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He is Castor Finnick Mellark,son of Katniss and Peeta Mellark, and she is May Primrose Mellark,daughter of Katniss and Peeta Mellark.

She is a baker,like her father,and a healer,just like her dead aunt. And she is proud of it.

He is an archer,just like his mother. And he is proud of it.

As this story begins,Castor and his mother are hunting in the woods outside of District 12,their home. Suddenly, Katniss stops and puts one finger to her lips,just as Cinna did to her,many,many years ago.

He is about to question his mother,but then two deer,a buck and a doe,shoot across the clearing to their right. He shoots the buck,and his mother catches the doe in the throat. Katniss just smirks. "Hunter's senses,Castor,you gotta love em'." He shakes his head and hauls the buck over his shoulder.

Later that evening,when they are all well-fed and well-rested,May pulls him aside. "So,Castor. Daddy told me what happened in the woods today." A smug smirk is on May's face. "Bet that taught you not to mess with mom,huh? Learned that lesson a long time ago,Castor." Even though she is only 16,two years older then him,she never lets him forget it.

The boy with the blonde hair and grey eyes stomps off while the girl with the dark hair and blue eyes still has the same smirk on her face.

A few weeks later,Annie and her son,Nick,come to visit. May is constantly badgered about the fact that she has a crush on Nick. He is nineteen,three years older.

When Annie and Nick visit,Castor normally slips up to his room while the adults talk and May and Nick "talk". But today,he decided to join Nick and May outside. He was confused when all they did was actually talk.

Until May asked Nick if she could talk to him. So,he quitely followed him,using his hunter's tred. He smirked when he thought of the advantage this gave him.

So,when he followed them into a shady grove of trees and hid behind a thick brush patch,his heart stop when he looked up. Nick and May were kissing. No,not normal kissing,like making-out kissing.

He ran home as fast as he could. And,when he got home,he told his parents like the fourteen years-old old teenager he was.

He busted through the door screaming at the top of his lungs,"Mom!Nick made out with May!" Annie was staring at him,Peeta was grinning,and Katniss was just smirking. "Well,yes,Castor. I suppose that's what sixteen and nineteen years-old boy and girls do."

Castor threw up for exactly seventeen minutes and twenty seconds.

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