"How can you say there is no us," Drell said, "I love you"

"And I love you too," Hilda said, "But there still cannot be an us"

"You love me right?"

"Yes," Hilda said, "I love you"

"And I love you?"

"Correct," Hilda said, "As per you say."

"So why can't there be an us anymore?"
Hilda motioned to Salem.

"Drell anyone can tell you that in order to have a successful relationship you need trust. There is no relationship without trust. Twenty-three years ago you showed that you don't trust me. How can I be with someone who has no trust in me?"

"When did I prove I didn't trust you," he asked.

"When I told you that I was misled to believe that Salem was running a charity program," Hilda said.

"Hilda I did what I thought was right," Drell said.

"I know," she replied, "and I love Salem. He's a part of the family. But this isn't about my life now. It's about trust. How can I trust you to trust me? How do I know you're not going to accuse me of cheating?"