Chrono Stone of Love chapter 5: The First Piece of My Heart

It was the dead hell match; it was actually a soccer match between Raimon and Protocol Omega 2.0. It was an intense till death match to everyone, now you could saw Nobugada sweat dropped. The Raimon team sighed and trying to close their ears like nothing happen. But now …




It turned into a glare match

"Will you two stop for now? WE HAD A SOCCER MATCH HERE!" Kurama yelled, but it didn't work at all.

"Um … captain … it's enough" The members of Protocol Omega 2.0 sweat dropped at their captain, Beta.

"NO WAY I'M LOSING TO THIS SUCKER!" The boy from Raimon's side, Fey Rune yelled.

"AND NO WAY AM I LETTING YOU DO THAT!" Beta shouted, and the glares still went on.

"I give up!" Hikaru whined as he went over somewhere else withour those 'childish rivals' over there.

"How did this turn out?" Kirino sighed

"Let's see …"

Flash Back half an hour ago~

"Fey~" Beta sang as she went closer to Fey

"What do you want?" Fey glared at her, he never like the girl. Well soccer was one of the reasons, but there's another reason.

"Oh don't be mad, I'm sure Alpha still remember you" The teal girl smirked and grinned at the boy, she knows what she's doing. And I'm telling ya she gonna went over limit. Oh wait! She already did!

"Shut up ya asshole" Fey point out right away, since Alpha got replaced. He never had the cheerful feeling anymore, he needs the purple boy.

"Won't do that, because you should know that Alpha loves me" Beta smirked deathly at Fey, making the boy mad. And when Fey's mad …




Don't even mention that …

"OH you're asking for a casket Beta-Bella!" Fey shouted, everyone just stared at him. Why he would call his rival Bella? Bella means beautiful in Italian, but Fey doesn't … Wait …

"D.O.N.T E.V.E.R C.A.L.L M.E BELLA! ONLY ALPHA-KUN COULD CALL ME THAT!-" Beta paused right away, since she finally realizes what the heck she just said.

"Alpha …"


Deadly silence passed through the whole bamboo stadium, it was deadly enough for people around them to be scared. Beta and Fey stared at each other, knowing that none of them would let this go that soon.

Flash Back End

"That's how this happen" Tenma sighed, watching the duo fighting over there still having a cat fight.

"OI, DON'T TAKE THAT!" Beta as Tenma and the others turned around, and saw Fey calling Alpha through the micro that Beta had.

"Alpha, if you don't want to see me again then I'll marry Tenma" Fey said as he threw the micro to nowhere that it would be found again.

"HEY!" Beta ran after the micro, its precious to her. Very indeed.

"Tenmaaaa! I'M SORRY!" Fey ran up to Tenma and cried, Tenma understand. Fey was only joking about it, because he knows that the future-trouble-boy loves the purple boy.

"It's ok Fey, its ok" Tenma patted the boy's head and rubbed it slightly. When Fey was still grumbling about how he's sorry for saying those pathetic words. He never notices that Alpha was behind him and Tenma was staring the ex-captain of Protocol Omega with a sweat dropped on his face.


Fey turned around, and like what we could guess. He was pretty stunned, also with regretted from his mistake. He just stared at Alpha for a moment, and tears started to fall again down to his wet cheeks. Tenma walked away, letting the duo alone for a while, because he knows that it would only be solved by them.

"Fey Rune, why did you say that?" Fey shrugged, he don't know how to response and he don't know what could happen next. He felt scared, but glad to see the taller boy again.

"I-I was …" Alpha just stared at Fey, deadly silence washed again …





"WHAT!" Fey blushed red, staring at his loved one. He can't believe, he was actually jealous! He had told the purple boy that he would never be jealous because of Alpha, but … well that something we couldn't be sure just by saying.

"Admin it you're" Alpha said calmly. But before the future tealnet boy could said anything. There was a loud scream came from behind them, as their turned around. It was Taiyo, clenching on his right chest, where the heart was placed.


"Taiyo, please wake up!"

Tenma, praying with his heart jack hammering in and out for his best friend to woke up from the coma. The match had to end due of the fact Taiyo had passed out. Everyone were there, watching him fainted down, clenching on his heart.

"How is him Fey?" Kariya asked him worried

"His heart rated is back to normal, but …" Fey trailed off the setences, he doesn't want to said the next words.

"But what?" Tenma glared the future boy deathly. But he took it back; he didn't mean to scared the tealnet.

"His soul is not there"

The mystery was created; Taiyo's soul was not here anymore. But he still breathing, Tenma had gone crazy about it.

Wait …




Where's Kyousuke?


Aoi: Sorry but this is the end, I'm writing the sequel right now!