Since I almost updated my other story My Reason I decided to finally update and upload chapter seven. It feels like it has been years since I wrote this story and I feel guilty for abandoning it so here I will update with all my might! I couldn't get much out of this chapter but expect more updates :)

The journey wasn't that bad but it was tiring Liana really wanted to go 'home' so we traveled night and day until I would collapse with lack of sleep and food. She would only allow me to rest for an hour before we continue to go home.

"Are we almost there?"

"Very. Just be careful princess."


"Just don't talk to anyone without me."

"Who would talk to me?"

"You have no idea."

I sighed as I we continued down the path, my feet were aching with pain for almost three days now and we haven't had proper rest in ages. I wanted to go home and find Puck.

"Wait. I can't do this anymore I need to rest."

Liana clucked her tongue and went to the side of the path. She leaned on a nearby tree and watched me sit down.

"Fine but after that we're going straight to the seelie court."

I nodded and gratefully sat down, resting my back to the tree. The bark's support made me want to close my eyes and sleep but I know Liana wouldn't let me. There was a gentle breeze blowing and I felt that the atmosphere changed I looked at Liana alert and alarmed that I could be aware of this. Liana looked at me and arched her eyebrow


"Don't you feel it?"

"Feel what?"

I pressed my lips together looking for the right word. This atmosphere made me feel alert and I could taste my own fear rising.

"The danger"

As soon as the word left my lips I heard a low growl erupt from farther down the path. Liana cussed and drew her long weapon ready for battle. I squinted to see the creature better and noticed that it was a wolf.

"A wolf?"

"That's unusual. It's a wolf all right."

The wolf pointed its muzzle down growling and baring its teeth. A split second before it happened I knew it was going to pounce at us. I looked at Liana but she was focused on the wolf.

"Cyrille when I say so run into the woods but not that far."

"Al-all right."

I got to my feet slowly and noticed the wolf's eyes were golden amber. I inhaled deeply and realized it wasn't alone.

"Liana look farther down the path and around us. There are moreā€¦"

She looked around, spear readied and gasped. The wolf definitely wasn't alone the pack had us surrounded and we couldn't escape this.

"What should we do?"

"How could I miss this many predators? I have no choice but to fight them all."

"I can help."

"No you can't"

"Why not?"

"You're inexperienced fighter and zero chance of killing one wolf alone."

Helplessness took over my body and I started to shake. Liana was right there I don't know how to fight and I don't have a weapon but I need to help her. I saw one of the wolves stalk forward and I pressed closer to the tree.

"Do you need help?"

I look around shocked that my surroundings changed. Everything was around me was darkness I felt like I was floating. There was a bright light in front of me.

"Do you need help princess?"

I couldn't speak but then a mirror was casted in front of me showing Liana fighting the wolves and they were tearing her up. Panic seized me and I tried to shout to her but I couldn't all I could do was move. I looked directly at the light, it was scorching my vision and it was becoming hard to breathe all I could do was nod then I blacked out forming the words

"Give me power."

Liana couldn't believe her eyes when Cyrille spaced out and opened her eyes but they were gold. She kept attacking wolf after wolf but she didn't need to anymore because Cyrille stuck her hand out and the roots of all the nearby trees grabbed the wolves and prevented them from moving. In one swift movement Cyrille flicked the wolves above the trees and out of sight. Liana gaped at the power Cyrille just showed and rushed forward as she collapsed.


So here's chapter seven and all. I know it is kind of short and it isn't really good but I want to introduce a certain someone and certain even that will help me with the future updates. I said too much already about the oncoming chapters so just wait for me to update ;) Please leave me some feedback to improve the story even more. :3