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Chapter 4: Juudaime!

Ding Dong!

"Coming!" Tsuna shouted to the oncoming person as he stuffed a piece of toast inside his mouth.

"Hey, where are you going?" the silver head asked while he eyed the rushing brunet. He was now sitting leisurely on one of the couches.

Stopping on his track, the small boy stared at his companion before he spoke in a rush manner – taking the toast out of his mouth. "Ah! Gokudera-kun, I almost forgot you're there!" he squeaked. "I'm going to school and you're staying in the house! Don't go anywhere when I'm not with you, okay? Bye!" he said, stuffing the toast back into his mouth before he rushed to the front door, where Yamamoto was waiting for him.

The humanoid just grumbled in his seat, muttering string of curses. He glared at the boy before he opened a mystery magazine that he bought yesterday - more like he'd forced his owner to buy him one.

Meanwhile, Tsuna had appeared in front of door, opening the door for his best friend. His smile widened as he saw the baseball boy.

"Yo! 'Morning!" the baseball lover grinned.

"Ah, Yamamoto…'morning," Tsuna smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I was late." He mumbled in between his lips with his mouth full with a piece of toast.

"It's okay! Come on! We better move or Hibari will bite us to death." Yamamoto laughed and pulled the small boy out of his house. He smiled when Tsuna squeaked in fear at the mentioning of being bite to death. Secretly, the sportsman smiled in joy at the close contact.

"You woke up late again?" he asked while they walked en route for the school, hands were held together. Yamamoto smiled, blushing because their hands clasped together. It was a rare moment for the baseball lover to be this close with his crush.

Yes, he loved his best friend.

He loved Sawada Tsunayoshi. Since, the first time he knew the small brunet, Yamamoto had fallen in love with him. It was not just because he was so cute and adorable, the boy was also kind-hearted and never liked it if others were troubled because of him.

Unfortunately, the brunet loved Sasagawa Kyoko and the fact that the boy was straight stopped him from telling his feelings to the boy. A tug on his hand, breaking him from his thought. As he glanced to the side, a pair of huge honey eyes was looking at his own brown orbs.

"Yamamoto? Are you okay?"

He laughed, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. Smiling, he said, "Maa, Tsuna…why are you asking me that?" his eyes twinkling mischievously.

"You looked…" Tsuna trailed off, trying to find a good choice of word. "I don't know, but…you somehow had this distant gaze…"

The baseball boy just smiled. That was another one point that he loved about the small brunet. His keen eyes, even though, sometimes – or maybe always – Tsuna was too oblivious to everything. Laughing, he grinned. "Ah, there's nothing wrong. Come on! We only have five minutes left!"

Then, he pulled the unsuspected boy's hand with him and ran towards the school. Tsuna who was surprised could only gasp and scream when they almost collided with a car. The black-haired teen just laughed, saying it was just a car, still running towards school with Tsuna in tow.

In just a few minutes, the two boys arrived at the school. Yamamoto grinned as he saw the small brunet panted, breathing heavily. Patting the back of Tsuna's small back, he laughed. "Ne, Tsuna," he laughed lightly. "You know what, I think you should participate more in PE class seeing that you're easily losing your breath."

The small brunet groaned in annoyance. Really, his friend was annoying. Though, he loved…ah, no! Though, he liked the baseball idiot – this was the secret that Tsuna sometimes called Yamamoto as the baseball idiot – it was annoying when he made a joke of his stamina. Just when he was about to retort, a cold and emotionless voice called out to them.


Both males froze in their place. Tsuna gulped down in fear. He knew that voice, it was Hibari Kyouya, the school's disciplinary head. Slowly, he turned around and met with a piercing, cold blue-gray pair of eyes.


"What are you doing chatting over here?" Hibari asked as he eyed the two students.

Yamamoto laughed nervously. He knew that Hibari was dangerous and couldn't be played with. "Maa, maa…Hibari, we're done chatting and are going to head to our class. You don't have to bite us to death." He said rather quickly, made a grab for Tsuna's small wrist, and ran for their class before Hibari could pull out his tonfa.

Tsuna 'eep'ed in surprise when the baseball lover towed him to class 1-A.

Meanwhile, the prefect just stared at the escaped herbivores and turned around. Well, the two weren't late and there was no reason for him to chase after the two boys. Walking back to the school gate, he stood there with his tonfa, waiting for the late-comers.

And to make sure that…these school law-breakers should be bitten to death.

While the school was going on normally for the two boys, at the Sawadas' household, one humanoid that was wearing a pair of ripped jeans and gray t-shirt grumbled in annoyance while flipping the pages in the mysterious and unidentified magazine that he had forced his owner to buy for him.

He had been reading the same magazine for many times already and now, he had nothing to read. He had switched on the television, but all the channels were boring and mostly were the shows for housewives and for fuck's sake, he wasn't a housewife!

"Tch! What a stupid channel!" he cursed loudly as he again switched the channel on the television and presented with the cooking channel. Switching off the electronic device, the male robot threw the control remote to the couch next to him in irritation.

He was boring and very, very irritated. There was nothing exciting to do and his owner didn't provide him with any entertainment except money.


Gokudera smirked. Why didn't he realize or remember it earlier? He had his own allowance money, courtesy of his owner. Smirking to himself, the silver-haired robot walked to the couch where he had slept last night and picked up his wallet. Maybe, he should buy something that could calm him down.

He mused as he tried to remember the thing that he enjoyed in his previous lives beside paranormal or mysterious magazines or skulls.


"Yes, that's it!" Gokudera grinned. "I'm going to buy a packet of cigarette!"

Stuffing the wallet into his jeans' pocket, Gokudera walked to the hallway, heading for the front door. Stopping to wear shoes, he opened the door and made sure to lock it before he walked out. Though, he wasn't fond of his owner, he still had to take care of the human's belonging. After all, this house was going to be his temporary house until his owner gets bored of him and threw him away.

Just like his previous owners.

"I just have to use up all the money he gives and when he returns me back to that pineapple bastard, I'll have no regret." Gokudera said to himself and made a mental note not pity the brunet even if he spent the entire allowance in one day.

"It's his fault for giving me money to spend on."

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The school bell had just rang and it was the time to go back home. Tsuna stretched his hands as he yawned loudly. Turning to look at the back, he saw his best friend had just woken up from his long, very long nap.

The baseball lover had fallen asleep after teacher entered the class after the rest and had been sleeping until now. He smiled as he saw Yamamoto blinking his eyes in confusion when his friend saw their classmates packing their school bags and books.

"Bye, Tsuna-kun." A soft voice called out to him.

Turning to the voice's source, Tsuna blushed as he saw the cute, angelic face of the school's idol. The girl he had confessed to. He blushed harder as he reminded of his confession and was rejected on the spot by the said girl.

"Kyo-Kyoko-chan, b-bye…" he stuttered, waving his hand awkwardly at the girl.

Kyoko just smiled sweetly at him and walked out of the class with her best friend, Hana. Outside of the class, Mochida-senpai was waiting for the brunette girl. Tsuna cringed in his seat when the bully, the third-year senior glaring at him. But soon the glare was gone and replaced by a smile when Kyoko greeted him.

The small boy grimaced. Mochida-senpai was acting goody-two-shoes in front of his girlfriend and the fact that Kyoko was blissfully ignorant didn't help it either. Tsuna sometimes wondered, which one was more ignorant, him or Kyoko.

He shook his head and packed his school bag while stuffing the books into his bag. Then, he turned around and saw Yamamoto yawning while doing the same thing, not even bothering to cover his mouth.

He smiled at his friend.


"Uh, yes?" the baseball boy asked.

"Let's go home together today."

Yamamoto smiled guiltily and shook his head. "Ah…no, I can't. I have baseball practice after this."

Tsuna's face fell and he forced out a smile on his face. Rubbing the messy nest of brown locks, Tsuna nodded his head in understanding. "It can't be helped then, I'll go first." he said in a quiet voice and walked out of the class.

"Hey, Tsuna! Wait!" Yamamoto said quickly and ran towards his small friend.

"Hm…what?" the brunet turned around and halted his movement.

Yamamoto smiled guiltily. "Let me walk you to the gate." he offered kindly.

The brunet quickly shook his head and waved his hands in front of him. "I-It's okay! I'll be fine by myself!"

"Eh? But—"

"I'll be fine! Just go to your practice." Tsuna smiled reassuringly and patted the baseball boy's back before he just walked ahead, leaving Yamamoto in disappointment and repentant.

Sighing in frustration, Yamamoto just eyed while the small tuna fish walked away from him. He knew that Tsuna was always alone due to the bullying and people called him Dame-Tsuna, but even if he wanted to accompany the boy – he really did – he was busy with the baseball club and he was the captain of the team.

He groaned.

Ruffling his spiky midnight-colored hair in distress, the baseball captain vowed to try to earn his friend's love and he wondered if the brunet had confessed to the school's idol. Well, from what he could see, Kyoko had been dating Mochida-senpai. Maybe…Tsuna didn't confess after all.

"Hey, Yamamoto!"

Turning around, Yamamoto saw one of his club members running for him. He let out a grin adorn his face and wave at the boy. "Yo! Murakawa!"

"What 'yo'?" Murakawa groaned. "We've have been waiting for you at the field and they asked me to get you. What are you doing here?"

"Oh…ahahaha!" the captain laughed uneasily. "Sorry, I just finished packing my school bag. I fell asleep and no one woke me up." He lied softly.

The boy named Murakawa smiled, shaking his head. "That was so like you, captain. Come on! They've been waiting for our practice."

"Maa, maa…relax, Murakawa. I'll be coming with you."

At the road about four blocks from Tsuna's house, a group of five people was arguing. Well, not exactly five. It was four humans and one robot. The argument turned heated when the silver-haired robot punched one of the thugs on his face and sent him flying to the back.

The argument turned ugly and all three – one had knocked out – attacked the silver robot. Gokudera hissed in anger. Looked like the humans wanted to piss him off. He groaned and took his dynamites out of nowhere.

Lighting up the sticks, he smirked at the thugs.

"This is your end, fools."

He said and threw the dynamites to the three people and walked away. A loud booming sound could be heard through the entire neighborhood. He grinned in satisfaction and blamed the men for purposely attacking him.

At the same time, Tsuna was about to round a corner when he heard the sickeningly loud boom sound. He cringed.

The bombs.




His eyes widened.

"Gokudera-kun!" he shouted and ran to the sound. When he arrived at the place, he could see his robot friend was grinning in victory and the area behind him was full with smoke. He winced. Indeed as he thought. It was his friend's fault. Walking to the still unsuspecting bomber, his eyes widened when from the smoke he could see one injured man holding a knife and running towards his friend, intending to hurt him.

Without thinking, Tsuna ran with all his might to prevent the man from stabbing his friend. "Gokudera-kun! Watch out!" he shouted as he arrived in time to block the man from stabbing his friend.

Gokudera turned around when he heard his owner's desperate voice and in a blink of eyes, the small brunet had covered his back and there, the man he had bombed had stabbed his owner when he should be the one at the receiving end.

His eyes enlarged in surprise.

What the fuck?!

Slowly, the brunet fell to the floor with his arm bleeding profusely. Staring in surprise at his owner's fallen...the silver-haired robot's eyes sharpened and turned livid. Turning at the man, he grabbed the man's neck and strangled him with one hand. He was about to kill the man when a small voice stopping him.

"D-Don't… Go-Gokudera-kun! Don't ki-kill…him…" Tsuna said as he tried to hold the wound in his upper arm. Luckily, he had managed to turn his body and evaded from being stabbed in his chest.

Throwing the fainted man – due to the lack of oxygen – to the side, the silver robot quickly went for his owner. "Juudaime!" he cried in worry as he cradled the small boy in his arms. "Let's go to the hospital!"

Tsuna shook his head, smiling faintly. "I'm fine…"

"It's not fine! The blood won't stop!" he said.

"Really, I'm fine," Tsuna smiled. "Just bring me back to our house and you can treat me there."

Nodding reluctantly, Gokudera placed one of his arms around the boy's slender waist and one at the back of his knees, holding Tsuna up bridal style.

Instantly, Tsuna blushed hard. "I-I'm fine! I can walk!"

"No, you're not," Gokudera said in determination to hold the boy in his arms. "You're not in any condition to move." he finalized as he walked carefully in the direction of their house. Yes, their house. Gokudera had decided to call it as theirs.

Seeing that Gokudera wouldn't budge from his decision, Tsuna just let the robot hold him. Using his good arm, he held the silverhead's neck as his support. "Thank you…" he mumbled quietly as he closed his eyes. He felt tired and just wanted to sleep.

Emerald eyes looked down at the warm bundle in his arms when he heard the boy's soft voice mumbling thanks. He smiled. Maybe…just maybe this time, his owner was really a good person and seeing the boy ready to sacrifice his own life for him, made Gokudera respect him.

And… possibly, this time…

His owner would let him love him as a lover.

Gokudera vowed, from today on, Juudaime was his boyfriend – though the boy would protest about it later – and he would protect him with his own life. He would be the best lover in the world.

Yes, the absolute boyfriend.

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