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The Boy Beyond the Looking Glass

A cloaked figure had been terrorizing Jump City citizens for several hours. Apparently, he was grabbing people and screaming at them how 'Nothing is true!' and how 'Everything will change soon!'. His screaming soon escalated into an onslaught of battery charges as he attempted to forcibly 'stop those from silencing the truth' as he so eloquently put it. The Titans were dispatched to his location within moments of his escapade.

After a small bout and a few superhero quips, he was detained. The quiet sound of rubber heels grinding against pavement echoed throughout the empty street. Cyborg dragged the seemingly harmless man by his collar towards an awaiting police vehicle.

As the man was dragged, he hung his head downward in defeat with his once boisterous voice eerily silenced. Robin walked directly behind the two keeping a close eye on the delirious man, the light patter of his steel tipped boots harmonizing with the louder clatter of Cyborg's large metal feet.

As they approached one of the police cars, a strobe of blue and red engulfed Robin's vision temporarily blinding him. "Why they keep these lights on even AFTER we catch the bad guy is beyond me." Instinctively Robin brought his gloved hand to his eyes, shielding himself from the torrent of light.

When his pupils adjusted he lowered his hand letting his eyes meet the crazed mans now upturned gaze. Mind you, when the titans first saw this guy, they thought nothing of him. He honestly seemed and acted like a quack. But something about the look he was giving him now, was certainly contradicting his previous self. No longer did the man's demeanor give off a feeling of hysteria or insanity. No, he now wore a look of coldness and radiated callous. His eyes held a calculating stare, peering beyond Robin's mask mentally scrapping at the recesses of his mind.

The man's lips upturned in a small smirk and proceeded to part, "Psycho-Evaluation treatment… Subject… 279-38C… Day 14… Resume…" He spoke, in a raspy low voice.

"Here you go officer, he's pretty harmless, so ya'll shouldn't have any problems with him." Cyborg spoke as he handed several officers the public disturbance. As the man was pushed into the police car, he glanced ever so carefully to a nearby window, as if he were acknowledging someone's existence.

Robin took immediate notice to the mans change in behavior as well as his cryptic utterance. He stared dumbfounded at his strange new attitude, captivated by the transformation. Just a few moments ago the guy was acting fanatical. Now he was behaving like he had some sort of plan or some rational motive behind his actions.

His eyebrows drew together in contemplation as he attempted to decipher the strange guy's words. But, when the man's attention quickly shifted elsewhere, his thoughts were cut short. Robin followed the path of his eyes and stopped at the store window. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about the pane.

It was just a clean window to a jewelry store. The shop was closed and it was nearly impossible to see through the glass with the darkness that dwelled beyond them. Robin scanned the window for any noticeable differences, his eyes scrutinizing every inch of the crazed man's current fascination.

"Hold on guys." Robin spoke. He walked towards the window, trying to find a clue as to what peaked the man's interest. But, he could see nothing, it was just a window. He frowned slightly, almost disappointed in not finding some remarkable yet subtle clue as to what had the man's attention.

His eyes wondered from the top to the bottom of the glass, only halting to look at his barely visible reflection displayed in the window. It was then that he began to notice a small change. His eyes squinted as he tried to adjust his gaze. Ever so slowly, he turned his gaze to the left and then quickly to the right, he stopped and glanced behind himself, and then returned his gaze to the window.

"Dude, is it me, or is Robin acting even more paranoid than usual?" The green Titan stated, flailing his hands frantically in mock irritation.

"Friend Robin does seem a bit… tense… I wonder what troubles him."

Robin stole a glance at Beast Boy, his lips pursing together enforcing his low tolerance for jokes at the moment. There was something very strange going on, and he needed to handle the situation. He glanced at the window once more to find the source of his confusion. His reflection was no longer visible in the glass. But, something was very noticeable within.

It looked as though there was a… bug… no, a small person beyond the glass? Whatever it was, it was getting bigger at a steady rate. It was almost as if something was coming… towards him? 'This can't be right, it looks like someone's maybe falling? But… we're at ground level and no one's behind me.'

His eyes narrowed, and he slowly raised a hand to touch the window. By now, the cops were wheeling away the lunatic to a physiciatric hospital to test for mental stability. The figure was getting bigger, now at an alarming rate, whatever was going on, something was going to happen soon.

"Titans! Be on your guard, something's headed for us, and its coming fast!" Robin braced himself for impact and watched the glass patiently for the figure to end its descent.

The Titans quickly took to their leader's flank.

"What is it? What's coming?" Said Raven, her eyes darting cautiously, straining to make contact with some form of immediate danger.

Robin continued staring at the glass, the feeling of unease growing within him.

"I'm not… entirely sure…" Robin honestly had no idea what to make of this, it looked like someone was falling towards them, but if that was a reflection than someone would have to be actually plunging towards them from the opposite direction. No one was around save for the Titans at this point. The area was pretty lifeless, so how on Earth was someone 'falling' towards them?

A sequence of assumptions and ideas ran through the leaders head, but no sooner did he start formulating an idea of what was going on, did the glass start vibrating furiously.

A gasp, several stares, some quick turns, and a "What the?" later, and suddenly the glass shattered. Robin's eyes widened as the figure was given life right before his eyes. No longer an image on glass creating the allusion of someone falling aimlessly towards the windowpane; but now a fully realized person falling aimlessly towards… well, him. The figure came with blistering speed through the glass, inertia clearly being on their side, right towards a flabbergasted Titan.

In a desperate attempt to catch the figure, Robin's arms shot open, hoping that he would be able to stop their movement and prevent them from injuring themselves on their inevitable impact with the ground. But the force behind this 'falling star' of a person was akin to punch worthy of Cinderblock. When the figure made contact, Robin was sent tumbling backwards, the wind having been knocked clean out of him with a sickening omf! They rolled several times finally stopping about a meter and a half away from their initial position.

"ROBIN!" Starfire yelled, quickly flying over to her fallen comrade.

Robin lay on the ground, clutching his head in pain. 'That's going to leave a nice size bruise' he thought. Turning his head and carefully positing himself, he made an attempt to look at the figure who pretty much used him as a human air bag.

Black, that's all he could make out from the contorted angle in which they both lay. Short black hair, and maybe… glasses? That's about all he could see. He then lifted his gaze from the newcomer towards his worried red haired friend and put on a forced smile.

"Don't worry Star, I'm fine. Who… or what just hit me?" Robin added, suddenly realizing that whatever just hit him may not necessarily be human.

Starfire brought herself to one knee and carefully shifted the being that lay sprawled across Robin's torso. He watched her expression shift from curiosity to elation and then quickly dart to concern in all but a minute.

"Robin… it is a person… and I believe he is injured, he is bleeding profusely!" She stated while looking into the closed eyes of an unconscious boy.

"Star, do you think you can give him a lift to the infirmary? We'll meet you there as soon as we can." Robin took on his calm disposition, making sure that he handled the situation as delicately as possible. He was a little shaken by having some guy flung at him through a window, one of which that had no people on the other side of it.

But now wasn't the time for him to be concerned with himself. With his trademark phrase the remaining teens packed themselves into the T-Car quickly trailing after Starfire. The entire ride home, no one said a word, who could? Even in their world it was strange, this boy beyond the looking glass

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