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Chapter 3

Decisions, Decisions

The moonlight made the dirt path glow, rendering the light of the two floating lanterns unnecessary. Serena walked rigidly between them, trying to keep her imagination from overreacting. She didn't want to imagine if there were more to the lamps; she also didn't even want to think about what she was doing. This was wrong, she should be trying to run, or at least be screaming for help.

She walked on though, her steps slow and hesitant, but never stopping. Her eyes fell to the ground when she lost interest in the lanterns and the earth beneath her feet looked almost gray in the night's light. On one side, the world looked almost white, yet on the other, darker than a nightmare. The image made her smile softly, and she wondered if all were to perceive the world at this moment in this way if they saw it, or if it was another trick, or if it was just her.

This was how she almost saw herself. If white were to symbolize the good in life, and black the evil, then the gray path cutting between the two is where she could see herself being. She knew there was good in her, just like there was in those around her. She loved, cared for others, and was considerate of others feeling, as well as several other things that define her as a good person.

Yet at the same time, she knew there were things about her that others could see as bad if they knew. When it came to hunting, she admittedly felt a thrill each time she killed her prey. There were people in town, namely Groose, which she seriously would love to see tortured a bit for all the pain they caused, and then of course, there was what she imagined….

Often, when she was alone, she found herself imagining doing to the monster what it did to her people, and more. She wanted to hear it scream; imagining it begging for mercy sent excited shivers up her spine. The ground greedily drinking up its blood spilled by her was a sight she'd give almost anything to see, and she wanted to be there, the day the light and life drained from its eyes and its body dropped to the ground, never to move again.

Suddenly, a whisper of wind in her ear snapped her from her thoughts. The night air was still, so the sudden breeze couldn't mean anything good. A white piece of folded paper sat innocently on the ground behind her. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest as she retrieved it; her eyes never going to the ground, but watching the area around her.

Perhaps those dark thoughts of yours should be kept to yourself, little child. Minds I may not be able to read, but the expressions on your face are a clear mirror as to what is in your heart. Watch it, I would so hate for the fun to end before it even began.

Your Most Gracious Host,


Serena, after moments of reading and rereading, dropped the paper and began to walk on, but at a much quicker pace. How could this thing be so close, yet not be visible? She wasn't able to ponder the question for long, for two more lamps in the town square caught her attention. Two? Why two all of a sudden? Her steps slowed and she once again took into consideration what she was doing. How many of the deaths over the years were caused because of the situation she was in now? Was she truly the first person the Monster invited to try their luck?

As she stalled, a new piece of paper dropped to the ground in front of her, making her jump and yelp in surprise. Hands trembling, she picked it up and it took almost a minute for her shaking fingers to open it.

Pity, and here I thought you were brave- I guess that is my mistake. Truly it is a bad one for me though. To mistake a little girl for a warrior with a spine…. Oh well, run home little girl, or step forward and face your first challenge.

You will die if you fail, and you have only one choice. Show me your wisdom, if you can.


Serena was torn; how dare, how dare, this thing tell her she had no spine. Yet at the same time, if she engaged it and lost, she would die… but how hard could it really be? It was a battle of wits, wasn't it? The Monster wanted to see her wisdom, so perhaps it was a puzzle of some sort? Whatever you choose to do, you better make up your mind quickly.

Though her brain told her to turn around, her pride lead her on, until, without any warning, the four lamps formed a square around her and she realized her suspicion of there being more was confirmed. Bluish-black bony hands emerged from nowhere, soon to be quickly concealed by the long, flowing sleeves of gray-white robes. In each free hand was a scythe, whose curved blade was almost as long as she was tall. Skull shaped pendants held blue cloth in place that revealed only one thing- the face, or rather a skull, which was the same bluish-black color of the hands.

Serena couldn't even draw in the breath needed to scream, and she only fell deeper into silence when a small circle appeared around where she was standing, providing her just enough room to turn around and realize there was no escape. Tense silence filled the small space, and then suddenly, the lamps vanished, each replaced with a different item. So this was what the note meant by a choice.

Slowly she took in each item. The first, held by the thing in front of her to the left, was a sword; the sheath made of rich black leather and the hilt a shiny gray. The thing next to it on the right held a pack that said "potions" on it. It was made of plain brown material, but she could see it bulging. Okay, both useful for if… no, for when,I go out there. Let's see what the other items are. Slowly, she turned, careful to stay in the circle; for she had a feeling one step outside of it would forfeit whatever game she was playing.

The thing behind her on the right had a cloak, made of thick black material. The last also held a bag, but this one had the word "food" on it. Four items, all helpful, and she could only pick one, the right one, but how could any of these things be wrong?

"Choose carefully, I'd hate for you to die now, though the sight of your spilled blood is something I'd find most enjoyable." The voice seemed to come from everywhere at once and it made Serena tremble violently. She was hearing it speak; the Monster was talking to her. "Choose the right item, and tell me why it's right, and why the others are wrong. Once you have, select your item, and see if you are right."

Silence fell, and Serena felt her heart fall with it. She had gotten in over her head and couldn't see how one item was better than the rest. She was facing death and it was too late to back out.

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