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"So here we are." said JJ as she came to a stop at Emily's door. She turned and looked at Emily. "Here we are." Said Emily and they stood there awkwardly for a while both of them not wanting the night to end just yet. "Uhmm would you like to come inside and hang out for a while?" asked Emily shyly. She didn't want to take things fast for JJ.

"I would love to." said JJ her smile sweet and shy. JJ sat on the very comfortable couch and smiled as Emily handed her a glass of wine and then plopped on the couch besides her. They talked and laughed and before they knew it, they had almost finished the bottle and it was really late.

"Oh my will you look at the time! I didn't realise we talked that much." said JJ as she looked at the watch. She loved being with Emily like this, talking, laughing, stealing kisses and not having to hide the glances and touches. She was really so happy they were together and she never wanted to leave or the night to end. It was just like a new territory but with a certain familiarity. They had only changed the title from best friends to girlfriends.

"I will drive you home." said Emily rising and helping JJ out of the sofa. "You don't have to Em. I can manage." said JJ looking at Em. "So you have to go." said Emily more a statement than a question. She was now standing so close to JJ she could feel JJ's breath. She felt the blonde shiver and she knew JJ was affected by her just as she was affected by JJ.

"Yeah. I have to." said JJ softly her heart beating fast. Having Emily so close was making her almost unable to think well. It was made more intense by the knowledge that now she could do something about it.

"I don't want you too." whispered Em on JJ's ear sending shockwaves down JJ's body. She was getting so worked up she knew if Emily didn't stop she certainly wouldn't leave the condo. Not that she wanted to. If she were honest to herself, she knew she wanted Emily. In every way and so very much.

"I never want this night to end." said Em

"I don't it to end too" whispered JJ and pulled Emily in for a kiss which soon turned slow and passionate. JJ wound her hands around Emily's neck her fingers threading into Emily's thick silky dark hair. Emily out her hands around JJ's hips and both pulled each other closer as their tongues fought for dominance. Hands soon started moving as their arousal deepened. Emily knew she had to stop or else she wouldn't be able to. "We have to stop Jen. If we don't I won't be able to stop." she said softly looking into Jen's eyes as their foreheads touched and breaths came in gasps.

"I don't want to." JJ said echoing what Emily had said earlier. She didn't want to stop and looking into Emily's desire darkened eyes, she knew she wouldn't. She knew they had just had their first official date but she knew Emily and they had been dating anyway. She didn't see why she should stop when Emily clearly wanted this as much as her. She pulled Emily in for another mind blowing, knee weakening kiss.

"oh God." moaned JJ as Emily's lips left hers to trail a hot path of kisses down he neck. She stopped at the shoulder blades and looked up and said "are you sure?"
"definitely." said JJ. "Then I have to do this right." Emily said and took JJ's hand and led her to the bedroom.

They stood at the edge of the bed facing each other and then Em leaned in and kissed Jen. The kiss was slow and passionate and left them so breathless. Em trailed her lips to Jen's ear where she whispered "I want to make love to you." JJ's breath hitched as the power of those words take effect. God knows how long she had wanted to be like this with Emily. She only nodded in agreement as she was suddenly unable to talk. Emily gently pushed Jen onto the bed and they lied on the bed. Em took her in her arms and kissed Jen passionately before crawling on to her hands and knees. She looked straight into Jen's eyes she slowly unbuttoned her blouse kissing each piece of flesh exposed to her. Jen rose quickly to take off the shirt. She lay back down as Em leans forward to kiss her mouth briefly then travelled down her neck eliciting a gasp and moans. She moved down till she came to her white lace bra.

"vous ëres belle (u r beautiful) More than in my dreams." Em said and Jen shivered. God the way she spoke in French…damn…and the way Em looked at her like no one else has. Emily's eyes were so dark with desire and love that JJ shivered. Em moved to hold JJ's breasts in her hands gently massaging them feeling the nipples rise in responds. "Oh God!" JJ said closing her eyes as she forced her chest upwards seeking for more. Emily leant forward and took one nipple in her mouth as she pinched the other still in a bra. JJ hissed as she felt heat and wetness flood her core. The hell she was still clothed yet she felt she could come there and then. She pulled Emily up for a searing kiss where Em removed her bra and then Em pulled back and looked at her. "Si belle (So beautiful)." she said looking at her half naked form. The need to see her naked made her move to JJ's jeans and she unzipped them and took them off. She was now left in a matching lace panty. She moved upwards nipping and sucking at each piece of skin making Jen whimper and moan. "Em!" she sobbed out as Em feasted on the perfect breasts. "hmmm?" she said moving to Jen's neck. She was truly making love to JJ's body and JJ had never received such attention before it blew her away. "I want you baby." She sobbed "I want to see you."

Em smiled sexily, rose and took off her clothes as Jen removed her panties. JJ groan as Emily's perfect body came into view. "You are so beautiful Emily" she said. Emily was everything she had imagined and more. They kissed passionately and Em shifted and pressed her thigh into JJ's wetness instantly being coated. God she is so wet. "Oh my God, Em!" JJ screams on contact grinding herself on Em's leg. Em kissed her way down JJ's body seeing how desperate JJ was and she hovered over her slick opening taking in the dizzying addictive smell of her sex. "sent si bon (smells so good) She slowly licks causing JJ to tremble and clutch her sheets. She continued to lick and suck as JJ's moans increased. She brought her fingers and she entered JJ slowly. "You feel so good baby. So good!" said Em feeling the tight wet heat. JJ cried out "Oh my…Yes!"

Em moved slowly in and out and JJ matched her thrusts "Faster Em….It feels so good!" Emily increased the speed and JJ's hips matched her. Jen lost her ability to form words as she clutched the sheets and screamed "oh yes…oh my God…yes…so good…oh my God…oh my God…oh my God...EMILY! She tried to raise her head and see Em but fell back her losing herself in the sensation when Emily sucked the small bundle of nerves. Suddenly her orgasm hit her hard. She froze her hips suspended in the air her eyes rolled in and then she screamed as she came apart in Em's mouth flooding her with juices she laps up happily. She trembles in a post orgasmic mess as her sweat covered body collapses onto the bed her eyes closed unaware of the world around her as she gasps for breath.

Emily moved up and gathered her in her arms and kissed her softly. JJ moaned and opened her eyes lazily and she smiled. "Hello." Emily said softly. "That was so amazing. I have never come like this before. It was mind blowing" "I'm glad. I wanted our first time to be amazing. I love you Jen." "Hmm I love you too." She said and they kissed passionately before Jen got enough energy to let Em see the stars she saw.

"Wow!" said Emily after JJ made her see stars. She was unable to talk much let alone think as she gasped for breath. "Yeah" said JJ still breathless. Making love to Emily was amazing. The way the brunette cried, moaned and spoke her voice husky. The way her body shivered, bucked and trembled under her touch. she was surprised at how Emily's body responded to her touch and when she came…it was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen and she realised she was falling impossibly deeper in love. "I have wanted to do that for a long time now." confessed Emily once she got a voice. "Me too." said JJ and pulled Em for another kiss. She was addicted to Em's kisses already. Kissing Emily was officially her best hobby. T

They looked into each other's eyes. "God you have such beautiful eyes." said JJ looking into the dark eyes. "Really?" "They are amazing." "Yours too." said Emily and JJ smiled. Before she could stop it Emily said "You really have a beautiful smile. It lights up your eyes." she said and JJ blushed. "You look cute when you blush." Em complimented again. "Em!" said JJ blushing more. "What? Can't I compliment my beautiful girlfriend?" "Hmm that sounds nice." "What?" "You, as my girlfriend." said JJ smuggling into Emily's arms breathing in her scent. "Yeah. I can't believe it." said Emily still awed by the fact that JJ was hers.

"So should we tell the others?" asked JJ. "We can I want to give Hotch proof we can work together so maybe after a case if that's ok with you." "It is perfect." said JJ smiling happy to lie in Emily's arms. She never wanted to leave.

They had fallen in love with their best friend. They didn't know how but all they knew is they never wanted to let go. Ever!

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