Seung Jo wakes up in bed, staring at the ceiling. He has done it. There's no turning back. Hours earlier, before he went to sleep, he bravely stood, soaking wet, in front of his parents, Eun Jo and Oh Ha Ni's father. "I want to marry Oh Ha Ni," he said.

Of course, he is not doubtful. He knew deep in his heart that he loves Ha Ni. In fact, Ha Ni is his first love and he never felt something like this before. He feels clueless and nervous but he likes it. He loves it.

He gets up, washes and gets dressed for school. While wearing his uniform and looking at the mirror, he smirks. "Ah, Seung Jo, " he thinks, "You're an engaged man now." He gets down the stairs to eat breakfast and there he sees his fiancée, the famous Oh Ha Ni, eating her toast. He sits beside her.

"Omo! Look at you two!" Mother says. "You're really perfect for each other! Wait, let me get the camera. I need to take a picture of you two as an engaged couple!" Mother disappears. Seung Jo just sighs. Mother is being herself and more. She's way too happy and excited.

"S-seung Jo, would you like some pancakes?" Ha Ni shyly said. She handed him a plate of pancakes and Seung Jo looks at her. He can clearly see that Ha Ni is blushing. He just grins and says nothing. He takes a pancake and eats anyway.

After breakfast they make last minute preparations. Mother fails to find her camera tells Seung Jo to take the car so that Ha Ni and him can go together. "I will find the camera later, I promise!"

While in the car, neither says anything. It is still a bit awkward for them that they are already engaged. After around fifteen minutes of driving and complete silence, they arrive to school. After Seung Jo parks the car, Ha Ni finally says something.

"Seung Jo, last night, did it really happen?"

He is a bit surprised but he realizes that Ha Ni must be shocked until now. "Is that how poor your memory is? You cannot remember what happened last night"

"I mean, did you really propose? Did we really… kiss? In the rain?"

"Oh Ha Ni, really?"

"I mean, you never really took notice of me. It was always me who comes after you."

"Here we go again. You really want me to prove everything?" Seung Jo slowly leans towards Oh Ha Ni. He gives her a soft kiss on her lips and puts his hands on her cheeks.

"Now did I prove it to you?" And then Ha Ni gives him a hug.

They get out of the car to go to class. Seung Jo tells Ha Ni that they must keep their engagement for a while. He doesn't want him and Ha Ni to be talked about. Ha Ni nods her head.

"I'll go to class now," Ha Ni said. Seung Jo is about to leave to but Ha Ni holds his arm and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Ha Ni smiles and leaves him for class. Seung Jo stood for a few seconds and then smiles. He makes his way to his