When i came backshe was just staring out of window in the sky.

- P-please shut the b-blinds!

She told me.

- Why?

I asked her. She stoped staring out of window but instead of that she stared at me. Sunlight from the window was almost on her. She slid one of her fingers in the light and the finger becomed blue the it was slowly fading. I wached how the finger almost fade, but then... i runed to window and shut the blinds.

- Beter?

She noded while skraching the finger.

- Anyways who are you?

- Getsumen Yosei...

- Well im Nichiyo Yosei... Here is your clothes...

She took them.

- Well im going to shower kay'?

I told her when i helped her wear her clothes. She nooded. I gived her donut and glass of water.

- Eat up!

She nooded and began to eat the donut and drink the water. I got up and walked to bathroom.

And while i was in shower she learned how to move the wings.