Disclaimer: I do not own (nor would I want to) Jo Belke's story "jo bel nd da dokter hoo" (You do not know how painful that was for me to type.) Nor do I own Doctor Who. If I did, there would be more Jack, Rose would come back, and Ten would not have regenerated. ANd JAck and River would meet! :D

Everyone! I have joyous news! Jo Bel's account has been deleted! *cue applause* Now, since I can't just make a chapter an authors note, here's how I belive the story ended:

Abraham Lincoln looked from Jo Bel to the Doctor and sighed. "This is for your own good." He whispered, before slapping the Doctor in the face. Hard.

"Ugh! Abrehum Linkin u gae northrnr! Hw dar u slap mi bf?" Jo Bel screeched, brandishing her pitchfork threateningly. The Doctor blinked a few times, as if coming out of a daze. He glanced from Jo Bel to President Lincoln.

"Woah, woah, woah! Look, whoever you are, why are you threatening President Lincoln with a pitchfork?" The Doctor question.

"Wat? U no no hoo I am? Im job el susy sallee june marie smith walker! Ur gf!" Jo Bel explained. The Doctor's eyes widened in shock.

"What? Why would I ever, EVER, agree to date you? I make it a point not to date companions!"

"U thot I ws hawt nd tld mi ur reel nam!"

"I did what?!"

"Ya! U tld mi ur nam was Darryl! Den, Abrehum Linkin wlkd up nd slapd u! So i need to kil him 4 obviusly bein a gae northrnr, because only a gae northrnr wuld slap u!"

"Gay northern-Oh no. You're a Mary-Sue."

"Wat? No, mi nam s jo bel susy sally june marie smith walker! M nt Mary-Sue!"

"Yes, you are. I hate you! You are not pretty, you are not sexy, you are not smart-Basically, you're not perfect! Now, go back to the pit from whence you came!" The Doctor yelled, the Oncoming Storm showing. Slowly, Jo Bel transformed from a unnaturally beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girl, to a girl with dirty blonde hair, muddy brown eyes, huge, black glasses, who was slightly over-weight.

"Hoe dar u do dis Daaryyl?!" Screeched Jo Bel. The Doctor face-palmed.

"My name is not Darryl. Now, begone!" The Doctor shouted. Jo Bel vanished with a cry of "But Darryl!"

And Thus, Jo Bel was no more in the Doctor Who fandom. The End.

And so, Jo Bel is no more! Yay! Yeah...You can tell I got bored today...Review one last time?