A.N: Hello everybody. I am back with something new. Its a little bit different, but still kind of similar to what I have done before. They do say to write what you know. Hope you guys like. Hugs and kisses xxx. Oh and disclaimer can be found on my profile.

"Did you know that the king of hearts is the only card in a standard playing deck that does not have a moustache?"

I looked over at Ringo, who kept wringing his hands as he sat opposite me.

"Ringo, do you know what I like most about you?" He shook his head, and looked up at me with wide eyes. "The way you always manage to sound like a loser in every conversation," I said this with a little roll of my eyes.

"Hey, I'm not a loser," he shouted back at me. "How many people actually know that fact, huh?" He sat there and huffed, arms crossed over his chest. I studied Ringo; he was 6'1, wore thick black wire-frame glasses, and was as shy as a mouse. I know what you're thinking – the typical nerd. And that's not anything to be ashamed of because he is. Or should I say, was. Thankfully, I'd managed to finagle him out of his ill-fitting grandpa clothes and into the generic jeans and t-shirt, so he looked somewhat like your average high school kid. Now, if only he'd part with those hideous glasses.

But I digress, and this isn't about how he looks. No, that doesn't matter, because Ringo has a heart of gold, and the way he dresses shouldn't define who he is. I know how much pain it can cause someone when you judge them on how they look; I learnt that lesson the hard way. You see, when I was seventeen and stupid and obsessed with being liked, I hurt someone. Someone so pure and innocent, who should never have been subjected to my deception; I have lived with the guilt for as long as I can remember. But salvation has come in the form of Ringo. If I can help him, I can be one step closer to redeeming myself, and escaping this hell that is my existence. You see, they call me a soul whisperer, which I suppose is a correct term for what I do, and before I leave this planet called Earth, I am going to reach the soul of the one boy that I cannot forget; the love of my life, Edward Cullen.