Hey! Yeah I am not a good writer, I don't have a great imagination and of course this fan fic is my first. I really need to learn how to proofread so I am sorry! Please take care of me while I am here! :D I am sorry but Meghan Chase does not exist in my fan fic this was done for my friend who is in love with Ash. Code name: Cyrille. I added her twin: Liana (Not really her twin but bestfriend) and I am their Puck

Chapter One:

I looked in the mirror trying to fix the tangled mess people call my hair. Everyday it's just always the same, fighting this endless battle with myself. My light brown hair, hazel brown eyes, and petite height just don't scream perfect to me but people keep telling me I look great I just don't trust what people say these days,

"Cyrille! Hurry up you're going to be late for school!"

Mom's voice rang out from the stairs. I had to hurry or else my brother will get impatient again.

I was still at the mirror, halfway done with stuffing my homework in my bag, Rick knocked on my door.

"Come on little sister, I can't afford to be late again just because you're as slow as a turtle." He said half chuckling. I scowled at him. I want to look decent and take my time we can't all just put on a clean shirt, splash some cologne, comb through our hair once and look effing amazing like him. I grabbed my iPod and followed him downstairs.

Straight to the kitchen, Soda pop in one hand while the other was searching for a chocolate chip cookie and walked out the door. "Shotgun" I called as we're were going to the car. Rick drummed his hands on the hood of the car opening the front seat for me. I looked at him cautiously usually we fight over who sits in the front seat every morning because we liked getting on each other's nerves.

"What did you do?" I said narrowing my eyes.

He made a face showing fake hurt "Little sister! I am just holding the door for you." He crossed his heart and looked at me innocently.

My stare at him was piercing I sighed and went to the front seat and opened all the compartments, checked under the seats, and the back seats until I found what I was looking for. I looked at him accusingly and held up the cushion full of powder. He looked at me in mocked surprise.

"What's that?" I rolled my eyes at him and threw it at him.

He ducked laughing, gosh! Why is he so damn annoying? The drive to school was the same as any other day; we took the same dirty old road, said hi to the same old people every day, and dropped off at the same place. I sighed nothing new is ever going to happen here. Will nothing ever change? I thought as I watched my brother join his fellow football players. Smiling and laughing just like every other day. I sighed I better get to the lockers before the class starts Liana will be waiting for me.

Liana waved as I approached our usually meeting place, in front of our lockers, which were right next to each other.

"Hey Cyrille did you do the English homework?" I opened my locker and handed her my textbook

"Yeah why?"

"Could I copy your homework? Ugh how can you actually listen to the teacher?" she exclaimed.

Closing her locker door. I shook my head because we both know it's because my family wants it. When it comes to academics I can get the answers right away by just touching the paper I get really dizzy in class all the time like I'm suffocating by just being with people which is very unusual. I sighed and climbed the stairs to the right, Liana looked at me curiously "How are you feeling?" the closer we got to the classrooms the more suffocated I felt.

"Dizzy. Just like last time"

"Hmm amazing." She said more to herself then me.

I would have been more curious about what she said but the bell was about to ring so we rushed to class. The final bell sounded off just as we took our seats for our Algebra class where Sir Palunz was waiting for everyone to tone down. The buzz from everyone's talking made me feel queasy as usual.

"Are you okay?"

Sir started writing equations on the board I nodded trying hard to concentrate but my vision was getting a little unfocused. I took out all my stuff and dumped it on my desk, everyone's voices are buzzing around me too much drowning me in their thoughts my eyes widen as I realized I can hear their thoughts!I can actually hear them thinking. I always felt so nauseous at school but now I am freaking out. Their thoughts are overwhelming me I feel like I'm gonna pass out. Liana leaned toward me again worry obvious on her face.

Omg! Her nails are amazing!The girl next to me thought as she enviously gazed at Britany the head cheerleader here.

Jean is hot as usual. Creg, Britany's boyfriend, thought while smirking at her.

Ugh. This class is unbearable! My students are the worst Sir Palunz thought, it didn't really surprise me at all he always hated us.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Liana asked again I noticed that of all the people in class her thoughts was the only one I couldn't hear. I covered my ears as everyone's thoughts started to make my vision cloud. I looked at Liana, shook my head once and passed out.

Everywhere around me it was dark. No light, no room, no floor. I was suspended in darkness the only thing I could do was float, a cold voice rung through my entire body making me shiver.

"You will never succeed at your quest, child of summer. You will fail and I shall make sure of that!"

The warning was threatening but I didn't understand. What quest? Child of summer?

"You've got the wrong person. I am just a normal teen"

The voice didn't say anything but evil laughter rung through my ears making me shiver even more. There was a long pause of silence until the voice said something again.

"I shall awaken your powers, which sleep deep within you. Strong but asleep. I will watch it slowly consume you, tearing your soul apart. I will take it away one day half-breed. One day..."

I couldn't speak. Everything was so confusing and terrifying. What is happening? There was a blinding light all of a sudden.

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