Chapter 10: Becoming One with Your Mistakes

Spain hadn't changed in the years that Avrilina had been away; the buildings were still there, not that she cared much about them in the first place, and the same waterways and other small stands were still there, even if they were run by older people, or new owners. She remembered all of the small red flowers that dotted the streets happily, and she remembered the chirping of the birds from the small, tattered roofs. It was a nice, quaint place, and should she have been born into a different family with fewer worries about a life with the mafia, she would have liked to have lived in one of the small apartments with just herself, and maybe a cat that would laze around with her.

Avrilina didn't have that luxury though; she had a mafia family to succeed, and revenge to act upon. She had to reassemble all of the Espinoza rings and reunite her guardians. They were the key to ending all of the long, hard times that were in store for them.

But then what?

The girl hadn't planned that far ahead. She didn't have a clue in her mind what her next move would be once she achieved her goal. She wasn't sure if she even wanted to reassemble the rings and curse another generation with the job of an Espinoza guardian. She had never even wanted the position of the leader herself, but she wasn't given a choice like the teens around her had been offered. They seemed to be positively content with being dragged to a new life of unknown threats and threats that endangered their life along with the life of the ones they loved.

The girl threw a glance over her shoulder and at the rest of the people in the car with her. How did she end up with such a collection of characters?

First to join was Jean, who, aside from being a complete moron in her eyes, was someone she was glad that came into her life. He was stupidly loyal and friendly to her, for what reason, she had yet to comprehend. He had taken a part in her life that she couldn't get back from him; he had stuck by her long enough for her to let his cheery personality make her feel safe when he was around. She didn't want him to end up with a horrible fate that was promised for him. As she watched him, all she could see was the blood running down his face and neck and seeping into his clothing as his dead eyes rolled back into his head.

Then there was Gabriel, who she had met before. He was a warm boy, perhaps not as friendly and outgoing as Jean, but he too provided her with much needed comfort, and some helpful advice that had probably saved her a few scars already. She too saw him with his glasses shattered and his long white coat covered in blood.

The rest of her guardians came in quick succession. Kim was eternally blunt, but her honest opinions and words had already steered her out of the way of a few mishaps. As much as she didn't like having a female company nearby, Avrilina had appreciated the Vietnamese woman's intimidating presence by her side. Sakaki had provided her with some relaxation that she wouldn't have expected from his flustered, almost blunt self. It was almost refreshing that just looking at him would send him into a stuttering, blushing mess for some unknown reason. Sen, while he rarely talked, was pleasant company. She didn't mind the fact that he seemed very tired all of the time, and that she didn't know much about him; he didn't know her either, so she considered it fair. Then there was Rossi and her blood colored hair. She didn't seem too friendly, but again, as long as she did what she needed to do, Avrilina didn't care much about her personal life or what she thought of her. She was the cloud of the group, so she didn't expect her to be too attached to anyone of the group straight off. She barely expected her to get into the limo with them to get to the Espinoza mansion.

She saw them all the same despite their vastly different personalities: covered with scarlet, their bodies twisted and torn apart, and their eyes lifeless as they stared at her with disappointment in their dead depths.

She scowled and turned her head to stare out the window. The path they followed was familiar to her, and not in a way she liked. The hedges were neatly cut, and the trees drooped mournfully over the already shady, green path. Her eyes darted about in the darkness that lurked just beyond the dark tree line, narrowed and on the lookout for any hidden enemies that she missed the last time she had been there. Her home wasn't her home anymore; all she saw was a mass grave since she entered the gate at the front.

The car jerked to a halt and threw her forcefully from her thoughts as her body pressed roughly against the seatbelt. She hissed as the pressure stung her newly healed wounds, but was lucky enough to not have broken any of the skin. The woman wrinkled her nose and unbuckled the belt as the car door opened into the damp, gray morning.

"…This is kind of cool…" muttered Kim as her golden eyes darted around the area, trying to take in the massive Espinoza estate. The edge of the repaired mansion loomed just over the distance, but Avrilina didn't spare a glance for it.

"I'm not interested in that crap. Let's get what we need and get out…I've spent too much time here already."

"Avrilina, sometimes it's good to look back-"

"Shut up."

Sakaki sighed and ran a hand through his bed head, but shook off her rudeness and followed her as she stalked around the court yard, her eyes narrowed in concentration. She did have a point that they needed to be quick about everything they did, and they had to be careful, but she seemed much more aggressive then she had been only a few days before. He wasn't entirely sure what had happened to the woman to cause her to not want to visit her own home, but it must have been bad if her temper had been triggered by merely entering the grounds.

"It should only take us a few minutes if I remember correctly…"

"And if you don't remember it correctly?" shot Rossi from the side as she cuddled into her shawl. Ximena frowned at her, but turned her attention forward once more to see seven graves ahead.

"Then that will be inconvenient."

They arrived at the tomb stones quickly, and her eyes fell upon their artistically rustic features. Her family was never a traditional family in life, so they were certainly not a traditional family in death. Six of the graves only rose a little bit above the ground circled around the largest center grave that looked like a small home. Avrilian's eyes didn't stray from the house like structure and she strolled up to it, her ring already flaming with her wild orange flames. With the flick of her hand, she sent a small wave of flames over it, and there was a small crack as a lock was revealed under the palm sized dome that sat straight in the middle of the door. She eyed it for a moment, and then glanced over her shoulder at the others.

"…The graves are marked with the symbol of your flame…Stand in front of it, and when I open it, you must go in." The others nodded and made their way over to the graves. Aside from the markings on the stone plates, there were also colorful flowers of each color to represent the flames, even green and blue.

Avrilina watched them for a moment, and then turned her attention back to the lock. It had the Espinoza crest engraved into it with a small port for her ring. The mamba that represented her family glared at her mockingly and with a snarl, she smashed her fist into its face, the flames entering the locking mechanism with much force. There was a soft clicking, and the intricate doorway shuddered as the locks behind it moved from being still for so long. After a tentative moment, it creaked open and Avrilina shoved her way into its depths.

Immediately, she went to the small pedestal that stood near the entrance of the catacombs. On it was a similar lock to the one on the outside, and she pressed her flaming ring it quickly enough. Below here, there was soft creak in reaction to the power, but the familiar crashing and rumbling that should have been heard wasn't. She blinked and looked down at the pedestal, then back outside to see that nothing had changed. Her guardians were looking around and waiting for the event that should have happened. She repeated the action, thinking that maybe the gears were just a little old, but nothing happened

She panicked.

With a screech, she threw her fist into the pedestal, only to have pain shoot from her knuckles to her elbow and draw another agitated shriek from her. Her hands clutched the side of her head and she pulled on her short locks, yanking out a few strands. "POR QUE?! POR QUE?!" She screeched in her native tongue as she lost her already short temper. "THIS IS TOO FUCKING DIFFICULT!" After a moment, she brought her green gaze to the graves of her ancestors that were embedded into the wall, and she lost it. With a snarl, she threw her flaming fist into the one closest to her and smashed the fragile coffin like glass. The skull stared out at her with its wicked grin mocking her with cobwebs dusting its features. Avrilina recognized the placement of the coffin in relation to the others, and her pupils contracted in anger as her emotions began to grip her in their long fingers.

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOU BITCH! I WOULDN'T BE GOING THROUGH THIS IF YOU WEREN'T SO STUPID!" She turned her gaze to the next coffin over, and slammed her fist into that one as well. "ALL OF YOU! THIS ISN'T WHAT I WANTED!" Her words became a mangled stampede of Spanish as she struggled to get control of herself. After a few moments of screaming and wailing like a dying animal, she was seized from behind, her arms yanked up and her body held by someone's hands.

"Stop!" Jean yelled at her as he struggled to restrain her without hurting her in her fragile state. "You're going to hurt yourself if you don't stop!" Avrilina looked up at him, her eyes wild and her expression drawn into a snarl, but after a tentative moment of struggling and growling, she seemed to calm down a bit and regain control of her mind. She glanced down at her bloody fists, and snorted as pulled herself roughly out of his grip.

"…This is going to have to wait…" she growled to herself as she tried to make a fist with her hands. They screamed in protest, and after a second of hissing and glaring, she stopped trying and let them fall limply to her sides. Gabriel went to her side to inspect them, but as he tried to take a closer look, she pulled herself away from him.

"Please…I won't hurt you."

"All I need is a band-aid," she snorted and turned to leave the burial grounds. Gabriel wouldn't stand for that though, and his eyes narrowed behind his silver frames. His hand shot out and snatched her by her elbow and yanked her back to him.

"No, you probably need stitches, or at least something more sophisticated then a band-aid. If you don't get everything fixed correctly, you won't be able to move your hands properly again. Now I'm going to take you back to your home, assuming that you have medical supplies there, and fix you even if I need to carry you back. Then you'll tell us what happened." Avrilina glared back up at him angrily, but after considering his words, she looked away stubbornly and pulled her arm out of his grip.

"Fine," she said lowly,"I'm going to walk though…" After a second of watching her, the doctor nodded and gestured the other guardians to follow them out. "…We'll spend the night here…You can just my previous guardian's rooms while we stay…They're marked with the symbols like the graves." She walked out of the grave, her hands limp at her side with blood flowing down from them and dripping on the stone in a dark, ominous trail.

Kim couldn't help but comment on the bodies she trashed; she had high respect for the dead and her ancestors. She called after her boss, her hands on her hips and her lips set into a frown. "Is this how you show respect for the dead? By destroying their bodies?" Avrilina threw a glare at her and her lip twitched in annoyance, but Kim didn't stop. "You should clean up your mess."

"And you should shut your mouth before I sew it shut." She snarled and continued on her way like the Asian's scolding was nothing. Kim's golden eyes widened in surprise at the nasty comment, then narrowed in anger as she clenched her tiny fists. After a second of contemplation, she pulled out one of her chopsticks and with a flick of her wrist and deadly accuracy, she tossed the silver stick at Avrilina's face. The woman didn't seem to notice it, but a second later, with a flash of orange, the stick was broken in half and clenched in the jaws the small white puppy that was perched on her shoulder. Its black eyes were slits and its body was engulfed in the orange flames of the sky. Slowly, the Spanish woman turned her gaze over her shoulder, her eyes in slitted like those of her box animal's, and watched her for a second.

"I'm being far too patient with you. Do it again, and I'll be hanging your head on my wall." Her box animal returned to its box as she rounded the corner and disappeared past the walls of depressed flowers. Kim watched after her with disbelief, her eyes burning with fury as she clenched her teeth together, and with a low growl, she stalked out of the grave with anger in her stride. She turned and went the other way and disappeared into the courtyard.

The remaining guardians eyed each other, and after a moment of silence, Sen was surprisingly the first to speak. "…We should go our own ways for now…Maybe there's something we're missing…" He murmured softly as he turned on his black and white checkered vans and walked out. The other three agreed, and soon, the gravesite was abandoned and silent as if nothing had happened.

The family sat alone for a few hours, each left to their own thoughts until the darkness crept in. Outside, Kim sat near a pond she found after storming off. She had been there for the entire time after her scuffle, and had taken her anger out on the ground right by her; it was impaled with dozens of chopsticks, and was nothing more than a sloppy mixture of mud and grass. Her fingers clenched her basketball shorts in agitation, and she flopped back on the ground with a groan. "I hate this. I'm going to find something better to do with my life then deal with this…" she muttered aloud.

"So whatcha got in mind, shorty?"

Kim flinched and jumped to her feet, her chopsticks at the ready. Her eyes were locked onto person next to her, but his violet eyes were gazing out across the water. He seemed very relaxed as he lay out on the ground, his arms thrown lazily behind his head as he whistled, waiting for her answer. He was easily a foot taller than her and his T-shirt and jeans were messy and tussled as if he really didn't care about his appearance. After a second, he turned his head to her, rustling his choppy blonde locks. "Nothing much come to mind? I didn't really think so. Life is pretty boring outside of the Espinoza lifestyle."

Kim's eyes narrowed slightly, but she kept her poker face as she stared down the boy. "What do you know about them?"

He chuckled and with a quick movement, flipped up on his feet and walked in front of her. "A lot actually. I was in your position a while back, kiddo." Kim watched him, her mind not pulling the answer, and the boy pressed his hand against his face. "You're not the brightest crayon in the box, huh?" He held up his hand, and the ring on his long fingers ignited with a red flame, making the girl's eyes widen. "There goes the light bulb," he chirped and tapped her fore head. "Ding~"

"Why didn't you come earlier?"

"I dunno," he said simply. She looked at him incredulously and he grinned, his lips parting and showing his white teeth. "I guess I wasn't sure you were ready, and I'm still not sure."

"So why now?"

"Shit woman, I don't know why I do things half the time, but I still do it," he snapped, but after a second, regained his temper. "All that matters is that I'm here now. So tell me…What else do you plan on doing with your life after this?" Kim looked down, her lips pursed, and after a moment of silence, he shook his head. "You don't know, right?" He glanced to the side and looked at the lake, his eyes softening a bit as he did. "You know…This was my special place…"


The boy chuckled and looked down at her. "Think about it, babe…Yeah…was…I kinda with it still was, but it's not the same without your real body…" He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, then glanced down at her again. "I always came here to think after I got into an argument with Tadeo…And I was able to think a bit more clearly. I hope you can use it to your advantage as well…"

"So you're-"

"Yeah, I'm dead."

Kim watched him warily for a minute, as if she almost didn't believe he was who he said he was, but upon closer inspection, she found that his fingertips were and the grass waved through his feet as if nothing was there. She glanced up at him, her gold eyes now a little calmer that she was conversing with a spirit.

"You know," he started as he looked down at the ground that she had impaled with chopsticks, "I planted a tree here a long long time ago…It never grew…"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, the fact that you probably stabbed the poor thing to death if it wasn't dead already doesn't get you brownie points from me."

"I'm sorry…" she mumbled as she looked down. Her karma would be bad because of her temper, and she worried for what was to come to her.

"Really, it's not a big deal. If you get a nice seed, come plant it and hopefully it'll do a little better now that someone will take care of it…" He shook his head and looked down at her. "Now…Avrilina is a complicated, and very confusing creature, and when I was first in your position a while back, I tried to kill her more then once…Needless to say that even when we were five, I still got my ass handed to me…" Kim raised a brow in interest, but said nothing. "But, she's got a lot of aggression…You need to understand the Espinoza family way of life to understand her."

"And what's that?"

"Well, down here in Espinozaland, the entire family is a dictatorship of women, so things are already a little strained with all the estrogen. So, in order to keep things going smoothly, the girls here have to be a rough bunch of women from day one until they draw their last breath."

"I don't find that uncommon…" Kim said as she tapped her fingers on the ground.

"She didn't have much of a childhood…Her mother was dead, her father unable to be in her life even if he knew of her…Her grandmother was her caretaker, and had the same attitude towards her that she has towards you."

"I'm still not getting why she's so filled with hate."

"…It's not as easy to explain as I would like it to be…This information is something you need to learn on your own…You just need to understand the people deal with grief in different ways; I'm sure that you can understand that." Kim looked down and swallowed the saliva that had accumulated, and with a soft smile, the boy took off the ring from his finger and it dispersed into the form that Kim had. "Get your ring…I think you can handle it…"

Avrilina's eyes were shut as she lounged on her bed with her arms acting as support along with the crimson pillows. Her brows were knitted together in annoyance and her lips were drawn into a deep set frown as she let her thoughts wander around unrestrained. She had done as she was taught when she was younger, and things had gone flawlessly then. The graves had opened up, and the guardians were allowed to go and visit their predecessors and receive their blessings. It didn't work this time though; the graves hadn't even budged. Was her flame tainted in some way that caused the rejection? Or were the ones she chose that unfit to receive their gifts? Neither was plausible; her flame was much more pure then before, and her guardians had already been accepted in the future. She wrinkled her nose and clenched her bandaged fists angrily, but quickly released the pressure so that she wasn't injured in the process.

There was a soft creak as the door opened and her she turned her gaze to it to see someone in the door way. She snorted softly and closed her eyes, not wanting to deal with questioning from yet another person after being lovingly drilled earlier by her lightning guardian. "I don't want to talk…" she mumbled and turned on her side away from the door. The person drifted forward almost soundlessly, and sat on the edge of the bed, making her hiss in annoyance. "I want to be alone…" she said a little louder as she struggled to put distance between her and the person. The person didn't listen though, and after a moment, their long pale fingers wrapped around her bicep and eased her gently to their side once more. With a snarl, she sat up and her fist flew for their face, her temper once again out of hand. "I said go away!"

A firm, but gentle grip caught her hand and pulled her fist away from his face. Blinded with rage, she swung again, only to have her fist caught once more and tenderly pulled it down out of the way. The woman wailed in rage and slammed her forehead into the man's and finally made contact and knocked the person back. "Now don't bother me!" she barked as she turned away from the person

After a silent second, there was a gentle, chilly touch on her waist and a puff of breath in her ear, and she inhaled sharply in surprise. Another hand gently wrapped around hers, and there was pressure against her back as the person pressed against it. She opened her mouth to protest against the intimate touch, but she glanced at the hand and spied a familiar blue stoned ring, and her words didn't come. Her pupils contracted in shock, and she turned her face slightly to the side, her green eyes wide.

A pair of soft red eyes stares back at her, their dark depths reminders of what she had lost. Her breath caught in her throat as she glanced at his long, thin face that was framed with dark burgundy locks that fell just past his chin. Against her fingers, he tightened his grip around her fingers and his long arms wrapped around her mid section and pulled her tighter against his chilly body. Awestruck with him, she allowed him to maneuver her body how he pleased until she was facing him, their breath brushing gently against his face. After a moment, he leaned in just a bit and closed the distance between their lips.

Avrilina tensed up momentarily, not used to his chilly touch anymore, but after registering the event, her green orbs fluttered closed and she relaxed in his gentle grip and slid a hand up to his shoulder and gently gripped it. Her heart fluttered in her chest, glad to have such a familiar sensation encompassing her, and for the first time in a while, was at ease with someone else.

The welcomed cold was gone far too quickly for her, and was replaced with the sensation of loss. She whimpered softly, but a gentle finger stroked her jaw line with a ghostly touch and silenced her protests. Her lips fell open slightly and she tried to form words, but nothing came out from them. His hand made its way slowly to the back of her head, and with a tender push, he nudged her head into his chest so he could cradle her against his body. She complied, and after a moment of adjusting, she relaxed into him chest, her eyes half lidded. The boy leaned over and gently pressed his lips against her smooth forehead and moved his lips to form words against the skin.

'Siempre estaré en tu corazón, para que la mía.'

"Emil…" she murmured softly as she clutched his crisp white sleeve and pressed her face into his, the tears leaking from her eyes and onto her jeans. His hand squeezed hers once more, and he leaned in and stole another kiss before squeezing her tightly to his chest, his long arms wrapping around her significantly smaller form. A soft whimper escaped from her chest, and after a moment of wavering silence, her feelings exploded from her in a heart wrenching wail. He shut his eyes tightly and tightened his grip around her to comfort her and his lips moved gently against her skin in silent apologies. She wailed into his shirt, her body shaking shuddering with the effort of her trying to control her emotions, but she was only able to rein them in as her consciousness slipped from her and her sobs turned to soft hiccups. Her vision darkened and after a moment, her swollen lids closed over her reddened eyes, and she had fallen into her land of dreams. Gently, the boy eased her into a comfortable position with his body curled around her protectively. Out of concern for her, he pulled the comforter around her and tucked her in lovingly as he caressed her tear stained face.

In his grip, she was still and comfortable, and her reflex to push him away was nonexistent; she even cuddled into his comfortable body as she slept. His crimson eyes were locked onto her as his lips pulled up into a gentle smile and he pressed them to her forehead, then both of her cheeks. He would never be in her life the way she wanted him to be, and while he yearned to be with her in physical form, he would have to do with only being there in spirit. His lips formed silent words, his voice box useless even after death.

'Te amo siempre…"

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Siempre estaré en tu corazón, para que la mía: I'll always be in your heart, for you have mine.

Te amo siempre: I love you always