With a swoosh, the main room doors closed, just as Ivan had passed through them. Once behind the closed doors, he quickly made his way towards his cybernetic lead. He may have found his way to the main room by himself, but he wasn't exactly making mental notes of where he was going at the time.

As the two walked, Cyborg glanced over his shoulder and motioned for Ivan to walk closer. Quickened footsteps patted the ground as he walked hurriedly to Cyborg's side. The size difference between the two was laughable. Ivan was just barely grazing 6 feet tall and could be mistaken for 5 foot 11; Cyborg on the other hand was a towering 6 foot 4 inches.

"Guess no one's had time to give you a tour. Welcome to Titan's Tower; our lighthouse in the bay."

Ivan smirked at the small reference. "Who keeps up with this place?" Ivan may have only been to two rooms in the tower so far, but judging from how high up the place was, it looked too big for just those five teenagers. He figured they had to have a maid… or a dozen maids to keep the place clean.

Cyborg smiled in response. "We do man! This entire tower is our home. We cook, clean, and maintain everything you see."

"…You're joking? This place is at LEAST 11 stories high! How the heck do you guys clean all this space?"

Cyborg's eyebrow raised and his smile grew at the inquiry. "When you have 3 people who can fly and all the gadgets in the world, you get the job done pretty quickly." Ivan winced slightly and the mention of someone flying. He was trying to normalize things… even though talking to a walking toaster wasn't really normal in and of itself.

They rounded a corner and made their way down an open hall. Ivan hadn't paid much attention to where they were going at first, but the hallway they were in now sparked several memories. "This is where I passed the nameplates. Are these their bedrooms?"

As if on cue, the 'Cyborg' nameplate came into view. The name itself wasn't very extraordinary. When he thought about it, cyborgs were just half human half robots. From most of the movies he had seen, they were either time travelling monsters trying to change the past; or they were super cops or detectives trying to save innocent people.

Ivan gave the metal man a quick look-over. His eyes traced all the electronics of his body, from his metal feet, to the blue wiring in his skull. He definitely seemed like a genuine robot-man. The only issue that tugged at the boys mind was…

Ivan lightly pushed his glasses up to fit more comfortably on his face. "Why are you more machine then human?" It was a blunt question. He didn't mean to offend, heck he wasn't really even trying to ask out loud. The nagging thought in his mind kept bringing him back to those movies. How all those cyborgs' LOOKED human, but were robotic. But Cyborg, he just looked robotic to him, if it weren't for the small fleshy parts on his face and arms, he would have figured him to be a full blown machine.

Cyborg's human eye quivered slightly. He looked as though someone had struck him in his most vulnerable of areas. Ivan instantly felt guilt riding over him, for asking such an insensitive question. He turned his head away and muttered a small apology.

"Well that was a roaring success…"

The sounds of fingernails coursing through scalp and hair disrupted the growing silence between the two boys. Ivan scratched his head as a defense mechanism. He did it whenever he felt like he had done something wrong. Cyborg had picked up the pace slightly, now his face was just barely out of Ivan's view. Rolling his eyes and sighing deeply, Ivan visibly slumped and sauntered behind the metal teen.

"Guess it's going to be pretty quite on the way there…"

"…Don't worry about it man; I'd just rather not talk about it." Cyborg spoke, his shoulders rising and falling due to his hands gesturing as he spoke. Ivan simply looked forward, content that the guy was so forgiving. "Well at least he didn't get mad and go all 'time-to-terminate' on me…"

They arrived at the medical wing within minutes of passing several other bedrooms. Cyborg opened the door, holding it open with his forearm and motioning for Ivan to step in ahead of him. With a nod, he entered, followed by the metal giant of a lad.

"Just take a load off over there." Cyborg pointed towards a familiar hospital bed as he walked off to grab several devices.

With a huff he walked towards the bed slumping into its stiff mattress. He glanced around the room, not looking for anything in particular, waiting for the large Titan to return. When Cyborg returned he brought with him a wheeled tray and a small chair. We wore a stethoscope around his neck and had white latex gloves around his hands.

"Dr. Cyborg will now see you."

Ivan gave a small smile, "Heh, funny." This guy rebounded pretty quickly. Just a few minutes ago he was caught up in his thoughts over being asked why he didn't look more like a human. Now he was cracking jokes again? Ivan was really starting to like this guy.

"Okk Ivan, I just plan to take a few tests; nothing out of the ordinary. I'll check your heart rate and temperature first. Then I'll make sure you don't have any abnormalities in your bones or internal organs. Then I'll finish up with a quick blood test; sound good?"

"You're the doctor." Ivan shrugged his shoulders, smiling slightly at his own gesture.

The tests went by swimmingly. Ivan's heart rate was pumping at an even 54 beats per minute. A little lower than the average meaning he must have been active in some kind of physical activity. His temperature measured in at 98.6 degrees, another average number. All his tests were going well… until he came to the blood test.

"Looks like you're checking out pretty good man! Imma' go grab a syringe and take a small blood sample and then you're good to go."

Ivan nodded in response, watching as Cyborg lifted himself from his chair and walk off to fetch the needle. He felt fine, so it wasn't a surprise that the tests came out good. He figured that the blood test would be the same. He gingerly shoved his hands into his cargo pockets.


The sound would have went unnoticed had it not been accompanied with a small tap to Ivan's finger tips. He looked down towards his pockets, curiosity quickly overriding his other senses. "I… left something in my pocket?" His hands fumbled, looking diligently for the object. When his right hand fell upon something, his face lit up and he quickly yanked his hand from his pocket.

Using his free hand, he straightened his glasses and stared at the object. It was a ring? It looked like a ring anyway. It may have been just ring shaped, since it didn't really look as though it would accommodate his finger well.

It had and onyx coloring. It looked like someone dipped it in darkness and the shadows hardened into a solid substance. The majority of the ring looked as such, save for a single band around the ring. It was neatly placed in the center of the rings surface, sitting parallel to the edges. It followed completely around its surface. One solid piece of… diamond?

He stared at it in awe, wondering how he came upon such a thing. Then… something terrible happened.

Ivan's body stiffened and memories shot at him in waves. He lurched back in a contorted angle and dropped the ring in the process. Images of him running came clearly into his mind. He was running frantically, desperately trying to get away. He could feel the exhaustion and aching joints as if he were literally reliving the scene.

The feeling of his clenched hand swinging back in fourth brought his attention towards his other arm. "Why am I only using one arm?" He thought, watching as his memory self sprinted through some unknown corridor. Then, the next feeling hit him, warmth, wet skin, fingernails digging into him? He was holding on to someone else?

He tried desperately to look back at the figure, but to no avail. The other persons face was obscured and difficult to make out in the memory. It was like someone pointed a kaleidoscope at her and distorted most of her features. The only indication to her sex being the skirt she wore. He watched as his memory-self mouthed the words 'Faster! Faster!'. Why was he running? Who was he running with?

He watched as the two went barreling through a door, and then stopped. The girl behind him was shuddering now. She tried to pull him, lead him away from the room they entered, but his memory self refused to move. Where was he now? Why wasn't he listening to the other person? What was he looking at?

He couldn't hear anything; it was like watching a silent movie. He could only feel as the events happened, the coldness of the sweat dripping from his brow, the burning in his chest from running, the tugging feeling from the girl enveloping his hand.

The biggest feeling he had though, was anger. He was angry… no, he was pissed. It felt like he was going to lash out at the first person who spoke to him. His memory self moved his lips again, speaking to someone. He figured it was the girl behind him, since she stopped her fidgeting after he spoke.

"What the hell is going on!?" He thought, upset that nothing was making any sort of sense.

Ivan was beyond confused, a feeling he was starting to get really tired with. He was still trying to come to grips with being in some unfamiliar world, and now this? Was this his brain trying to fill him in on all the important details he had forgotten?

Suddenly, his memory self stiffened. "What am I looking at?" He scanned the space his memory self was looking but the scene was the same as the figure he was holding hands with. A mesh of mismatched geometric shapes. He squinted in a desperate attempt to see what was going on, hoping the shapes would align themselves correctly.

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the cluster. He wore a large hooded cloak? No… not a cloak… more like a long black hooded trench coat. His face was obscured in the darkness of the hood, but his expressions were all still somehow visible. He looked as though he had just finished a sentence which caused his memory self to shudder.

"So this is who I was talking to?" He looked on in curiosity. Who was this, why did they come here, why am I so angry at this person? All of these thoughts shuffled and danced in his mind all desperately looking for someone to answer them. He tried closing his eyes, he tried to think about what was happening and try and piece together an idea. But it was no use; he had no eye lids to shut. He couldn't just fall into a deep thought. He was already IN his own mind.

He watched on as his memory self and the hooded figure had what he figured to be a heated conversation. He couldn't even guess what they were saying. The only clues he got where in the form of small bursts of rage that welled within him after the figure spoke. It wasn't until the hooded man turned and reached behind a nearby desk, did his emotions shift from anger to fear.

He quickly shot the reaching hand towards his memory self after finishing his search, an audible tink sounding afterward. Ivan looked towards the sound, wondering why he could hear the object at all. The fear he was feeling was slowly washing away as his memory self stared at the object. His memory self looked downward towards it, his eyes visibly welling with tears. He felt like the world had been dropped on him and the pressure was breaking him into a million pieces.

His memory self released the girl behind him and dropped to his knees afterward, never taking his gaze from the object. He reached forward and slowly scooped it into his hand. He felt like he was trembling, like he was about to break any second. He looked towards his memory self's hand to get a closer look.

It was the ring. The ring that he just pulled from his pocket, the very same one. A mental cord broke and he could feel the flood gates thrusting open. He could feel the burning sensation of his salty tears rushing down his face and feel his body clench as he sobbed. What happened? What did the figure say? What does this mean?

Ivan had many more questions and all he got in response were these unwanted feelings of anguish and pain. Whatever had just happened to him, may quite literally have been the most painful things he had ever experienced. It was then that he heard another sound amongst the sea of silence he stood in.

"She's dead Mr. Jagger; you have no one to blame but yourself…"

The sound of the ring hitting the floor. That's about all Cyborg heard before he was sent into a dead sprint towards his now cardiac arrest friend. "IVAN!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, reaching out to him as he approached.

Ivan's body was on the bed, but only just. He laid adjacent to the head rest and his feet were still on the floor. He didn't move or make a sound. He was clearly not breathing, and his skin was slowly losing heat. Cyborg was in a panic. Just a few minutes ago the guy was fit enough to run a marathon. But now, he was lying there in the bed looking like he did just the other night. He looked like he was just barely clinging to life and was just about to fall to the wrong side of that thin line.

"Don't you die on me kid!" Cyborg didn't have time to call the others, he had to act. He was a Titan, and as his job description stated, he needed to save this guys life. He quickly placed him on the hospital bed properly and took off to grab the defibrillator and a 20 milligram dose of adrenaline. He tossed the syringe to the bed side, hoping to not have to use it.

He then grabbed the two metal plates after turning a series of switches on the machine. Rubbing the two metal surfaces together he got the defibrillator ready. "CLEAR!" With a yell he placed the metal plates down producing a shock and causing Ivan's body to jump due to the electrical stimulation.

He placed he glanced towards his wrist and saw no changes in his heartbeat with his audio scanner. His face scrunched and he rubbed the plates together again. "CLEAR!" Ivan's body jumped again, but there was no change in his heart beat. He did this twice more before tossing the plates at a nearby wall causing small dents as they smashed into it.

"DARN IT IVAN!" He then reached for the syringe that laid nestled to Ivan's ribcage. With a swift movement he plucked off the needles cap and tossed it to the side. He took careful aim at his chest scanning his arm before he injected the boy. No visible changes, he was technically still dying if not dead.

The metal man was starting to shake; he had to grab his wrist to keep himself from dropping the syringe. He closed his eyes tightly, and steeled his resolve. His arm rose slightly higher, angling for the impending strike. And with a swift movement, he plunged the needle deep into the boy's chest… or at least he tried.

His eyes widened in surprise as the needle tip casually flipped pass his face. He blinked several times; unsure of what had just happened. He slowly brought the needle up scanning it to make certain what he thought just happened wasn't just an optical illusion. The syringe was intact, but the actual needle had broken off. He quickly looked backward to find the needle tip. When his eyes found the metallic shine of the tip as it rolled gently across the floor, he nearly lost it. He quickly looked back towards Ivan's face, a worried expression quickly taking over his previous fear.

His eyes were still closed; he still looked to be in cardiac arrest. He looked towards the syringe, then back at Ivan, confusion covering his face. "Did… did he just break a syringe? With his SKIN?" The metal man pondered. He quickly set off to grab two more shots of adrenaline and tried to recreate the scene.

Grabbing the needle cover with his teeth, he pulled off one of the tops and spit the lid towards the floor afterwards. He slowly inched the needle down, taking more care then his previously frantic state. This time, the syringe went in, but only slightly. It was like his skin was resisting. He applied pressure as he sat looming over the dying boy, trying to push the needle in. But it was extremely difficult. He got up from the seat throwing the chair he sat on to the floor in the process. He put his weight into the thrust, but only managed a slight drop. It was barely in at all, which caused Cyborg to stare in disbelief.

He let go of the syringe and watched as it sat perfectly straight, needle side down. Cyborg couldn't fathom how his skin was so tough; he was supposed to be a human according to what he said earlier. The mental image of the carbon atoms within his body slowly crept into his mind. "Is his skin getting harder? I was able to to put a syringe in him just last night!" He thought.

Unexpectedly, Ivan's eyes shot open, consequently causing Cyborg to jump in surprise. He leaned upwards noticing the syringe in his body, batting it away after taking notice to it. It fell to the ground producing several clinks and clanks as it bounced to a halt. His breathing was erratic and he shook feverishly.

"Dude! A-Are you ok?" Cyborg was walking cautiously towards the boy now, trying not to set off any sort of residual attacks. His arms were outstretched and he hunched his form in his attempt to be cautious. Ivan looked towards the Titan, his eyes lightly darting as he attempted to fix his gaze on the metal man. When they finally locked he shifted his weight off the bed, falling top-half-first towards the floor.

Cyborg closed the remaining gap between the two and reached down to gently lift him to a sitting position. "Whoa whoa whoa man! Be careful, you were just in cardiac arrest a couple minutes ago!" Cyborg looked worriedly into Ivan's eyes, noting that they looked frightened. Ivan stared absentmindedly behind him, his previous memory still vivid in his mind.

"…Where is he…" He muttered under his breath.

Cyborg frowned and looked at Ivan with confused eyes, "Where's who?"

Ivan kept his gaze forward, only slightly shifting his eyes to look towards the Cybernetic Titan. "…the hooded man…"

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