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I really don't know how it started. She is my best friend. We have talked, laughed, had sleep overs and even slept on the same bed. We have hugged, leaned on each other for support on cases, cried on each other's shoulders and provided warmth and comfort for each other. We would go shopping together, tease each other and shared all our previous experiences with or exes both the good and the bad.

When she first joined the team, there seemed to be a wall that shielded her. She did not trust easily. She only showed what she wanted everyone to see but hid her true self. When we got to know each with time she started opening up. Soon enough she began telling me things I knew she would never tell anyone. Then one day she told me she trusted me. I was so grateful. I felt so special. It was a great deal coming from her. Now we are almost inseparable. I am the only one who truly knows her. I am the only one who can see through the walls and compartments.

I have always thought she was beautiful. Honestly who wouldn't? The long dark hair, those deep brown eyes, that amazing smile and how it seemed to light up her whole face and make her eyes twinkle. Not to forget she has the most amazing laugh. I could just sit and watch her for like…what…forever! she is just so amazing. She has a great personality. Yes the real Emily is a softie and just so sweet. I have lost count of the small gifts I have got from her when she had 'just thought of me when she saw it' or 'how she thought it would match my eyes'. No one has ever been so caring and loving like she is to me. I don't doubt she could take the bullet for me nor do I doubt I will for her. I know. It does sound crazy. I thought so too.

I used to just see her as my friend or maybe a sister I never had. One to gossip and talk with when we are on cases. I was surprised to find we have a lot in common which meant spending more time together. Of course before she came and even know I am best friends with the tech goddess but there is a level where me and her meet and a void that she feels that the tech goddess cant. We see the horrible stuff together. We fight the unsubs. We see the other held hostage. We see the other fall to the ground after being shot at. That alone makes the bond tighter than any. She ha told me she is scared of losing me and I have told her the same. The emotions shared make us closer than me ad Garcia can ever be.

Now I am so confused. Like I said I don't know how it happened. I just woke up one day and realised I was deep in love with my best friend. now every look and smile I get from her makes me tingle. Every touch makes me feel tingly. I don't know where it came from but know I dream of her every night. Of course I used to dream of her but not her and me naked making me scream. This is bad I know. First neither of us is gay. Second she is my best friend and I never want to lose her but then I have to tell her. I can't take it anymore. I have done a lot of thinking about this. I have to tell her. I get up and make my way out to look for her. I find her by the coffee machine. She looked so amazing I just stood the awed. When she felt my presence and turned my heart nearly stopped when I liked into those brown eyes. I nearly fainted when she blinded me with her gorgeous smile. I mentally shook my head to be able to think straight. "hey you ok?" I heard her ask.

"Yeah. I am fine." I said a little too quickly. "

"Are you sure?" she asked again looking at me intently.

"Yes. I am." I said nodding as if to prove a point.

"ok then." she said. As she turned to go to back to her desk I found myself calling her. she turned and looked at me. Well it was now or never. She could sense my nervousness because she narrowed her eyes. I realised I was pursing my lips (something I always did when I am nervous). "can I take you out to dinner tonight?" I said in one breath and waited. I looked at her. she looked a mixture of shocked and amazed.

"Are you asking me on a date Jennifer?" she asked looking at me her voice with a hint of amusement. Yeah I forgot to say. She is the only person who calls me Jennifer and I absolutely love it. I love the way she rolls my name on her tongue.

"Yes." I said in a small hesitant voice that was surely not mine! I sounded pathetic and hopeful. I didn't realise she had closed the distance between us. I felt her hand on my chin and I lifted my head and looked into her eyes.

"I would love to go on a date with you." She said softly. I looked into her eyes. Did I see a twinkle? Is that a twinkle I see? Was that happiness in her eyes? My heart filled with relief and joy. I was going on a date with my best friend. I watched her a she walked to her desk. 'She said YES' my heart sang. I was so happy. Well I don't know how it happened but I am so glad it did!

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