Blood and Hatred

It was a night time when the skies filled with tears of rains. Two men were playing checkers under the shelter of their village houses. The rain was too strong and tremendous. The first man said to the second this is the day where the child with great sadness dies! The second man was confused, "what do you mean" he asked. A boy who died of great sadness and today is the day! Said the first man. The day was today. Here is the story:

There was a lad name John. He has a very bad life compare to everyone around him. Everyday tears and it is said that his tears could fill the rivers! But why was he crying? Only a few knows… He had a very hard life full of angers every day. He never had anyone to open up his heart. His father was very cruel man; he scolded him everyday whenever he has a problem with somebody. John's mom had gone on a trip for long. So after years of living in these strain condition, hatred starts to grow in him. He knows that he shouldn't reject his father's word but he start to feel bad. One day his father came back home angry minded. So like usual he start to beat John. The anger had blinded folded him today and he scolded him more than he does usually. This hurt John a lot and John can't control his anger anymore started to feel very angry. Then he fought back to his own father. The father himself brings a knife and started to chop him. He felt very bad tears run down on his cheeks as if he had come out of a bathroom. Swats were running down and John fled. His father chased him… They run and run until they get to the church. John then went straight into the church to ask for help. As people saw in shock and terror that his father was killing his own son! They bided him and send him to the law court.

Nearly all the people in town have assembled in the law court. The judge asks John's father why he had to chop his son. John's father laugh. The kid brings misfortune to me he said. I will kill him! He screamed. The judge called the doctor of the village to check him. They found that he was totally crazy after his wife's dead and that he thinks it is because of John. John felt very sad and shame that he is a bad son for them.

He turned to the sky and declared: If the misfortune was what I brought, I shall die and rebirth as a child who could give happiness! Haven please, hear my words, please make judgment for me and vanish for the bad lucks I bring!

After John said these words he quickly gets a knife from a man who was in the crowd and stabbed himself. People shouted in terror and after a minute the sky turns dark with thunder clouds. Rain was very heavy. Thunders flash and to everyone's surprise the thunder strike his John's father and his body was flying in the air! Only after 3 days the body could be buried. This is the story.