Hello, this is a new story! This story is based on someones real dreams, and has some true life events:

- instruments, cooking ability etc

- Allamanda is the pretend name of the actual dreamer

- reviews are accepted greatly

Allamanda & Sarah were in the airport messing around with bricks seeing how many they could lift at one time; Allamanda dropped one on her head and got knocked out, her body fell on the suitcase mover to the x-ray! The group 'The Midnight Beast' was watching the two girls muck about from a distance but when they saw what happened they ran to the rescue!

Stefan went to jump into the x-ray to save Allamanda while Dru and Ash stayed with the extremely worried Sarah. Allamanda woke in shock to see that she was in the man of her dreams arms! She quickly kissed the handsome man's cheek and stuttered to say a cutely worded thank you. Allamanda stared into Stefan's gorgeous brown eyes and smiled. Stefan set Allamanda down gently while noticing that Sarah's mood calmed and she was too busy talking so much to Dru! 'The Midnight Beast' boys missed their flight back to London, England. Everyone sat at a little café near the airport. Sarah, Dru and Ash went up to the counter first to get everyone's tea and muffins as Stefan wanted to stay with Allamanda sitting because he wanted her to sit in case she felt light headed and also because he couldn't be bothered to get up. Stefan asked for one peck on the cheek once again because he thought it was really cute but when she went to kiss his cute little cheeky cheek he turned his head to get a peck on the lips which he did get. Allamanda sat still for a minute staring to the eyes of the one she had heart for and the one who did turn his head as he was staring into hers. Dru said to Sarah that he knew what was coming next as this was something Dru was easily good at picking out. They peeped over to see that Stefan and Allamanda began to kiss.