An Angel So Sweet


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Pepper's pov

It was a calm afternoon, and I was out with my boyfriend, Miles. He was the best man in the world as far as I was concerned. We flew over the training grounds and over the forest. His beautiful angel wings blocked the sun from my smaller fairy wings. As we flew over the forest I noticed something seemed wrong.

" Let's land," I told him through telepathy. He nodded and we landed in a small clearing in the forest.

" What's up?" He asked walking over to me.

I turned back to my form as a fox. I looked kind of like a human but I had fox fur, ears, and a red bushy tail. I had lost my human form to an evil wizard named Valtor.

" Something's wrong." I said. I could sense multiple lifeforms in the forest around us and they were closing in fast. " Quick, hide your wings; Shrink down to 6'5"," I said to him urgently.

He didn't question me. He did as I told him. I took a step closer to him as we were surrounded by a circle of men. They all were wearing some kind of white armor. Some had blue paint on them. All of them had guns. One of them, who I assumed was the leader or something, stepped out of the circle.

" This is a restricted area. What are you doing here?"

" What do you mean restricted?"

" Just what I said. Do I have to spell it out for you?" He said in a deep voice. " Cuff 'em." He said guesturing to one of the other men.

" Hey hands off her!" Miles yelled as I was bound hands behind my back. Just then a strong pain shot through my back and I knew that he had been hit. We were connected. What one felt the other did, but I did not show my pain.

" Where are you taking us?" I asked struggling against my bonds.

" To see the general. Now get moving!" He said giving me a not so gentle push. I looked at Miles and started walking. What was about a 1 hour walk seemed to last 30 hours before we were led inside what looked like a very large space ship.

I was pushed harshly into a room where a woman was sitting behind a desk.

" General, we found these two sneaking around a restricted area." The man said shoving me forward. I heard Miles growl behind me but I didn't pay too much attention to him. My eyes were on the woman. She seemed so familiar yet I couldn't place her. She looked me straight in the eyes.

" Captain, remove their binders. They are of no threat to us." She said never breaking her eye contact with me.

" Yes Spottedpelt." He said proceeding to remove mine and then Miles' binders. I blinked once at her name.

" Now what are your names?" She asked looking me up and down.

" I- I'm Pepper. That's Miles," I said stammering slightly. Miles looked at me confused. I hardly ever stammered.

She looked as if she had suddenly been hit with a brick. " Pepper Turner?" She asked in a quiet whisper. She stood up and walked around her desk to stand in front of me. Miles tensed slightly.

" Yes." I said softly. Then it hit me like a brick. (I litterally got hit with a piece of brick when I was writing that) This was my twin sister. The sister that had been missing out of my life since we were six and our parents were killed by an evil wizard named Valtor.

" I can't believe it's you!" I said throwing my arms around her. I could feel the tears start to well up. I was so glad to have the one person left in my family. Of course I had been adopted by Alec and Antwonella Jackson but it always seemed that my little sister, Willow, could never replace her.

" The Ice Dragon is complete." She whispered softly. " What happened to you, Pepper?" she asked.

I sighed," When Valtor infiltrated the palace and killed Mom and Dad he took away my human form. I'm stuck in this body." I said.

" I should've been there. I shouldn't have ran away. I should've -" She started but I cut her off.

" We can't change the past now." I said.

She nodded. " This is my first in command, Captain Quay." She said guesturing to the man who brought us in. He dipped his head respectfully.

" You're a part of the army?" I asked.

" I'm a General of the Grand Army of the Republic." She said. " We're fighting a war against the Separtists."

" You like video games?" Quay asked Miles.

" Yes." He replied.

" Ever played Red Faction Armageddon?" He asked.

" I love that game. Miles said.

" Want to play?" He asked.

Miles shrugged, " Okay." The two of them walked out discussing gaming, leaving us alone.

" I will never understand their love of video games." Spottedpelt said.

I laughed," Me neither, but they make them happy."

" Yeah they do. You hungry?" She asked.

" Starved. I haven't eaten since the other day." I said realizing just how hungry I actually was.

" Why not?" She asked leading me out of the room.

" I've been very busy." I said.

" That is no excuse for not eating." She said sternly before she opened a door into what I guessed was the cafeteria.

There weren't a lot of people in there, but there were a few.

" Hello General." Said a man. He was wearing armor but he had his helmet off. " Who's this?" He asked looking me up and down. I was sure I looked out of place because I had, well, fur and a tail.

" Kinks, this is my sister, Pepper." She said.

" I never knew you had a sister," He said.

She sighed, " It's a long story, Kinks." She said sitting down at a table...

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