I am so sorry I haven't updated a lot lately. Homework sucks I hate whoever invented it! I also had a little trouble the story I always thought of the plot but when I got it set in my mind I forget So here it is chapter six. I also realized I never described Cyrille's amazing brother in the whole story…

I looked around mystified by my surroundings. Everything was dazzling; from the leaves on the trees to the blades of grass on the ground but it also felt wrong I edged a little closer the tree and gasped it was made of metal. I reached for it slowly cautious of how the leaves glinted in the sunlight but then a voice spoke out making me jump.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. You could get hurt."

I spun on my heel and lunged forward, sinking my nails deep into his arms. He winced in pain but faced me tall and calm I looked at him in disbelief and shook him slightly. He laughed and rotated his arms releasing himself from my grip. I noticed his arms were bleeding from my hold, I felt a pang of guilt stab at me as I watched his every move. Minutes past by and I couldn't hold it in anymore I took a shaky breath and whispered.

"Is it really you?"

I looked his into hazelnut brown eyes and examined him. The hair was just as soft and light as I remember, the body muscular and strong just like before; I could feel his body vibrating from laughter as I traced my fingers over his chest feeling for the scar embedded in his chest, and I couldn't contain myself anymore I lunged forward and hugged him with all my might, toppling us to the ground. He smiled down at me and fixed my hair.

"Hey turtle, we meet again."

"Where have you been?"

"I've been in here."

Rick pointed to my heart smiling a little sadly and looked up at the sun. I looked at him and started to pour all my grief out. He pulled me close and silently held me there while I sobbed into his shirt, he tried to calm me down and said shh repeatedly and rocked me back and forth gently. I let the minutes pass by as I held onto my brother, recalling all our memories together. When I finally got into a sitting position Rick started to sigh. I peered at him and noticed he had something small clenched in his fist.

"What's wrong Rick? Don't leave me now, don't leave me again."

"Cyrille don't blame yourself for what happened to me, that's in the past and doesn't matter. Unfortunately I am just a messenger and I have to leave you right after this. Remember to always be yourself, never forget who you are, and stay away from iron."

I looked at Rick with shock, anger, and bitter sadness. He just came to send a message and leave me behind in bizarre place with Liana. Liana! I gasped as I realized she wasn't here. I started to scout the area but Rick caught my wrist and looked me in the eyes and quietly lifted his clenched hand toward my forehead.

"Liana isn't here Cyrille. I am sorry but I have to do this, it will hurt but only for a while."

I screamed as he pressed the hidden object to my forehead, my whole body heated up and I felt like my brain went into overdrive. Images, words, and memories started to flash before my eyes, searing themselves into my brain. I wanted to close my eyes but the images got brighter and their speed increased, Rick gently held me as I screamed for it to stop, smoothing my hair and whispering words of comfort. I prayed that it would all stop, that I was home with my whole family, and none of this was happening. Time passed me for what seemed like eternity then suddenly I felt a cooling sensation go through my entire body and I fainted with relief that the pain was over.

"Princess, wake up! Wake up already! Don't give up on me now!"

I felt an electrical current go through me as someone's hands were pushing down on me. My eyes fluttered open to see Liana Kirkland's face relax with relief I got up slowly and blinked a few times; reliving what happened in my dream.

"What happened?"

"I thought you died on me. You mumbled in your sleep and said something about Rick then your heartbeat stopped for almost an hour."

I stared at her in disbelief and got up. Liana inhaled deeply, she looked at me disbelievingly and cautiously stepped back. I sniffed myself and huffed indignantly I didn't smell that bad!

"What's wrong?"

"I only realized now but you smell of iron…"

Something clicked in my brain and I remember Rick told me to stay away from iron. I grabbed my ipod from my pocket and showed it to Liana, she gingerly picked it from my hand and examined,.

"Yep this is real iron, how are you holding this without getting burned?"

"Cause iron is harmless?"

She glared at me as if she could make the answer pop into my brain I rolled my eyes at her and snatched my ipod back and tucked it safely in my pocket. Liana put her "I'm thinking face" and sat down, arms folded and head down. I sat down next to her and sighed, she clucked her tongue at me demanding silence so I sat there in silence waiting for her to speak up. The minutes slipped into hours when Liana finally looked up and sighed at me I looked at her hoping she was done. She stood and pulled me.

"I have no choice but to take you there."

"There? Where is there?"

She started to move swiftly and I had to jog to keep up, she grimaced at my question and looked straight at me, eyes filled with anxiety.

"We're going home."

I sighed with relief, back home with mom and Puck. A lump rose in my throat as I thought of them and how worried they would be. I left them and got kidnapped so easily if Liana wasn't there I would be dead by now. Excitement boiled in me when I thought of going back to them.

"To the human world!"

"Sorry princess but I meant your real home here in the nevernever."

I stopped jogging and felt my stomach plummet. I don't know where that is but I know I don't want to go there. I started to back away from Liana and toward a tree trunk. I sank down and hugged my knees. Liana stood next to me clucking her tongue, she knew that when I did this it was a silent gesture saying I won't leave this spot!

"Get up, I don't want to go there either but we don't have much of a choice."

"Why don't we just go back home to the human world?"

"You stick out here princess, I think everyone in the nevernever already know who you are and where you are. We are totally exposed here and we need the protection of your father."

"I don't have a father!"

"Not a human father!"

I stared at her in horror and disbelief so I have a magical dad… that's great just great. I remembered the goblins and how they wanted to cut off my fingers and shuddered. If my dad was powerful enough to protect us I will take that chance, I slowly got up and sighed. I have no choice but to follow.

"Where exactly is home?"

"Let's go the Seelie court!"

Liana, Cyrille, and Rick are very special OCs for me because they represent people in my life. I know I can't write fantastically like others but I am doing a decent job here. I apologize for not updating earlier I was distracted by the Maximum Ride series 3 but Once a Fey always a Fey 3 ;)