Juudaime's Mine!

Summary: Tsuna meets a shady salesman, named Rokudo Mukuro. He tricks him into buying a human-sized robot. Not noticing that, he actually chooses the most troublesome and clingy robot. Main pairing 5927, One-sided 8027. Slight 6927. Based on Zettai Kareshi, with a twist of my own crazy ideas. A bit of angst. AU.

Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Humor

Disclaimer for the whole series/chapters: KHR and Zettai Kareshi… no, I don't own them. Never. If anything, I would like my own Knight~ *heart*

This fic is dedicated to WhiteAngel128.

Beta'd by: WhiteAngel128. Credit to Kim-chan for the suggestion of the title. Maybe I'll change again the title later on.

Characters' ages:

Tsuna: 14 years old.

Gokudera (robot): Looks like 14 years old in human age.

Yamamoto: 14 years old.

Hibari: 16 years old.

Kyoko: 14 years old.

Mochida: 16 years old.

Mukuro: 26 years old.

Chrome: 24 years old.

Ken: 25 years old.

Chikusa: 25 years old.

Reborn: 27 years old.


Inside a room with complete lab equipment, four figures were watching every movement of their lab rat. The 'lab rat' was a fine young man with silver hair and emerald green closed eyes. They watched as the young man stayed still in the capsule-like bed, frozen by the dry ice.

The pineapple-haired young man in his twenties adjusted his glasses as he read the daily report that was currently in his hand.

"So, how was he?" the man asked a man with glasses and a barcode on his cheek.

The barcode man pushed his glasses up before he spoke out, "Well, looks like his ninth owner couldn't stand his feisty nature. So, he decided to return this product. He also reported that the No. 59 nightly series is a failure."

"Hmm…" the first man mused as he glanced at the sleeping young man in the capsule. "Such a troublesome robot."

"Sure indeed!" the blond-haired man yelled. "This is the ninth time already and he still couldn't find a steady owner! Neither woman nor man could accept his fierce nature!"

"B-but, he's a pitiful robot…" a timid voice said from the corner of the room, a girl with the same hairstyle with the first man.

"Ah, Chrome-chan… I know you pity him, but if he couldn't find his tenth owner then we'll have to deem him as the failure and scrap him." the pineapple man said, shaking his head.

The girl named Chrome sniffed a little. "Poor bomber-san…"

"Stupid woman! You don't have to pity him!" the blond-haired man yelled again. "He deserves what he did!"

"Ken…" the barcode man sighed. "Stop yelling. It hurts my ears."

"Chikusa, you bastard!" Ken yelled again.

"Stop it you two." the pineapple man said.

"Mukuro-sama." the three chorused and fell into silence. Though, they acted like that, bickering and yelling – which was mostly done by Ken – they really respected their leader.

The man named Mukuro sighed before he smirked in delight. All his three workers sweatdropped when they saw that cunning and sly smirk. That meant Mukuro was up to something. They shuddered in fear. Whatever, the man's thoughts were never good and they pitied the person who would fall into his trap.

"Kufufufu~" Mukuro laughed, his mismatched red-blue eyes glinting deviously. "If there's no one who will choose him then we just have to choose a target and make that person sign an agreement with us. If we're lucky, then he would choose silver-kun."

Chrome's eyes practically lit up. "T-then… we don't have to scrap bomber-san?"

"If we can find the new owner, then... no." Mukuro smiled at the shy girl.

A light smile plastered on her face, hugging the dark blue-haired man with mismatched eyes, she said happily. "Thank you, Mukuro-sama."

All the while, Ken was seething, seeing the girl practically hugging his boss. No one was going to hug his boss. Especially that stupid woman! He glowered. "Stop hugging Mukuro-sama, stupid woman!"

"Ken," Mukuro warned. "Manner."

Like a puppy being scolded by its owner, Ken backed down and walked away. He however stared at Chrome and muttered string curses silently from under his lips.

Chikusa just sighed. "Well, Mukuro-sama, did you find the new target?"

Mukuro smirked as he typed something on his laptop. Chrome had left him and was doing her own job. Sitting in his comfy chair, Mukuro's smirk widened when he saw the data of his new target. Below was what was currently on his laptop screen:

A picture of a young teen of about 14 years old with spiky brown hair and large, doe-like honey eyes with a face that could make any girl feel challenged in the battle of utter cuteness.

Name: Sawada Tsunayoshi

Nickname: Tsuna, Dame-Tsuna, Tuna

Age: 14 years old

School: Namimori Middle School

Crush or Love Interest: Sasagawa Kyoko (Additional info: Sasagawa Kyoko likes Mochida from third year)

Father: Sawada Iemitsu

Job: The CEO of CEDEF (Additional info: The international corporation, the main branch is in Italy)

Mother: Sawada Nana

Job: Housewife

Sibling(s): None

Current living state: Living alone since his parents went to Italy for a year to deal with the company.

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