A/N: Technically this isn't even an author's note as I didn't write it, but it's a crack!fic written by a fan of our facebook page, Katie Vickery/kat-lou-vic. It involves the seven admins of our page but sometimes we like to pretend we're characters. Suzy is our John Watson and myself, Juliet, am Sherlock. Pairings involve JulietxSuzy (a.k.a. VictoirexFHR and Johnlock), MaiganxEmma (a.k.a. BellaxLily or Belily) and possibly TomxJemma, JulietxMaigan, SuzyxMaigan, EmmaxJemma, TomxJuliet. But I don't know because I'm not writing it xD No disclaimer though because it's fiction of our lives, we are the characters xD

Juliet - Victoire - Sherlock
Suzy - Female Harry Radcliffe - John
Maigan - Bella
Emma - Lily
Jemma - Mrs Ferret
Tom - Roonil
Sophie - Diggory

Chapter One

Suzy made her way back into the Baker's Street style flat that she occupied with her "sister", and fiancée, Juliet. It had been Juliet's turn to go out and get the milk but after 4 days of waiting for a new carton Suzy had given up and gone to buy it herself. Again. With a sigh she started to unload the bags of shopping she'd obtained on her simple trip out for milk and began filling the cupboards, another of Juliet's tasks that she'd ignored over the past week for... for what exactly?

'Julieeet?' Suzy called, stepping out from the kitchen into the living/dining room area. 'Are you in?'

'Yes. Upstairs. Working.' The other woman eventually replied, her short, sharp sentences expressing the level of interest she was putting into the current project.

'Working on what?' Suzy cried, her exasperation showing as she started to ascend the stairs, her curiosity outweighing the irritation at how little she saw her love these days. She managed to see their adopted teenage son Tom more than Juliet! Suzy heard no reply from the closed off room so upon her arrival outside the door she flung the offending piece of wood out of her way and stood in the entrance way, her hands on her hips as she waited for her answer. 'Well?'

Blinking slightly at the light that seeped into the blackened room, Juliet raised her eyes away from the laptop she had in front of her and smiled slightly at the figure stood in the doorway. 'Well what?'

'What are you working on?' Suzy inquired again, stepping in towards the laptop. 'Oh God, not MORE supernatural!'

'Supernatural is amazing! And I need to catch up on everything I've missed!' Juliet wailed, attempting to hide the numerous other tabs she had open that contained a mixture of tumblr, Merlin, Jeeves and Wooster and different addresses for her to send her many items of fanmail to in a discrete manner and failing miserably.

'... I sometimes wonder if you have any sanity...' Suzy sighed before turning on her heel and walking back down the stairs, leaving Juliet to her Supernatural view sessions. When she got downstairs she pulled her laptop onto her knee and pushed the lid open, clicking onto the page that had changed her entire life and brought their little family together. 'The Awkward Moment When Muggles Realise That Hogwarts Is Actually Real... 13,144 likes... Hmm...' Suzy murmured, clicking along all of the new notifications before feeling the need to start a conversation with her other "sister", Maigan.

Clicking down her chat list Suzy searched around for Maigan's name before being forced to give up with a sigh. She'd have to catch up with her and Emma some other time.

Shutting her laptop down, Suzy drummed her fingers along the top of her laptop before being struck by an idea for what to do to pass the time.

'Tom? Are you busy?'

A/N: And so concludes Chapter One. I'll upload when available.