"WOW, that was close!" Taiyo breathing hard, while Kyousuke sat down for a rest. If it wasn't for the badly fall back then, their wouldn't be hear trying to hide from the others. Taiyo's heart still beating fast, from running and embarrassment.

'How did we ended up fall down back then?' Taiyo wondered, with a blush on his face.

For Kyousuke, it was a big relief for him because they gonna practice the dance again, which is B.A.D! He didn't wanted to be tortured, waving his hand around like an idiot!

"Kyousuke … are you alright?" Taiyo asked the other boy, he tried not to looked at him because if he did then Kyousuke would able to saw his blush.

"I'm fine, but you got to be careful next time Taiyo!" The navy-hair boy huffed, making the sun boy laughed. Kyousuke stared at the boy, he looked pretty when he's smiling …

'Wait! What am I thinking?' The Ex-Seed blushed red, he couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. This feeling had been driving him insane right after the first he saw Taiyo. Do you think is a love-at-first-sight? It sure looks like one for me!

The sky was just perfect for a walk, it also easy to be loved by many people. Including the duo that were walking in the woods. Duo of the event that happened that afternoon, the two had to wait for a long time to made sure that the others forgot what happen.

Taiyo pulled out his Ipod from his sleeve, he brough it with him everywhere he go. He couldn't stand a day without music running his head! As he pulled the ear phones out, pluggin one into his ears. Kyousuke asked to listen with him:

"Oi can I listen with you?" Kyousuke asked, the sun boy nodded and hand Kyousuke the other earphone. They were listening to 'Out of Town Girl' by Justin Bieber, the navy-blue hair boy snorted. He doesn't like the Canadian Pop Star (but I'm a belieber) like Taiyo. In fact Taiyo was a Belieber, so he would listen to Justin Bieber most of the time.

"Kyousuke what's wrong?" The orange-blond notice the navy-boy shook his head. He realized that Kyousuke don't like JB.

"What's wrong? It because of the singer you're listening to!" Kyousuke replied, he glared the other boy his famous 'cold' glared.

"So who do you like then!" Taiyo challenged.

"Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj"


Taiyo felt like he was dying, the cold Ex-Seed could possibly like those kind of music and singer? Okay Taiyo does like some song by Chris Brown and Nicki minaj like Super Bass and Don't Wake Me Up, but Kyousuke?

"What? Too surprise?" Kyousuke grinned, leaving Taiyo speechless for a few second.

"Yes, a lot!"

"Haha I got that a lot!" The navy-blue laughed, Taiyo is now more shocked. Did Tsurugi Kyousuke just laughed?

"What?" Kyousuke asked in annoyance, staring at the other boy.

"No-nothing …" Taiyo trailed off, he could remember the last time Kyousuke laughed. Last 8 months or something? Suddenly, the butterflies had come back to him once again.

'Shit not this!'

Taiyo tried to be calmed, but only a few second later he blushed as red as tomato. He couldn't hold it back in his heart, it kept hurting if he didn't.

"Hey, how about we listen to another?" Kyousuke asked, Taiyo nodded but he looked away and changed the song.

"How bout' Live my Life?" Kyousuke nodded, and turned away.

I'm gonna live, my life

No matter what we party tonight

Kyousuke felt like singing, this song had been his favorite for since. Whenever he listen to the son he would dance and sing no matter what.

I'm gonna live, my life

And I know that we gonna be alright

Hell yea dirty bass

Get'out girl you drive me craz'

Hell yea dirty bass

" This beat make me go WOW, this drink make me fall down" Taiyo was surprised that Kyousuke sang, he was more surprised because Kyousuke's voice is good!

"I party hard like a carnival, let's burn this motha down!" Taiyo continued the song, the navy-hair boy looked at him with a stunned face then a smile.

This bass make me

Go ache (Ache)

This girl circus so late

"You're that telly cake, with a cali shake. I got dough, who's down the fake" Their both sang, enjoying the song. But for Taiyo who doesn't know why Kyousuke sang, the other boy sang it for him.

'I think I love you … Amemiya Taiyo …" Kyousuke sighed, he finally realized it. It made his heart felt so light and fresh.

Oh oh oh oh my, dirty bass

Oh you got it like that

I can work that back

Let me get that

(get your ass on the floor)

"Oh oh oh oh my, dirty bass. Oh you got that small"

"I can break that off. Let me get that"

"Get your ass on the floor!" They both shouted and laugh, Kyousuke had never had this fun before. Especially with Taiyo, but it doesn't matter now.

'He's really cute' this time Kyousuke didn't deny the feeling at all, it seems beautiful for him.

"Kyousuke I think we should go back now it's getting dark!" Taiyo said, but before he could said anything else. Kyousuke had ran back before him.

"The last one back will be dancing the song 'Star Ships' for everyone!" Kyousuke turned and shouted, making the orange-blond mad and started to ran after him.

"No way I would! YOU WILL TSURUGI KYOUSUKE!" Taiyo shot back, still running and he was about to caught up with the other boy.

Time Skip to when they reached back

"Damn it we both got back in the same time!" Their both groaned, glaring at each other. They missed the chance to watched the other one dancing.

"Tsurugi, Taiyo you guys are back in time!" Tenma exclaimed

"Yeah" Taiyo search around the room, but he didn't found his sister at all. Only Hakuryuu and Shuu were there.

"Um… Tenma where's my sister?" Taiyo asked

"Oh she come back to the present already, she said that you, Hakuryuu and Shuu could continued the mission with us!" Tenma said, but he couldn't hold it but jumped around. Taiyo and Kyousuke sweat dropped, the soccer-freak will never change.

"Ok …."

Time Skip to Mid Night, Taiyo's POV

I couldn't sleep , at all. The butterflies were still there and it's getting annoying, but I couldn't move around much because I was in-between Tenma and Kyousuke. Did I tell you that Tenma made very loud noise that I could stop him, both I and Kyousuke tried a lot of ways but we ended up ignored Tenma because it's no used.

"Taiyo, are you still awake?" I turned around and saw Shuu standing in front of me.

"What are you doing in the middle of the night Shuu?" I asked him in annoyance, he just smirked at me a little.

"Got something to talk with you" He said, he signaled me to followed him, so I did. You can never know what the Ancient Dark captain would do.

As we were outside already, I couldn't help but stared at the night sky. It was so beautiful full of stars, unlike the present.

"So … Taiyo I heard bout' what happen this afternoon, Tsurugi actually did that?"


Another heart attack from Shuu, why do he always like to surprised people with shocking question? I mean I never guessed he would ask me that!

" You-you know?"

"Of course I know, me and Hakuryuu saw the whole thing!" He said WHAT! HE SAW THE WHOLE THING? …. Hope no one video it and upload it into YouTube … oh what an idiot am I? There's no internet in this period of time, how the hell they suppose to upload a video?

"So … Taiyo … do you feel any strange feeling for Kyousuke?" He asked

"What do you mean by that?" OK … I think I made Shuu mad, he was staring at me like I'm a idiot or even a stupid ass. (Who's know?)

" Oh my god … ok do you have butterflies when you're around Kyousuke?" WHAT? THAT! What do he mean?

" …. Um …. Yea …" I replied, it seems that my answer had made him happy!

"OMG TAIYO YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH TSURUGI!" Shuu exclaimed … what? How could that be possible? I mean ok Kyousuke's nice, funny, cold sometimes, like teasing me and …


It's that all the things that I like?

"Well …"

'I think I love you … Tsurugi Kyousuke …"

To Be Continued …