IT'S PAYBACK TIME! Jo Bekke/Belle/Bel, you shall feel my wrath for trashing our site with you garbage! MWAHAHAHA! Onwards, my fellow whovians! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own (nor would I want to) Jo Belke's story jo bel nd da dokter hoo (You do not know how painful that was for me to type.) Nor do I own Doctor Who. If I did, there would be more Jack, Rose would come back, and Ten would not have regenerated. :)

A/n i hop dis is god (Okay, you hope this is god...)! i hop u lik it ( Why would I ever lik my computer? EW!)! i WS tlD bi a teechr dat i m god writin 2 bad im dropping ote of skull lol. TANKS 2 DARREL 4 chekin da stury

I know for a fact you are not God writing. God writing would not be as prejudiced as your writing is. And it would not involve killing all you don't like. YOU'RE DROPPING OUT OF SKULL! So you're leaving your skull...You won't be able to write any more! Woo hoo! Oh, wait, you meant school...Young lady, dropping out of school is not an "lol" matter, especially if you write like this...I'm scared of how you do in other subjects. And why are you sending Tanks to Darrel because he editied this story? Is it because he did such a terrible job?

Dokteer hOO

IT'S DOCTOR WHO! As psycho and Kenzie would say: You're such an I d 10 t. (Inside joke, sorry. Push the letters/numbers together, see what it looks like.)

mI nam s jo bel susy sally june marie smith walker (I belive you meant: My name's Jo Bell Susy Sally June Marie Smith-Walker. Why would your parents give such an atrociously long name?) , I hav blond(e) ha(i)r aNd BluE ies. (Please don't say they-) (TEY SPARKLES) (You just had to sya it. Atleast they don't color change this time. (See: Jo bekke at Hugwarts.)) i am RELLY prity. (Modest much?) i live in gerga (I DECidd to chang dat part). (Why does it matter that you changed that? We never saw anything else...) i lUV ridin mi tracter. Nd mi pckup truk. I also lik dancin an sngn!11111 BUT NOT GAE DANCIN

Nobody has a name like that. What were your characters parents smoking? Please, if you're going to from a state, at least spell it right. Please. What will people from other countries think of us? Okay. How are you old enough to drive when you write like this? Is there such thing as Gay Dancing? What's with the random 1's? Remember to press shift kiddies!

1 dae i wAs wLAKIn DOEWN tha Street nd ei saw a…..







random dots?

….. blu bx on the doorstep!111111

Oh, she was trying to add suspense! Not working, Josie. And more random 1's! I'm so happy! Not. And, puh-lease, the TARDIS is not small enough to fit on a Doorstep. So obviously this isn't the TARDIS. So, what's so special about this "Blu box,"? Speaking of which, what is "Blu"? Did you invent a color? Is it the color of my brain, slowly melting? I mean, it's obviously not blue, because she knows how to spell that right. (see: I hav blond har and bluE ies.)

it was blu and evrythng. (We get it, it's blu. You said that already.) it had DoktEER hoo written on it!11111s i wlkd ovr to it. it ws blu, and shinee. it was cull. i wnt inside it. der ws a man in der. Im da DokTer hOo he sad

Again, this obviously cannot be the TARDIS, because the TARDIS does not have "DoktEER hoo" written on it. Just saying. And it's not shiny. And it's not the color of my brain slowly melting, as I have determined "Blu" is. Oh, look, the random one's have decided to join us again! And, you couldn't just walk inside the TARDIS! The Doctor keeps it locked, so creeps like you can't get in. Also, what is "Cull"? And...IT'S JUST "THE DOCTOR" NOT DOCTOR WHO YOU NINCOMPOOP! Sorry...I just get really ticked about that, y'all...Sorry...One more thing: Why is he sad?

"col,' i sad lazlee.

What is col? What is lazlee?

doKTEer Who sd. "cum wit mee"

Cum: Preposition: means "Combined with" or "also used as" e.g. Study-cum-bedroom.

Obviously it's meant to be "Wit-cum-me" meaning, "Wit-also used as-Me." So doKTEr Who (Oh my gosh, it's a miacle, she spelled Who right! YAY!) is wit. Okay. Lovely.

"Y wuld I cum wth u?' i demandd!111

Josie, you'd go with him because he's the Doctor, silly! But wait, this isn't the Doctor! Silly me. He's do DokTer hOo. Or something along those lines. I wouldn't go with him for anything. He's grammatically-incorrect-atrouciously-spelling-wanna-be Doctor.

` "CUZ UR HOT,' da dokter hoo sad. (Haha, "Life is short and you are hot." Too bad that's TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER FOR THE DOCTOR!)

Okay, the Doctor would not call anyone "hot" (SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 6 FINALE: except for that one time he was trying to get Amy and Rory back together during The Wedding of River Song. SPOILER OVER!) especially not a random human girl he hasn't known for more than a minute! I'm so glad this is da DokTer hOo, not The Doctor.

"oh thnk u!" I sd, "yur hot 2!111'

Okay, at least she respond politely, if grammatically incorrect. It is proper to respond to a compliment with Thank You, and compliment them back. Or is that only me? And, yes, I can see one calling some versions of the Doctor hot. Speaking of which, does da DokTer hOo regenerate? If so, what body is he on?

"so wil u cum wth mi?

Sur, I, sae.

Okay, "Mi" is the phonetic spelling of "me", so I guess I'll let that one slide. ONLY THIS ONE! And, sur is an inappropriate response there, as sur is a prefix used as either an equivalent to super or a variant spelling of sub. Just saying.

2 B CONTNUD!1111

I do hope you will not "Contnud" as I take that to mean you will further trash this site. Please don't. While I have learned many things not to do by reading this, it is not worth having to sift through this. You are an insult to American Whovians everywhere. EVERYONE! NOT ALL AMERICANS WRITE LIKE THIS! PLEASE DON'T JUDGE US ALL BY HER! I'M BEGGING YOU! Notice those are exclamtion marks and not 1's. :)

Now, readers. If you find my commentary somewhat enjoyable, please drop me a review and tell me so. If you didn't, please do likewise. Because, I'm not going to continue writing this if nobody likes it. I'll just keep it to myself! :)

Also, apologies for any writing mistakes on my part, I wrote this at, like, 11:00pm, on my phone. :)

Good bye for now my lovelies!


P.S.: Does anyone know when Doctor Who premieres in the states? Would you be kind enough to tell me? Please and thank you!