It was a week later, Stefan arrived at Allamanda's house to tell her they need to chat! Stefan and Allamanda walked around Foyleside Shopping Centre just talking for a bit, Stefan turned around and began saying that The Midnight Beast needs to get back to work and back home. They cuddled and walked around town hand in hand whilst Dru and Ash were left tidying the completely trashed apartment!

That Night Stefan, Dru and Ash were in their temporary apartment that was still not tidied and had pizza sauce stains well rubbed into the carpet! Stefan was making something, something different, something that he has never done before! He made two ribbon rings, one for himself and another one. He sat there thinking about Allamanda in sadness.

It was the next day he phoned Allamanda to meet him at the airport so she went. Allamanda saw the band sitting there looking very upset. Stefan stood up, he came over for a kiss and a cuddle, they cuddled for a minute in silence. Stefan let go he gave a small smile then there was a worried look in his eyes as he kneeled to the ground and pulled out the ribbon rings and he said 'Will you be my girlfriend and no matter how far we are apart?' Allamanda went teary eyed and said yes as he put the ribbon ring on her finger, Allamanda took one and put it on his finger, they both promised never to take it off, not even for a music video or pictures! Allamanda and Stefan cuddled for fifteen minutes while talking and crying on each others shoulders! Stefan and the band had to go so he got up and kissed her fairwell!