empty!" Can you ever forgive me?"

Kris gently taps Sabrina on the shoulder and not realizing anyone was there, Sabrina jumps out of her skin. "Oh sorry Bri, I didn't mean to scare you." Sabrina sucks in air torn between her emotions and the fright she has just received. She wipes her eyes. "What are you doing here?" Kelly looks at Bri, "I knew this is where you'd be. We wanted to be with you." Kris looks at Sabrina in earnest, "Bri, this isn't your fault and if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have pinned Karezna."

Sabrina is still struggling emotionally, Kris continues "if Jill were alive today she'd be goofing around and giving you heaps! That was Jill but you know what else? She'd be so happy that she brought us back together." Kris puts a friendly arm around Sabrina, "she's here with us now I'm certain of it." Kelly ads "it's alright Sabrina I promise."

Sabrina looks at Kelly and Kris, "thank you, it's just been really tough; you know?" Kelly hugs her, "I know." They find a nice piece of grass beside Jill's resting place and unpack their picnic. Kelly pop's the champagne and Kris and Sabrina start unpacking the food. Kris puts the photos up. They get settled with their food and drinks.

Kris picks up her glass to make a toast, "to Jill." "Bosley!" says Kelly. Sabrina chimes in "to Charlie." They each take a sip of champagne. Kris turns to Kelly, "So when's the big date with Alan? You have called him haven't you?" Kelly laughs, "I cheated I got Bett to do it; but yes where having dinner next week." Kris laughs "that's great I expect to hear all about it."

Kelly laughs and leans against Kris, "to friends and family." "I'll drink to that" Kris laughs and pushes back in fun. Sabrina shakes her head and smiles; she feels a weight lifting, "friends and family!