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"I can't dance." Edward complained, shooting me a resigned look. I hated it when he doubted himself. I stepped away from the floor to ceiling mirrors and stood in front of him. He looked adorable in his oversized t-shirt and gym shorts. I cupped his face with my hands and tilted his face to look at me.

"All you have to do is watch me and do exactly as I do. We've been through this routine, you know it." I implored him to believe me with my eyes. It's been two weeks since I turned up at Edward's door, aiming to fulfil his most coveted dream. So far, we've been rock climbing (something Edward has wanted to do since forever but was too frightened to do on his own), watched a musical theatre, eaten at a McDonalds and taken a spin in a supercar. When I asked him to make a list of all the things he wished he could do, these were just some of the things on there. Today's task - to have some confidence in himself. My solution - get him to learn a funky dance routine and let loose. He was all for it when we got here, but it's been twenty minutes and the shy, self-deprecating Edward has re-emerged.

He looked at me with a haunting look of defeat. "I can't. I'm not good enough." He sniffled as he tried to hide his face from me. The shattering of my heart was a sound I'm sure even the angels could hear after he said those words. Suddenly I was seventeen again, standing in the cafeteria while watching Edward's heart break for the first time because of me. I would not fail him this time.

I grabbed hold of Edward's shirt and dragged him closer towards the mirrors. Standing behind him, I straightened him up so that he was facing himself and kept a firm grip on his head so that he couldn't turn away.

"Do you see that man staring at you?" A slight nod was all Edward managed. He had this look on his face that was a cross between intrigue and confusion. I suppose asking him to look at himself was a bit weird.

"I happen to adore that man, and I think he is one of the bravest, sweetest and most intelligent person to ever exist, who can do anything he puts his mind to. So, stop doubting yourself. You know the routine, and I've seen how amazing you are at it."


"No excuses! This is about being confident in yourself no matter how silly you may think you are. Edward, you need to stop being afraid and start doing what you want to do." I accentuated my point by giving him a little shake. I could see the different emotions changing on Edward's face, going from resignation, to indecision, to determination and finally belief.

"You're right. I have had enough of hiding in my own shadow. I can do this." He repeated it to himself a few more times before pulling away from me and getting into position. He looked up and waved me over.

"Come on. Let's do this." I smirked at him and pressed play on the stereo.

To say that our dance routine was the epitome of eloquence was severely ambitious. We had come up with what I like to call a retro disco dance to Ricky Martin's Livin La Vida Loca. I know what you're thinking - retro disco to a pop song? Really Bella? I think I even heard Aro chuckle from somewhere up in his men's club office. But hey, Edward was enjoying it and anything that made him happy made me happy. Just looking at him now, rolling on the floor with mirth and laughter, his face a deep crimson from all the movement and joy, I could not find it in me to be embarrassed.

I only want him to be happy. That's all I want. So why am I terrified that my time with him is coming to an end?